Ripping Off the Bandaid: Title Update 1 Not Working

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 16, 2013.

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  1. Light Foot

    Light Foot Starting Off

    I am delighted to see the community chime out in full with nothing but respect & admiration for the team at UL, you guys are really holding up to your standards of customer satisfaction! As for the bugs, everyone knows that open world games are the most prone to bugs, the more freedom you offer a player to do absolutely whatever, the more oppertunity is given to bugs to pop up and make things a bit choppy but this is most understandable, and especially when you consider the game's size limitations etc. Due to it being an XBLA title.
    This said, I really do want to express my favor for State of Decay, and really wanted to express my idea that Undead Labs should greatly consider committing to the idea of perhaps putting Class4 on hold and producing a full disc release Zombie Apocalypse Survival Sim.
    I really think with everything you guys have done in SoD, taking a shot at a bigger single player game could be a smart move, further reinforcing your format in which to make the MMRPG, and gaining more 'influence' (see what I did there ;)) among the gaming community, I could really see this being a beneficial move, and have expressed this a couple of weeks ago on the forums, I just really wanted to make this heard!
    Great game you guys, hope all goes well in the future!

    With great admiration and infinite respect
  2. ABCoLD

    ABCoLD Starting Off

    I can totally agree with this. In fact this would be a fantastic idea. I would love to have bases be expanded, a slightly (massively) more expansive Trumbull Valley.... everything.

    Every once in a while you watch the game and you see a little jank here and there, and you excuse it as an XBLA title.

    But if this thing was a next gen/PC release with no download limit. Oh my goodness. Expanded bases, gasoline doing something (not powering cars, that would suck) useful for electricity generation... lights for the perimeter fence maybe, optional upgrades for the walls... customizable clothing! Cars, cars, cars!

    Even more zombie models, alternate outpost types. Specialized outposts... imagine having an outpost dedicated to trading with other enclaves! Or one dedicated to defense. Or one that served as a drop off/safe spot for any survivor that came across it (increased survival of other enclaves/increased recruitment opportunities.)

    Just so much that could be done.

    I know I'm in the minority, but I'm a person that would much rather have an awesome single player experience, than have other players tea-bagging dead-zeds and breaking my immersion.
  3. Bob Loblaw 426

    Bob Loblaw 426 Starting Off

    Agree. I think an increase in zombie models and damage would be good. Don't get me wrong they are already fantastic. Wasn't until many hours of playing until I noticed how much detail is in there. But would prefer if zombies kept coming even if you chop there legs off.
  4. WhisperFire26

    WhisperFire26 Here To Help

    And can you reduce the occurrence of the "Break it's F.ucking Skull!" line and add replace it with different variations or mid-battle shouts, scarastic finds while almost home (I actually like the pony dialog but you can only sit and hear it just so much), and other random stuff.

    You know, more stuff in terms of random dialog (heh), and maybe have some character specific only lines instead of making them seem like they are just the same thing but with one different skill (if applicable), gender, name, and face.
  5. This team and gaming community rocks. Love it and can't wait for the fix.
  6. I thought (and still believe) my patch didn't apply to the game since I probably searched the whole surrounding area around my home in the church and didn't find a single infestation. Then I finally went all the way back up to the Ranger station and instantly found one. Made my way to the Survey point and surveyed the area and found like 4 or 5 more infestations - pretty much if there was a building of some sort, it was infested. When I had cleared those out the "Too many infestations" message finally disappeared, I'm sure it will be back as soon as there's enough infestations on the map again though. Or maybe it gets fixed before that happens. :D

    Other than that I can just agree with the rest, love the way Undead Labs are so upfront about the problems and goes to fix it instead of denying it. Props to you guys!
  7. LMAO I can totally see this being put on a shirt and sold to the masses...
  8. You guys, in making this game, have done have so much more with a hell of a lot less than most game companies could ever do... you deserve to take a few seconds and bask in our gratitude XD
  9. I've been a little confused over the status of the first patch. It started when news first broke that the patch was being released 'sometime next week'. Then everything went quiet. Then the game updated on Friday. Curious as to whether it was the patch or not, I fondled Google a bit and found... nothing. Absolutely nothing, except the previous week-old news saying that there was a patch coming. Not sure what that was about.

    Anyway, I'd already restarted my game as my first one had gone horrendously wrong. 3 days after game release and I'd already lost the three introductory characters and half of my community and gone walkabout. The new game was running smoothly and I had avoided moving out of the church as I had read somewhere that moving house seems to trigger the infestation issue. Well, for me the infestation issue triggered immediately after I completed the 'The Law' mission (I think that's what it's called, it's the first one at the courthouse). I have no idea if that's related or not but meh.

    Anyway, I look forward to news that the patch can be applied and is working as I've left the game alone for the time being, much to my annoyance. I've already binned one game and it's looking likely I'll have to bin another unless the patch somehow fixes things.
  10. Michael

    Michael Starting Off

    Having to make that two way split decision that ends in disaster.
    Junk that game and redo. This time, it would be right. Hours of fun on every level, but no helicopters?
  11. I noticed one of the fixes was playable characters couldnt be killed in simulations. the pastor got the black fever and marcus (playable) was killed by him. does that count as a simulation?
  12. Zed Flanders

    Zed Flanders Starting Off

    Strictly speaking, I believe "simulation" only refers to when you turn your game off then turn it on again later. Anything that happens while you are logged in (whether or not it happens in a different part of the map) is not a part of the "simulation."
  13. Interesting. Question: (SPOILERS from very early on)--- did Alan not kill the pastor???
  14. I have been enjoying the game since release until the update. The infestation bug is miniscule compared to turning on the game and finding that Marcus died while I wasnt playing. Kinda makes me not wanna play anymore realizing i have absolutely no control when the main starting character dies or not. Very dissapointing.
  15. I was just getting ready to send in bug report on the "too many infestations" still occuring.
    I must say your honesty is refreshing. Therefore I will not complain.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2013
  16. This will be fixed in the next patch.
  17. Yea the only bug reportly fixed that i still have which wasn't originally a bug but now is, Lily doesn't shut up about the final mission. maybe if it looks to see if you have the achievement or not and if you have it then it doesn't remind you
  18. Thanks for the clarification. I kept playing and took note of all the updates on the list that was released but still kept getting the "zombie swimming in the floor boards", cars not being repaired, and the "too many infestations" dialogue. I've been at this game since release, picked it up where I left off earlier after four days of traveling and working, saw that some of my crew died and just kept moving forward with the rest of the cast. State of Decay has got to be my favorite buggy game of all time. It's a wet dream come true for gamers and ZA fans. Great game.
  19. WOOT! I thought something was fishy when I got the update and things were still jacked up in my game. I thought it was just me. My NPCs still run into the car instead of getting in, and Lily "sits" or floats rather, at an invisible radio twisting knobs in the air facing parallel from the chair :confused: Good to know it's in the works
  20. Played the demo loved it. Is the game playable with the first patch and the bugs?
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