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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Baelthor, Oct 10, 2017.

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  1. Hello everyone,

    Until recently I've never played a State of Decay. I've heard a lot about it, watched reviews, but somehow the game didn't look amazing enough for me to justify a purchase ( I choose my games carefully...and that lack of co-op..). SOD became free with Xbox Game Pass so I finally gave it a shot and oh boy I was missing out. It's the best survival zombie game out there to this date IMO. I and my wife just can't stop playing. Right now, State of Decay 2 is our most anticipated game and because of that and I felt the need of addressing some of my concerns and questions that I have after playing the first game. The forums look pretty (un)dead and probably getting a chance of a reply from a dev is close to none, but I'll give it a shot anyway.

    Exiled NPCs, thieves etc
    To make the world more believable, I think it would be awesome if let's say "John" that you've exiled, can be met later on in different circumstances. Here are some options
    - John developed a grudge against your settlement, joined another group of survivors and will attack your place at some point
    - John will kidnap one of your people
    - John became one of the zombies and your character will actually react to it when he sees him (just some voice over line).
    - You find Johns body (killed by other people / tied up to a chair and killed / suicide note)
    - You find John just trying to survive, you can take him back in...but he might decline
    - John comes back again asking for forgiveness
    There are so many cool possibilities here. This would make the player feel the consequences of the decisions.

    Dark nights
    The problem with nights in State of Decay 2 is that they look like daytime with a blue filter applied. It makes the flashlight completely useless. There's nothing cooler than scavenging with friends through pitch black rooms or forest with your flashlights on. That glowing zombie eyes would be just perfect for that. I think Undead Labs should take a lesson from Dying Light nights. It's perfectly executed there and I love the fact how zombies are getting more aggressive at night. It really adds this tension of getting back home before the sunset. Will we get proper dark nights in State of Decay 2?

    I guess having different weathers in an unreal engine game is a given but is there a chance of it having some kind of impact on the gameplay? Faster stamina loss when it's raining, car handling etc.

    Dehydration and hunger
    Except eating snacks to regenerate stamina, will the survivors get actually hungry or thirsty? I think it could add another gameplay layer. Maybe an option for some kind of HARDCORE mode?

    In an interview, it was said that the difficulty won't be adjusted when more players will join your game because playing with friends needs to be fun. With all honesty, I completely disagree with that. I and my friends don't enjoy games that are too easy at all. If a survival game doesn't trigger some adrenaline rush, it's not going to work. I'm dreaming of a State of Decay game where I need to be careful because any second I might meet my demise. This is what will make the game amazing in co-op. If after 8 hours of gameplay I can carelessly sprint around everywhere and take on a horde of zombies without breaking a sweat, then there's something seriously wrong. If the game will keep the player on his toes 40 hours in, then you've got a GOTY. Right now in State of Decay Year One the difficulty is so-so. I never died and I can only imagine how easy it will get once I"ll be able to fool the AI with a team of 4. If you want to keep the game super accessible to everyone, at least please add a hardcore mode (and achievements for it :) but don't make it Saints Row with zombies.

    Co-op characters
    So we know that you can shoot a flare to let your friends know that you need help so they can join your game. We also know that if a friend will die in your game, he loses that character in his own. Does that mean friends join the game with fixed characters? If yes, how do they rest? Coffee mode all the time?

    Another question: I and my friends like to start co-op games together. How is that done in SOD2? Can players join your group before pressing the NEW GAME or everyone need to do some prologue first? I really hope it's not the latter. This kind of solutions always made us feel very disconnected (atm it sounds like Fable 2 co-op, which wasn't great and focused on single-player experience)

    Anyway, that's it for now! I know that lots of info is still classified but it's worth a shot. Even if 1 question/suggestion will be answered I will be super happy. State of Decay 2 has the potential to become a legendary game. Do your best, Undead Labs!

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  2. XzerothreeX

    XzerothreeX Famous

    Welcome to the forums, glad to hear you enjoyed the game. I must agree, it is unlikely you'll hear from a Dev anytime soon, as they have been pretty tight lipped with details thus far. Good ideas, have been pulling for a weather system for a number of years myself.
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  3. Dunadain

    Dunadain Famous

    For dark nights, may I suggest you try Life Line? The YOSE version cranked the darkness down to actual 'cannot see' levels.
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  4. Furie

    Furie Here To Help

    Hey, welcome to the community.

    In a talk about the Blood Plague and how your choice is either to cure, kill, or exile those who're infected, we heard that those exiled might return after having cured themselves. Some may even bring some cures back, they said. Thing is, there's been a big thing made about every choice having a consequence, so there's no telling what these people might do if they come back harbouring a grudge.

    The nights are lighter because we're out in the countryside for the most part. In the city (Lifeline DLC/game mode) nights are a lot darker. I'm hopeful that we'll get more of a mix in this game now that they have more resources to work with. As an example, I've moved around quite a bit and found that countryside, rural towns, urban towns, and cities all have their own levels of natural light. I'd like for things to get a little darker as we move into a town centre compared with the open countryside, within the same map.

    One thing to note is that we don't know the difficulty of the game yet. A lot of people played Breakdown to extreme levels in the last game where a single zombie is a fight and a half, freaks are on every corner, and hordes comprised of twenty-odd powerful zed. Compared to the vanilla game, even level 6 is a lot more difficult and Breakdown went up to level 99. We have no idea where the released game will be on that scale, but I'd be surprised if the difficulty didn't raise as you went on, with facilities and levelling characters countering some of that.

