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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Nicole, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. Blackoutlantern

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    All I have been thinking since I found out about the danger zones and Maverick achievement XD
  2. Well, it seems that every UL fan has been to the Daaaanger Zone by now to be a Maverick Hero! Right? Um...i hope i'm not the only one having unlocked it before going to sleep! From 5 PM till 5 AM non-stop....a mix of Fun and anger...the game runs smoothly. Very big and good work Undead girls and guys Team. Thank you for this piece of bit game.
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  3. Blackoutlantern

    Blackoutlantern Got Your Back

    I... You.... GAH!

    I nearly lost Kilo and Vince on my first attempt... And I lost Sasquatch on my second attempt. I have since restarted the game and have gone nowhere near these zones just yet; reckon I'm gonna need some health, fire and explosions to take this one on!

    How'd you do it?
  4. Hi Blackoutlantern,
    My first time playing was very stressing...i lost everyone and then called for an extraction which ended my game.
    My second time is still in progress...and the key to success till now is..........PAUSE!!! Yes, i pause many times in order not to rush into the wolf's mouth!
    For now, i just help civilians and soldiers along with the VIPs. I do not take risks..just help and get the hell ou of there. I have put two military trucks inside of the Base..just in case it might get worse as the missions go on. If i have time i scavenge alone but quickly and then return ASAP to the base.
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    I'm not sure if I unlocked it but I spent a few minutes driving back and forth along the freeway on the south end of the map, in the DZ, killing zeds.
  6. Blackthorne

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    Hopefully this isn't considered too much of a spoiler but I found a magnificent choke point that may assist those who're after the Maverick - helped speed things up for me, that's for sure.

    The first ramp exit to the east of Black Friday you can wedge yourself between a batch of car and truck wrecks that line the DZ - it's between a petrol station and a little workshop shed that has been the main spawn point for Lost Soldier missions. Tucked myself in where I couldn't get surrounded and started ripping clips against any of the locals that come looking for fast food :D

    I may very well have lucked out with a few things here though; there seemed to be an awfully small number of zeds compared with other DZ areas, and that's even with the petrol station being infested and sending out zombified store clerks by the dozen...then there was this weapon pickup I snagged from a delivery truck that included this 9mm 33+1 in chamber clip size full-auto-capable pistol that turns the zeds into gibs which probably helped thin the herd somewhat - great way to get your firearms skill up from 3 to 7 quickly, that's for sure.

    Give it a try before Sanya and the rest of the UL crew decide the mob spawn needs to be cranked up a few notches in that area ;)
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  7. Blackoutlantern

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    No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

    They can't do it before I've achieved XD

    Next week (When I actually have some time) is going to be dedicated to getting the Maverick achievement, I don't care how many times I have to restart the game!

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    If it's appropriate for the forums (I'll take moderator decision for that) I'll see if I can organise a few snapshots after I get home from work to give people an idea where this choke point is.

    If it's a no-go for the forums then I'll set them up on the Steam snapshots for one and all - just avoid the troll(s) in the dungeon ;)

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