Quantum Infestations

Discussion in 'State of Decay Bugs' started by CaptainAssassin, Oct 17, 2016.

  1. CaptainAssassin

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    Platform: Xbone

    Game: YOSE Breakdown

    Title: Quantum Infestations

    Frequency: 100% (started around BD-75 I think)

    Steps to reproduce:
    1. Launch State of Decay
    2. Load save or create new game at BD-75+
    3. Clear out all infestations on map (many will spawn at the beginning of level)
    4. Survey the area (many more will appear during survey, but will NOT populate on the map)
    5. Visit new infestation sites
    Observed Results:
    • New infestation sites cannot be cleared
    • Temporary safezones cannot be created at sites
    • Sites cannot be made into outposts or home bases
    • Sites can still be scavenged
    • Both maps continue to display sites as unsurveyed, unexplored, unscavenged.
    • Survivors will still go missing at high frequency.
    Expected Results:
    Every infestation (in the surveying area) should appear on map after being surveyed— and subsequently be able to be cleared.

    It's like the infestations are there, but also aren't. Maybe the console version cannot handle that many on the map, I dunno. But it really sucks when the only home base in the area is occupied by an invisible-intangible-zambie-echo from the future, that cannot be dealt with.

    Re-load save immediately after clearing first-round of infestations (a.k.a the ones that are visible on the map). This is not the most comfortable decision, when you have 4 people missing.
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  2. Undead Nicole

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    Does it happen every time?
  3. CaptainAssassin

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    Yes, and the number has been increasing. The first time I noticed it, there were 1-2... now at BD-83 there were around 6 or 7
  4. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    So the reality is that it's unlikely to get fixed. Everyone is all hands on 2. However, I will let the team know so that they can avoid this issue in the next one and if there is ever another chance of patching up YOSE again, we get it on the list of things to fix.
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  5. CaptainAssassin

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    Yeah I figured. The reload tactic is working; and because it's immediate, the chances of missing survivors turning up dead is pretty low. Clearing the infestations is also pretty easy for the most part. Well, unless you end up near Spencer's Mill: infestations in the trailer park, the Church, or both is beyond brutal.
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  6. I am dealing with this glitch as well in story mode. (Im on xbox. )
    could you go into more detail as to your solution to this issue? or anything i might be missing? i tried clearing the entire map of infestations ( as best i can, there's random infestations in fields that im prolly missing, and i dont have the top left town unlocked yet.) and reloading the last save, however that just replaces the infestations with more.

    Realistically , im more concerned that im having trouble "clearing" the synder trucking warehouse (even though there are no zombies in sight) so that i can move to it. id prolly be happy with just being able to move home bases after clearing it. but when i do its marked as infested. any suggestions?
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  7. Undead Nicole

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    Use fire. Grab a few petrol bombs or molatovs and throw them around the perimeter. It will help clear out any zombies stuck because of physics. :)
  8. Bob Crees

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  9. CaptainAssassin

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    Do survey missions in the affected areas, get the infestations to show on the map screen. Clear all working infestations, then return home and reload your save. Repeat.
  10. Elite IV

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    Does anyone remember the State of Decay ORIGINAL, oh my days hahaha. Those were the true bug days lmao. Both PC & Xbox. Funny, PlayStation missing out :p
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  11. YojimBeau

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    Let's talk about the brutality of pre-TU1 vs post-TU5. When people would die, commit suicide and just fubar your world without any causality on your part. Just a big ol' fuck you, 'cause it's the zombie apocalypse and shit like this happens. I miss those days. The ZA is kinda milk-toast now.
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  12. Kid Kayole

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    I know the simulation has been omitted from SoD2 but I hope they still have these types of events in the game. I want it to be brutal!
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