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  1. Undead Sanya

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    I've been posting news roundups to Facebook and Twitter, but it's been brought to my attention (thanks, guys, as always) that not everyone here realizes I've been doing it! Honestly, I was afraid to bore you all with things you already knew :p This thread will be closed to comments, but will instead serve as the archive for all my roundups until everyone knows everything.


    - We don't have an exact ETA on the patch (aka "Title Update 1"). It has to be tested and verified by the XBLA team before we'll get a date to give you. Believe me, we want the infestation thing fixed NOW. (Notes are here:

    - If you're not getting any story missions, look in the upper left corner under the map. Do any tasks there. Should clear the block.

    - I have no info. about how/when/if coop will be added. If just your enthusiasm were enough, it would be in already ;) Thanks very much for your support.

    - No new info about Germany. Should have information for you soon.

    - No new info about Australia/New Zealand/South Africa. I can't promise I'll know anything soon, but I can promise a serious HULK SMASH coming on if I don't.

    - Finally, I swear to you, the FAQ really does exist to answer the...frequently asked questions.
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    New? Start here: That link covers the PC/multiplayer/coop question as things stand right now. When it changes, YOU will be told first.

    Germany! I don't want to get your hopes up or anything, but it's looking good for you this week. Not today, but get your controller ready...

    Australia/New Zealand: Still nothing. We're pushing as hard as we can from this end. With sticks.

    No hard ETA on the first Title Update. Lemme tell you, we want it to go live yesterday, but there's a process we have to follow.

    If you're not getting story missions, check your to-do list right under the map. Doing those things should clear the block. If not, there's a bug forum! Please read the sticky threads, & look for existing threads on your issue. In particular, we have an official (sticky) thread going for both Missing People and Story Progress Halting. Say hi to QA DJ while you're there.

    By request, we're selling SoD gear at cost plus postage. No profit to us.

    (The store is largely automated, so it's not taking any time or resources away from the game... just in case anyone here was wondering.)
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    Your mutiplayer/coop/PC version questions, as the answers stand on 6/12 at 8 AM PDT, are answered in the FAQ!

    We do not yet have a good ETA for the much-anticipated first patch. It's in progress. I should hear SoonTM. Notes:

    South Africa: One of your own has gotten me some new info, so while I have no ETA, progress *is* being made. Thanks, Lara!

    Germany: Cross your fingers...and if you write for a German news site, email me now. sanya at undeadlabs dot com

    Australia/New Zealand: The AUS review board has requested a second round of video footage. Third. Whatever. This time, they want to see the context of "drug use" (the medical supplies contain painkillers, and one of the characters makes a comment about medical marijuana) among other things. We are of course sending it all over. We don't consider ourselves fully launched without you, and we will jump through every hoop like an undead circus poodle.

    No, really, the PC/coop/multiplayer thing is in the FAQ. Patch notes with the lack of ETA is right under the FAQ note.

    And last roundup note: When I say "soon" about ANYTHING, I mean 3 weeks or less. If something is "not soon" I mean "more than 3 weeks away." So now you know what it means when I say the PC release date isn't soon, but we'll have PC information for you...soon. ;)
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    Time to swing into the daily roundup! You know how it starts. Read the FAQ. (The FAQ hasn't changed since yesterday, but if I had new info on PC/co-op? I would have put it there first.)

    (TL;DR) We do not yet have a PC launch date. Work continues apace.

    So about co-op: We can't get started until we have a greenlight/a contract. Our publisher owns the IP. They are crazy busy with E3. There's just no way I'm going to hear anything about coop either way until E3 is over and everyone has dug out their email boxes. Possibly long after. I just don't know.

    Progress on the first title update! It is winding its way through the certification process. I may know something [snip] tomorrow. Notes:

    But since we're done with the first one, we've started working on the second one. I don't have all the notes yet, but one of the incoming fixes is to the "eternal load" problem. Thanks to our community for helping to solve it.

    On that note, if you have a large number of NPCs, you may want to stop adding any more people to your community until Title Update 2 hits. We don't have an EXACT number that triggers the save bug (too many factors), but we recommend staying around the low 20s.

    Australia/NZ: No new information from yesterday. :/ We're giving the AUS review board what they want, but we can only hurry on *our* end.

    South Africa! One of your own untangled the miscommunication between Microsoft and your review board. You are now in the pipeline! Lara, we love you. Unshockingly, I don't have a release date yet. We're pushing for "ASAP."
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    Today's roundup! Jeff has an update on the Title Update status:

    TLDR: We're rolling the fixes that didn't take right into TU2, and we hope to go to cert with it all within 48 hours. We will keep you posted.

    If you were asleep or (gasp) at work earlier, we made kind of a big announcement:

    TLDR: 550K sales. Coming to PC via Steam, and we're putting together a pure sandbox mode. Because the players wanted one, that's why.

    But what does sandbox mode MEAN? Everyone uses the word differently. For us, it means no story, just survival. Some new mechanics to make long term survival possible. Achievements/Leaderboards focused accordingly. Beyond that, I have no specifics to give you. Let us get further along and we'll do a feature and a community Q&A with your questions.

    We do not have any dates for either PC or sandbox, because those dates are in flux. Lately we've been getting more help ;) I'm going to shut up before I talk myself into trouble. I mean that with the success you've given us, we may be looking at more resources (people, tech) to get the job done. If we can get more resources, the dates on all of our promised plans will move up, and be sooner than we had originally assumed we could manage. We'll tell you as soon as we know. As always.

