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QuarantineRoad's Random SoD Fandom

Discussion in 'The Zed Gallery' started by QuarantineRoad, Jun 17, 2015.

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  1. QuarantineRoad

    QuarantineRoad Here To Help

    Thanks a lot, man. It's cool of you to do that. I made sure to bookmark it, and will keep in touch whatever I decide to do. :)
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  2. Righteous Ham

    Righteous Ham Here To Help

    As we approach the end of this forum's life, I just wanted to express here one final time my appreciation for everything you've created. If I've not commented enough here, it's due entirely to running out of words to praise you with.

    Despite being showered with universal acclaim from both fans and developers alike you've maintained a friendly and approachable manner. Too many others in your position would've allowed such accolades to go to their head, to become full of themselves and dismissive of other "lesser" people. It speaks well of your character, that this temptation failed to grip you.

    On a more personal note, I wanted to thank you and express my deep gratitude for the things you made for me over the years. My avatar chief, and most obvious amongst them, but there's also the varying birthday gifts too.

    QR, I can say my life would've been just a little poorer without your presence.
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  3. Fabian907

    Fabian907 Famous

    Have you joined SAK's Forum?
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  4. YojimBeau

    YojimBeau Famous

    Ham is one of the more active members over there.
  5. QuarantineRoad

    QuarantineRoad Here To Help

    @Righteous Ham: I honestly have no words to express how grateful I am, and what that means to me. I've never really found my place, so the moment it seemed like I could bring a little joy to people, I jumped on the chance. I love doing my art, regardless, but I'm used to keeping it to myself. It's people like you, and all of you here, that have allowed me to share it and give it purpose. In turn, giving me purpose. I still reminisce on how close I was to not creating this thread. But, during my earlier time here, this community gave me just enough of the confidence I needed to try. You don't know how happy I was to have anyone like that first post, and it's been that way ever since.

    I ran out of ways to say thank you a long time ago, but I never wanted you to forget how appreciative I am of all of you that have been a part of keeping this thread alive. If anything, I'm the one who looks up to a lot of you. It's in my DNA to always feel a little awkward and a little lost (sometimes a lot awkward and lost!), but this is one place I felt I belonged.

    To the things I've made you, you're more than welcome. There's so much that you've brought to this family. As well, without you, and the people in and outside of this thread, my own life would have felt that much emptier. I'm just glad I was able to create something you enjoyed.
  6. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    @QuarantineRoad - I hope you keep posting your stuff, maybe in SAK's Forum?
  7. rebel36

    rebel36 Famous

    @QuarantineRoad thanks for all the wonderful things you posted here. Many days I would come on the forums just to check and see what your imaginative mind had created. Don't ever stop. You have far too much talent for it to be lost. Hopefully I will get to see you on @SwissArmyKnifes' new forum. In any event thank you my friend for all the wonderful art and memories. Blessings to you and yours.:)
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  8. QuarantineRoad

    QuarantineRoad Here To Help

    @rebel36: I sincerely take that to heart. Whenever I think of the people I've met here, that I believe truly make the world a better place, you've always been one of them. So, thank you for all of your kind words and encouragement, for following my work, and being a part of this family. Blessings to you and yours, as well, and you can be sure that I'll be keeping in touch through Swiss's forum, especially the closer we come to this forum's close.

    And to you and @Bob Crees: Swiss's forum is certainly a good option for my designs, and I definitely intend to share things there, but I think it's time for me to get over some of my nerves and make the jump to one of the art sites. Though I've been solely dedicated to SoD these last few years, I've wanted to branch off in other directions, too. The style I've been using for Becca, Quentin, Hawkes, Maya, etc., is part of that discovery process. Aside, that would finally give me a place to do all of that and put my work out there in a way I've been hesitant to do.
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  9. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Please share what you do with us - It does not have to be SoD related.
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  10. rebel36

    rebel36 Famous

    I think that is fantastic @QuarantineRoad you must broaden your artistic horizons. Please keep us informed as to where we can view your work. Whether State of Decay related or not we are still your fans. Can't wait to see what you come up with.:)
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  11. Q, there has never been a finer graphic designer to touch the internet, both in terms of skill and of their character.

