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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Undead Sanya, Aug 8, 2016.

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  1. Corwyhn

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    Well Everquest is still going strong. Still churning out expansions. I started the guild Lions of the Heart on Tarew Marr Dec 99. We server split to Xev when TM got too big. Then had server mergers to where we are now Xegony where I still run Lions. And they are still putting out expansions yearly. That's my main mmo and SOD2 will be my main single -ish player game when it comes out.
  2. Furie

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    How are the Dev team feeling now we're going into E3?

    You guys are one of the headlining acts for Microsoft with only your second game which would be nerve wracking for most years. But this year Microsoft is making a play to own the early news cycle, and will be followed by Bethesda who typically have a strong showing since they started having their own conferences.
  3. Hoping this is still open...but my question is for Donut Fairy instead of Foge. What do/did you find hardest about level design for State of Decay 1 and 2? What about previous games? Do you have any advice for new devs trying to design levels as a one-man/small team?
  4. Will there be enemy human AI characters to fight (not players, but bandits for example)?...That's what I REALLY wanted in State of Decay...I had all these guns, but was discouraged using them because of noise (I agree with the noise mechanics obviously, but I wanted more from that). I want a good reason to use them other than convenience...I want to survive against zombies AND humans. I wanted a walking dead style firefight where I have to expend all my ammo to kill a squad of bandits and then have to deal with the impending horde that comes to the gunfire.
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  5. casey graham

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    Undead Labs, big fan. Is there any chance we can get a mechanic to toggle between third person to first person when shooting guns. Ex. Ghost recon wildlands. Pleasssssssssseeeeeee, this would be a fantastic mechanic that fans would love. I'm not saying a first person mode but a only when shooting. And attachments for weapons would make it even better. Thank You
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  6. Rooney

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    Some of the best video game characters are ones that people can relate to. It allows a player to immerse themselves more into a game. What strategies or methods do you use to ensure that gamers can relate to at least one or two charActers in SOD2?
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