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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Undead Sanya, Aug 8, 2016.

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  1. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    Newsletter subscribers know that every letter, I bring Foge a question and he answers it.

    Y'all, for a bunch of people that ask questions, I have surprisingly few questions intended for the newsletter.

    No, I can't get super specific yet, but Foge can talk design/high concept all day. For example, this is going into today's newsletter:

    Dana K, Miami, FL, USA: How do you plan out a character that people -- with different ideas about gameplay -- will all enjoy?

    I would love to see more questions like that. Email them to me, or post here!
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  2. ragnar482

    ragnar482 Got Your Back

    I read a while back that J L Bourne was on board in the State of Decay franchise. To what extent is he involved in the story telling or character development in State of Decay 2?
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  3. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    That's not really a design question. :)

    The answer is that he's still a consultant, but hasn't been in recently and I don't know what the future plans are.
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  4. SAK, TX, USA: What inspirations do you draw from when designing new zombie types? How much does reality (physics/biology) affect your decisions on zombie types, old and new? Ex: The bloater's bomb can be tied to natural gases forming in the body after death and being trapped inside, alongside any mutagens (natural/manmade) that were present at the time of death or contraction of the zombie virus.
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  5. ragnar482

    ragnar482 Got Your Back

    I thought I could sneak that in..
    Thanks for the response..
  6. M >>>

    M >>> Got Your Back

    You got it O' Community Wrangler !

    Please pass along to Foge the conversation that DJB204 started: "High Risk - High Rewards Areas" .

    We can turn Wayne's wishes into questions such as:

    "What gets you excited about designing missions to be more challenging and possibly rewarding - beyond the fetch and carry supply runs ?"

    "What's it like to design a Multi-part Mission ?"

    "Can A.I Factions take notice and get involved ?" ( Either opposing players or helping ? )

    "Are you having fun designing A.I. Factions - and will they disco ? *
    Whoops ! I mean - will they have a unique group identity ?"

    It would be something if the groups have their own themes related to their identity. Something that binds them together. Doesn't matter if it's group sing-a-longs, a pledge that they make, someone who sings their stories as ballads, prayers that they offer, storytelling in the mead hall, Group study and discussion of the Book of Cthulhu, or the offering of sacrificial pies. My imagination tells me that Factions need something to bind and affirm their group identity from time to time to keep their morale going in this bleak landscape.

    Does anybody still dance in this town ?
    * I bet some Fanatical Cultists would disco !
    I couldn't resist that surreal image.
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  7. XzerothreeX

    XzerothreeX Famous

    Never mind. Please delete post.
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  8. Christmas, TX, USA: What was the biggest challenge in terms of designing for the game? If that challenge appeared again for SoD2, would it be executed in a similar fashion?
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  9. Furie

    Furie Here To Help

    Where does the new game stand in terms of balancing gameplay options and accessibility?

    For example, quite a lot of people are hoping for multiple game setup options (zombie/special toughness/frequency, car availability, supply situation, etc). However, so many options might confuse some gamers and make it tougher to set up a working mulitplayer. So I'm wondering where the current thinking is on balancing those things out? Are you guys leaning more towards hiding numbers and options from the player in order to give a smoother and more accessible game, or are you aiming to have more options than last time but make them optional? Something in between perhaps?

    Answered in Early Warning #11:
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  10. Righteous Ham

    Righteous Ham Here To Help

    What lessons have you learned from SoD's friendship system? Has your approach to radiant quest design and community events changed, if so, how and why?

    That should be plenty to chew on.
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  11. Furie

    Furie Here To Help

    When designing repeatable missions, how much attention is given to making two of the same mission type stand apart as opposed to making different mission types?

    We know that there are only so many man-hours that can go into a game and that these decisions have to be made. The UL fans seem to understand that better than most. So I'm just wondering where the bias for that decision falls? More mission types, or more differentiation between missions of the same type? Perhaps something different, like versions of repeatable missions in the story that mix things up a bit?

    Do you ever have to hold ideas back because these are meant to be regular people and not full on survivalists?

