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QuarantineRoad's Random SoD Fandom

Discussion in 'The Zed Gallery' started by QuarantineRoad, Jun 17, 2015.

  1. Righteous Ham

    Righteous Ham Here To Help

    Very cool, QR!

    You should consider making more of these videos. You could even expand beyond SoD to do so. Also, love the song! You can bet it will be added to my music collection.
  2. QuarantineRoad

    QuarantineRoad Here To Help

    Thanks, @Righteous Ham! And really glad you liked the song! :):)

    If I'm able to work with the camera and UI, I'd love to do more of these once SoD2 is out. In the meantime, I'll be keeping my creative eye out for any future trailers. :)
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  3. Shyer

    Shyer Here To Help

    One of the good things about disappearing from the forums for a while is that when I come back, I see super rad, awesome creations like what QR has made while I was gone.

    Keep this up, dude!
  4. QuarantineRoad

    QuarantineRoad Here To Help

    Thanks a lot, @Shyer! I'll do my best, and it's great to see you, man! :):)
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  5. spacemousetw

    spacemousetw Famous

    I just want to know 1 thing and it is why the guy don't shoot the fat boy?Ammo out? Or..?
  6. YojimBeau

    YojimBeau Famous

    If you watch the trailer, you'll hear the click-click of him dry-firing. He's out of ammo.
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  7. spacemousetw

    spacemousetw Famous

    Oh, I forgot...I always use silent mode for my game :)

    At least ...run~!!
    I saw that girl can dodge, is that the new function?
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2017
  8. QuarantineRoad

    QuarantineRoad Here To Help

    Update: Most of my focus has been elsewhere in preparation of visiting my Dad & Step-Mom in Arizona, as many of you are used to me doing this time of year. I should be leaving Friday or Saturday, and gone for 2 weeks. I usually get on to check-in and 'like' stuff when I can in the evenings, but mostly stay offline while over there.

    That said, I've also been working on a couple of projects and trying some new things I'm learning through YouTube tutorials. If I have a chance, I may post something up before I go, but will probably hold off on anything new until I get back.

    Either way, I hope all of you have a great few weeks, and I'll look forward to having something for you when I get back! :)

    * * *

    @spacemousetw: Yeah, I like the new animation. Survivors have always been able to roll out of the way, so I'm thinking it replaces that. :)
    Last edited: Aug 14, 2017
  9. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Famous

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  10. QuarantineRoad

    QuarantineRoad Here To Help

    Thank you, Bob. :)
  11. spacemousetw

    spacemousetw Famous

    Yeah, hope we can beat the fatboy unarm in SOD2 just like the video show that girl's attack.
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  12. Enjoy, have fun, relax and remember that you are part of this great sod family...
  13. QuarantineRoad

    QuarantineRoad Here To Help

    Thank you, MonPrince! And I'll never forget. This community is one of the best things in my life. :)
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  14. QuarantineRoad

    QuarantineRoad Here To Help

    Had a great time. Back home now, and settling back into gear! :)

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  15. yessssssssssssss!!!!
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  16. QuarantineRoad

    QuarantineRoad Here To Help

    Quick Update: I am working on stuff, but my main project is taking some time since it's a bit out of my realm and I want it to be right. Hopefully through tutorials and trial & error I'll be able to pull it off. If there's a continued lack of activity, that's why! Thanks for sticking with me!
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  17. rebel36

    rebel36 Famous

    @QuarantineRoad you and your fabulous creations are always worth the wait! We love what you do and will be here for you. Great art and innovation is not an instantaneous process. (But I still can't wait to see what you create!) :)
  18. QuarantineRoad

    QuarantineRoad Here To Help

    Thank you so much, Rebel! You know it means a lot to me, and I'm always glad to see you check in! :):)
  19. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

    Wondering what the next thing will be?
  20. QuarantineRoad

    QuarantineRoad Here To Help

    @Cejao: Frustratingly, still continuing work on the same project. I've made some real progress, but there's one last bit I'm struggling with. I've really wanted to share what I have so far, but I promised myself I wouldn't until it's done. If I was at 20% done last time I posted, I'd say I'm at about 80%, currently. :)
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