Ripping Off the Bandaid: Title Update 1 Not Working

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 16, 2013.

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  1. Absolutely. I'm not a zombie fanboy but this game is like crack. I can't stop playing, bugs and all.
  2. N0RBS86

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    when will you have this sorted its getting anoying now tbh, i would stop playing till the update but i dont wanna loose all that iv worked so hard for but i also dont wanna get sick of the game b4 the update, my friend that i was wanting to co.op with has already thrown in the towel :( i love the game guys just get it sorted soon please
  3. Thank you for communicating with us and being honest. Great game, looking forward to the patch working, and keep up the great work.
  4. B STATS

    B STATS Got Your Back

    Wow Bethesda these guys are not! If it was Beth they'd sweep it under the carpet or release patch notes stating it was fixed when it never will. Ashpiles anyone?
  5. Ugh I hated those ashpiles
  6. yea hope those update come soon i hate when i start the game and finding almost all my resources almost empty(after awhile getting them) like the game keep like playing by itself
  7. This game is bad ass. The update was saddening but you can simply just go find those infestations and deal with them yourself until it's fixed. They say co-op might be added in the future. I would gladly pay $60 for this game if i could play it with a friend via splitscreen.
  8. Really enjoying the game, atleast up until the point where I got on to find 5 of my characters "missing" and it being blamed on "too many infestations" eventhough the only one is literally on the other side of the world. I get on the NEXT day to find these five completely removed from my survivors list, leaving me with 3. This really puts a damper on the game for me personally.
  9. BoZoDaZeD

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    Same thing happened to me he was the character I spent the most time playing w n it's disheartening that I lost him w no chance of saving him.

    R.I.P. Marcus your fro will always have a special place in my heart </3
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  10. Thank god. I was about to restart my game to try and fix it. In the meantime waiting for the campaign progress halting fix I might as well loot every building possible.
  11. I was wondering if I had to start a new game to see the "fix",but apparently that's not the case... I'm glad UL stepped up and is addressing the issue. I did however finish my first play through, but I might wait a bit before starting a new game. That infestation bug is awfully annoying.
  12. Hello UL :D i would like to say, thankyou so much for such an amazing game, i literally have been waiting for something like this sense i first found that i liked zombies when i was 6 (secretly watched my brother play the first resident evil) I've been anticipating this game for months. now its all i think about. (i've counted 56+ hours of gameplay so far :D )

    but besides that, i would like to address an issue that my friend is having, and was wondering if there would be a way to fix it.

    after he had updated the game, his home base is now inhabited by a new group of survivors, which don't trust him. lilly and the rest of the group don't exist at all. he doesn't want to restart sense he has spent a bunch of time looting a butt load of houses. he even has found a 50. Cal rifle. he is currently Marcus, and doesn't want to run him down and let him die, sense he can't find anyone to switch to.

    anyone having the same issues? any tips on how to fix it?

    (oh, and he is still bunking in the church house and hasn't gotten to far in the story.)
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  13. bossdonut

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    HAH! Infestation "bug." You know how you deal with that? You dont wait for a magical bug fix. You grab your sledgehammer, punch the time clock, and put in some overtime on the zeds. Thats how a REAL MAN FIXES GLITCHES!
  14. Amnesiablo

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    And if you don't like it you can Gyyyyeeeet Out!
  15. Yeah... except when dem infestations spawn outside the playable map :I

  17. To EVERYONE getting the load screen trap or lock up thingy. If you stay below 20 survivors it doesn't happen!
  18. "Too many infestations" But only one showing up on the map....and its miles away.
  19. Keep the updates coming! It is an amazing game I wish to play well into the future! ;)
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  20. This has happened to me too... It has halted my progress and I'm even stuck because the mission "Hot Coffee" at the Grange will not work. So I can only do side quest missions at the moment and I've almost run out of resources in the world, I have been through almost all houses and farms now, apart from the area across the bridges because they're still locked for me... Waiting for Patch Update #2 to restart. It sucks, but I forgive UL for their honesty, hard work and EPIC ZOMBIE SURVIVAL Game! I am pleased... :cool:
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