    For example, I've been reading up on Pemmican recently. That's a 16th century mixture of fats, dried meats, and dried berries, that can last for over ten years (and sometimes up to thirty years). Seems like a great thing for survivors to put together to stop food spoiling, but it's not exactly common knowledge so seems like it might be left out as a result. While a survivalist character might bring that sort of thing into a group (perhaps as a bonus to having/finding him) it probably isn't something they'd find without help, and definitely not without the internet.

    What sort of thing can we expect from the new leadership positions that are being introduced in SoD2? Specialty leaders or simply one guy who is the boss?

    I can see someone completing X amount of missions and trading their personal fame (not a group thing in this thought) for a leadership position in the community. In my mind this would be a specialty position where any use of Influence is cheaper than before, they might perhaps have more access to base commands, and perhaps become responsible for a certain part of the base. A medical leader might have more commands at the med centre, and they might level up their med skills through that, but they're also the one who has to go out and get medical supplies when a mission comes up. The same goes for a workshop bosses, gardeners, or chefs, with each facility type also having its own missions that they either have to spend influence to get someone else on (perhaps adding to a job board where someone can pick it up, or simply paying influence to have an NPC undertake the mission) or have to complete themselves. In my mind these sorts of missions would be notified in the facility, but only available to the leaders unless those leaders had passed the job onto another.

    What are the challenges involved in adding other media types to the game?

    Two examples here. The first is the excellent Life After Zombies series that has been running on this website. That would really add to the world if these files could be found as notes, and to someone outside of design it seems like it'd be easy enough to add them in. Then there's things like having the (pretty sure on this) public domain Night of the Living Dead available to watch (perhaps having a reel hidden around the world somewhere) at the drive in theatre base shown in the trailer. Obviously that would present it's own challenges, so I'm wondering what they are and how they'd impact other areas of design. Also, hintety hint hint hint. ;)
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  12. OldDogF14

    OldDogF14 Here To Help

    Why isn't the game coming out sooner? :p
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  13. Cejao

    Cejao Famous

    When is the Alpha/Beta Test?
    and when it happens, Sign me up please.
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  14. MatchesMalone

    MatchesMalone Got Your Back

    Matches M, Alexandria, VA, USA: What are the pillars used for building out the State of Decay world? For example, the noted diverse cast and placement of women/minorities in leadership roles or positions of importance (like Marcus as the starting character, but isn't scripted to die). Were those decisions done as statements/purpose or just "happened" to come out that way?

    Part 2, if you'll allow me, how much impact do the responses to those decisions in State of Decay 1 have on similar decisions for State of Decay 2?
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  15. Lanzdowne

    Lanzdowne Here To Help

    Will there be any narrow bridges that pass over deadly ravines, with strange old hermits barring the way who ask you three obscure and off the wall questions in order to pass?
  16. Here's a question. Will state of decay 2 start where state of decay 1 ends in the timeline, or will we be back at the beginning of the outbreak near the time state of decay 1 started? Like when we start a new game, will the character be like, "woah why is that guy eating that other guy?"
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  17. Dunadain

    Dunadain Famous

    This one isn't so much a question, as an interesting speach for the devs to ponder as they work. Bethesda's Tod Howard at dice 2012, discussing game design. (probably some UL'ers were in the audience that day).

    UL has already proven they can make an awesome and gripping game. This is just additional food for thought. (NO 4-story ferals or mudcrabs, though!)

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  18. Thunder Ice

    Thunder Ice Here To Help

    I've got a really good question:

    How many zombies EXACTLY will the game be able to render on screen without the AI bucking up like in the first one?

    In SoD, the game would only be able to handle around 15 or so zombies. Anything after that, many of them would become ghosts - just models but with the AI completely removed until the game can render them again.

    With the new space SoD2 has, it's obvious it will handle more zombies, but I'd like to know how many could potentially fit on-screen with no problems.

    For example, something like this: [​IMG]

    It would be cool to see something like that be possible, and it would really sort of grip you to the fact that this is the zombie apocalypse, and the threat is there.
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  19. Doomen Gloom

    Doomen Gloom Famous

    With J L Bourne's influence are we going to see hoards in the millions that would be awesome.
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  20. Will we have the ability to manually save a game?
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