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  1. TIL a new ninja move. It's not very complicated, but many may not realize it's possible. I've been playing this game since it came out on xbox 360, now playing on XBONE. Only recently did I discover this, and it makes stealth kills a lot more feasible and fun.

    1. Crouch.
    2. Sneak up behind a zombie, but don't get too close.
    3. Use LB + B to roll up to the oblivious zombie.
    4. Before the roll is over, use LB + Y to stealth kill the zombie.
    5. Ninjas make so much more sense forever.
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  2. maltriagon

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    Very cool. I will have to try this. I see videos of people stealth killing well the zombie is nearly completely facing them. I have not been able to figure this out, so anything to make the stealth kills easier will be a plus.
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  3. Najdorf

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    My favorite stealth kill method is to let the zombie sneak up on you and right as they start their lunge animation you hit LB+Y and you stealth kill them. Here's a video of it from one of our fellow forum users;

  4. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat!?
  5. Doomen Gloom

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    That looks awesome will have to master that move!!
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  6. I can't reproduce that in my PC version.
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  7. ErnestK7

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    I have been doing that move for years now, saved my life many times, I haven't died since I learnt this.
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  8. Cejao

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    I will be trying that later.
    if it works out, this years December challenge is mine, cause stealth kills are so hard for me I skipped it last year.
  9. But how exactly are you doing that, gents? :)
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  10. ErnestK7

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    When a zed is coming towards you, turn away and enter stealth (B on Xbox), when the zed is right on top you, press the stealth kill buttons (LB+Y on xbox).
    Doing this move improves wits, fighting and powerhouse (if available).

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