Red Means Bad Right?

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Nicole, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. .:Nighthawk:.

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    I feel as if I'm just going to avoid that area unless I feel like a baddass and ram into it guns and blazin[which would end up in one of my first deths of the game]
  2. Blackoutlantern

    Blackoutlantern Got Your Back

    Shortly followed up by "Hey if you wanna go IN THERE and get that rifle, be my guest..."

    And it's not so much that I want to prove anything Kiel, it's more just sheer cat killing curiosity ;)
  3. Kiel555

    Kiel555 Here To Help

    Haha. It just cracks me up that UL would mark an area in red and says "now don't go in this area because its got lots of zeds and you will get killed".

    My response "important safety note to self: stay away from big red area on map"

    Others: "I can't wait to go exploring in the red zone" and "that's the first place I'm going to visit". Haha. I get it though....just have to see what's going on in there even if it kills you. Haha.

    I think they're serious on this one though. Red means bad.
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  4. Blackoutlantern

    Blackoutlantern Got Your Back

    Of course it does! But it's like putting up a giant red button on a wall that says "Do not press".

    I'd have used the airplane door joke, but 1. Family guy already beat me to it. And 2. Well to be fair it'd still be appropriate, doing it would still kill you.

    I do like however, the wording of the achievement.

    "Survive for 2 minutes in the danger zone" It never mentions getting back out :p
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  5. I would still prefer to die in the danger zone and get the achievement than get cut in half by a feral outside the red area!!
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  6. Blackoutlantern

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    I suppose if you go in there armed with maybe 3 healing items, a few bullets, something blunt and loads of grenades, you might stand a chance... For about a minute or so.
  7. I guess there's a watch might be quite possible to make it for more than 2 minutes...just don't forget the ride!
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  8. Blackoutlantern

    Blackoutlantern Got Your Back

    There's a watch tower in the danger zone?
  9. Blackthorne

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    You can tell what Generation I'm categorised in when every time I read 'danger zone' in these posts I get a certain Kenny Loggins song running rampant in my head...

    And all the generations after that who missed that particular film will read this and have the reaction of o_O

    My mind is strange :rolleyes:
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  10. Blackoutlantern

    Blackoutlantern Got Your Back

    Oh no, don't you worry my friend; every time I've seen the words mentioned, that song has played in my head. I may try a montage to it if I get the recording equipment and editing software necessary for it, try and survive for the song's length, that should have been the Maverick challenge :p. Failing that, I'll ask my mate to do it on her youtube channel XD.
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  11. Blackthorne

    Blackthorne Here To Help

    The Goose in me says "Is this your idea of fun, Mav?!" :p

    Reckon that given the background material that he's 'been downrange most of his career' Danger Zone should be Sasquatch's theme song :D
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  12. Good Lorde

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    So I'm just assuming... The majority V.I.P's are going to be in the danger/red zone... So evil, but so exciting at the same time.
    Can't wait to get my hands on this :)
  13. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    I've said it once. I'll say it again....
  14. Blackthorne

    Blackthorne Here To Help

    Nicole, you've just made it possible for me to face the rest of my afternoon in the workplace with a snile on my dial :) It might look a tiny bit crazed, but it's there!

    Sooooo by that link and my previous Goose quote... are you saying that I'm Cyril...? ;)
  15. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    hahahahahaha... Do you want to be Cyril?
  16. Stealth Moose

    Stealth Moose Famous

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  17. Dalmakator

    Dalmakator Starting Off

    " Daaannnger Zone !!! " oh Archer you are a god.

    Lol Blackthorne , thirty four here mate , Australian and I remember Top Gun :)

    Love UL references to archer in the game as well.
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  18. Stealth Moose

    Stealth Moose Famous

    Your sig quote is pretty awesome as well, I approve.
  19. Blackthorne

    Blackthorne Here To Help

    Hmmmmm... now I'm wondering about how the Archer crew would hold up in a Breakdown scenario... running around as an ISIS accountant in zed-land? SOLD!!! :cool:
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  20. Stealth Moose

    Stealth Moose Famous

    Krieger gets Not Even the Medical kind trait.

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