    Thank you for the memories here, and I hope you are doing well IRL.
  12. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Please make sure that you link me to the one you land on. I am excited to see how you grow as an artist, and I truly love everything that you do. :)
  13. QuarantineRoad

    QuarantineRoad Here To Help

    @ThatChristmaskid: That means more than you know, Christmas.

    You're one of the coolest, strongest, and most grounded people I've ever had the honor of meeting. No matter what the future holds, challenges there are, or what you decide to do, I know you can do it. Just like the way you've been a bastion of everything good about this community, I fully expect you to continue changing the world for the better. No pressure or anything. :)

    @Undead Nicole: Thank you so much, Nicole! I absolutely will. :)

    And let me take this moment to thank you for everything you've done for this community, your support, and for all the times you were there when my anxiety might of otherwise gotten the best of me.

    You're irreplaceable to why this forum remained a family, and why I've felt a welcome part of it since the beginning. I couldn't have, nor wanted to imagine it without you. Ever since I joined, you've been the resilient symbol of strength through kindness and patience. That uncommon temperance has been a blessing to all of us, and to the team, and will continue to be, wherever you are; whether online or in real life. If the forum was a classroom, you'd be the best teacher I've ever had.

    Though I don't know how often we'll run into each other after the move, know that I'll always be grateful to have met you, and wishing you the best in everything.
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  14. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    :oops: That was so kind. It's super dusty in here right now. So .. damn.. dusty.
  15. @QuarantineRoad It should go without saying but I'll say it anyway. You've broadened my horizons on what could be in SoD's future and I'm positive that you'll go far in the artist world. If you haven't thought about it, you should check into game artists requests and see about spreading your art into indie games everywhere. Become the king of the game art world.

    You know where there isn't much dust? The Alamo! You should join us before the horde reach your enclave!
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  16. QuarantineRoad

    QuarantineRoad Here To Help

    @SwissArmyKnife: Thank you for your confidence in me, and I'm glad my work could have that effect.

    Objectively, I do have a lot of limitations, and still believe I have a long way to climb when it comes to conceptual design. A cruise through ArtStation quickly reminds me of that. Yet, following what you said, I do believe I'm onto something with my current style, and hope there's a niche for me, somewhere. Whatever happens, though, I've learned from being here that I have to keep trying, and not let my doubts get in the way.

    Aside, it's been an honor to have met you, as well, and I've seriously appreciated your friendship and continued interest in my work. You're one really cool guy that knows more stuff than I could ever hope to figure out! I know so many of us have felt the same about all you've done for the community; whether here, or the UL fanbase as a whole. And again, thank you for providing us with another way to remain an SoD fan, and part of the family.
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  17. @QuarantineRoad If you haven't checked it out yet, I'd suggest checking out Escape From Jesus Island and Mutant Babies (spinoff). EFJI's got the same dark style as State of Decay with regard to illustrations and is within your scope of talent whereas Mutant Babies is a cute spin-off thing with a lighter tone.


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  18. QuarantineRoad

    QuarantineRoad Here To Help

    Before the doors close, I at least wanted to bring my dedication up-to-date. So, once more, this includes all of you who've liked or commented within this thread. As I said then, there are definitely friends who've supported me throughout - and outside of - this forum, but this was the fairest way I could go about it. I've done my best to make sure I didn't miss anyone. If I have, know that every like and positive comment has been important to me.

    I can never thank you enough for your support, and making this thread what it became.

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  19. QuarantineRoad

    QuarantineRoad Here To Help

    I just re-checked the names for the sixth time, and was like, "How in the world did I miss @SwissArmyKnife??" Then I realized it's because I assumed you were already included in the original 2015-2016 dedication, when your first post was in 2017. Well, you're there now! I never would have forgiven myself! :confused:
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  20. Virgel

    Virgel Here To Help

    As @ThatChristmaskid said, please keep us all in the loop, whether it's via the Alamo, ArtStation, DeviantArt, etc. I think I speak for everyone when I say that we would love to stay up-to-date/in touch as you continue to improve and innovate.

    This entire thread is a testament to your skill and creativity. To have any part in supporting it has been an honour @QuarantineRoad.
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