    Extra difficulty will be coming in all forms of the sequel, even if the combat difficulty stays exactly the same. Adding facilities to the base now creates noise which brings zed towards home, and all those juicy not levelled up characters you're been keeping around for their gardening skill and medical training. This makes building something you don't just click to do while you're off fighting and scavenging, but something you have to plan for and be ready to defend (and god help anyone who's missing nails halfway through and has to head out to find them). Then there's the characters themselves who have their own limitations built in. After all, not everyone can be a seven star fighter or sprinter now, and some might max out at one or two stars. Then there's the personal goals for each character (I'm thinking challenges to complete with them) and promoting characters to leadership positions so that they can set the goals of the community (more challenges/mission types probably). Gasoline will be a part of the game now as well, so expect another resource to manage. Then there's the Blood Plague specials who add a disease that can decimate your base, making finding a cure another sudden change of priority that can add difficulty to the game. A lot of it will come down to things like these, without even thinking about the combat difficulty being upped.

    While the feature hasn't been shown, there has been talk in interviews of a "whitelist" of characters for co-op. Take this with a pinch of salt, but that could easily mean anything from these are the characters you're willing to risk when someone shoots a flare, to the characters that you are able to swap to in another game.

    Everyone will be bringing in their own characters to play as, so it's incredibly unlikely that you'd be able to play in co-op without having played at least some of the game. After all, who would they play as and how would that affect their games? Having said that, once you're all set up you can pretty much play each session in full co-op mode by teaming up before starting. At least, that's what we're hearing from the trade shows, and it is worth noting that the demos there aren't the final product and have been set up for the people they're demoing to specifically.
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  5. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

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  6. Kid Kayole

    Kid Kayole Here To Help

    @Baelthor Welcome! You'll like it here :D

    You've got a pretty good chance of a reply from a member of the Undead Labs team. They're actually pretty active on the forums, more so than other developers. Unfortunately, in response to the questions you've got, the only response you're gonna get is, "We can't talk about that at this time," haha!
  7. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Unfortunately I can't talk about the game details, but I am really glad to hear that you enjoy the game. And, we do appreciate the feedback. Our players support means a lot to us. :)

    Welcome to the community!
  8. @Undead Nicole @Kid Kayole @Bob Crees @XzerothreeX wOAH! I never thought I will get so many replies, especially that quick. Thanks a lot for welcoming me aboard :).
    I've only played the story mode. That's interesting. Will try it out!
    Tons of good info there. Thanks! Loving the part with Blood Plague. As for the darkness in countryside - I actually moved to the countryside 3 years ago. While it is brighter in the open field than the city, most of the time it's pitch black. It only gets a bit brighter at full moon but it's still very dark.
    The resource managing and character stats are a big part of the difficulty, I'm more keen to see changes directly made to the combat. Right now in story mode even wth lvl 1 combat I can take on a small horde alone with just a wrench if i dodge and kick well. With 4 players it probably will be super easy. Hopefully, the increased number of zombies on the screen will make a big impact.
  9. CoreWorld

    CoreWorld Got Your Back

    Welcome to the Forum, Baelthor .
    Life Line is a good mode to play. It has a horde mode mechanics which get's harder as you progress in the story. A battle of attrition as it were. Take too much from the surrounding area's might leave you empty handed before the story ends. And even after all the main quests are over and done with you can still play on and see how long you can last.
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  10. The Final Bow

    The Final Bow Starting Off

    Bringing an old thread back for a moment. I was thinking about difficulty earlier and wanted to post but decided to search for it first, glad I did.
    Beyond even having the game get more difficult I hope there is a difficulty mutiplier base don skill level.

    Giving a quick example:

    1 player- gives is 1x difficult.
    2 players- 1.25x
    3 - 1.625x
    4 - 2.0x
    Now with a rank system

    1 new player - .75x
    4 average players - 2.0x
    1 new player, 2 average players, 1 really good player - 2.50x
    4 really really good players- 4.0x

    Also being able to see a ranking system would be great to know who is getting into your game. I consider myself an above average player, not master but certainly above average. I am going to put myself in in situations that can go far more south than what a new player would by default ( in theory.)
    If I pop a flare and I get a "new" player in my game, I might say $^%^ it leave that great loot and hightail it out of there. If I get a player on my level I would stay and once zombie brains smear the ground share that loot with my well deserving friend.

    Perhaps this takes away from that question Unread Labs is trying to resent with the flare system, someones coming to your aid but can you trust them and likewise can they trust you? But I figure the ranking system would really prevent the random griefing aspect which is at play. I think with 3-4 months left to go they have these questions answered so we will see how they handled this.

    Ultimately I will be a little saddened that if I go in with three players from these forums ( some with 1000 + hours, where I may have 300 or so.) That it will be fun exploring during the first 3, 4 months, but for "the End game" we will just be chatting it up while we steamroll over everything.
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  11. MrFish

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    Dark nights would be cool if done right. My problem was in Lifeline at night a flashlight did practically nothing for illumination in a room, so it felt like there was very little benefit to turning your flashlight on. What actually happens in that situation is that the scattering light illuminates the room.

    Would be cool if they actually calculated moon phases and adjusted light based on that, but that's in the vein of "how much production time does anyone want put in to making weather effects awesome if they barely impact gameplay"?
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  12. Dbomb 12

    Dbomb 12 Here To Help

    I think Dying light got night time right. You'll actually need a flashlight to see what's going on. If sod2 can pull this off then I'll be happy.
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