    Sandbox mode would be on both the PC and the Xbox, at least eventually.

    Australia, we're doing more requested video footage for your review board. Also, sacrificing a chicken. I'll let you know when it goes over.

    We're STILL delighted to see all the enthusiasm for a coop mode, but same as last week, I have no information.

    Finally to my knowledge, those of you who bought the game in Germany (or anywhere in the world who made the purchase on or after June 12) wondering about when you will get the TU1/TU2 mashup: Jeff is checking on that for you right now. (If you're just joining us, there was a Thing causing a delay between when different groups would get the update: If I don't hear tonight, I'll give you the skinny in tomorrow's roundup.
  6. Undead Sanya

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    Let's rock the roundup! As always. start with the FAQ, especially if you are a new friend:

    FYI, old friends, I added a section on how influence works now, and how it will work after Title Update 2.

    Speaking of Title Updates, reminder: We are rolling TU1 and TU2 into a katamari of awesome. We are on track to submit the final package to Microsoft tomorrow. That means you should have it next week. Everyone knock wood, cross your fingers, spit into the fireplace...whatever it takes for good luck.

    Andy just reminded me: The repairs-at-dawn fix in the patch is just about the only thing that DID work (assuming you bought the game before June 12 and did not delete and redownload), due to the nature of the change. It's stuff like the infestation bug that didn't "take." So, hang in there, everyone. We're on it.

    The silver lining to all the drama with the update is that everyone SHOULD now get it at once, regardless of when you bought the game.

    No change from yesterday's roundup for Australia/New Zealand, South Africa, or any release dates for the PC version. Wish I had new information :(

    Remember, the PC version and the Xbox version will be the same. We're not going to favor one sort of gamer over another.

    On the topic of difficulty: Don't underestimate the role of luck in SOD. If you think it's too hard/too easy/too many specials/not enough guns/etc, play it through a second time. You may be...surprised.

    Finally, I see a lot of you reminding me that you really want coop ;) Trust me, the whole team knows. THANK YOU for your comments. As you know by now, every player counts.

    We continue to be grateful for all of your enthusiasm and encouragement. I wish I had better words for how much it helps!
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    Round 'em up! Move 'em out!

    The FAQ! If you're new and asking, it's probably here:

    So, naturally, lots of people have Qs about sandbox mode. Please hang on until we've done some coding on it - I have a well-known bias about talking about things until we know for certain what can and can't be done :)

    Once we've made some good headway, we'll do a feature article on the website and followup with a community driven Q&A. Old timers will recognize the process: I make a thread, and you all post every Q you can think of, and then we answer all of the ones that are on topic/not in the FAQ/possible to answer.

    The article is what we think you want to know, the Q&A is what you actually wanted to know ;)

    Sharpeyed players have discovered that New Zealand has rated the game as of today. Guess there's a limit to how linked they wanted to be ;) We are, of course, thrilled to BITS.

    The latest round of requested footage shipped out to Australia last night. I don't know if I'm feeling optimistic or just punchy, but I have high hopes! Our publisher says that as soon as we hear from AUS, we'll be doing a new version for AUS/NZ/SA all at once.

    (Multiple versions cause a lot of problems because each Title Update has to go through certification for each version separately...even if the versions are totally identical.)

    Please rest assured that if there is another delay down under, we will be pushing for NZ/SA to not have to wait any longer.

    Reminder: Don't let your communities get above the low 20s until TU2 goes live (still hoping for next week, but no new information), else you might hit the eternal load screen bug. Yes, I know some communities are much larger and those players are fine, but it's better luck than management. Play it safe or I will feel really, really bad.

    Story progression problems? QADJ is looking for people willing to send him their save file. Post here if you are:

    Nothing new to report on any other topic (yes, that includes the PC) today. Thanks again for all the messages and the feedback :)
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    Oh, hell. I forgot to paste the roundup to you!

    First and foremost, thanks as always for the kind words and feedback and idea. Comments from you are like rocket fuel sending us to the stars.

    Next, FAQ is here. Our new players say it really helps, so if new is you:

    Some of you have reported your story progression stopping cold, and completing the to-do list doesn't help. With your help (thanks, y'all!), we've found one of, if not the, blocker.

    If your story progression has halted, go back and get the Grange mission to investigate Becca for Quentin (find out why the sheriff called her "Alex") and complete it.

    In TU2, we're going to fix it to work like every other skippable mission. The work around for now is it. You may have to wait until your next play session to see it, but you should start getting missions again.

    Speaking of TUs, Jeff's latest word on the topic is here:

    I'll be out tomorrow, so he'll be posting news and updated notes if there are any.

    Finally, I do not know what the price would be on any future content. That is set and announced by the publisher, no exceptions, even if I say please. So unless you see it from Microsoft and reposted by us, it isn't final.

    See you around the apocalypse.
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    I missed you guys on Friday :) Seriously, you can ask Jeff, I had withdrawal.

    Title Updates: Still in certification, where it went last Friday ( I have no news besides that it is going well - hasn't been kicked back to us for any fatal errors. But no confirmed release date. Yet.

    I also have no date for the PC version, or the sandbox mode. Or Australia. I know. I am just one long string of disappointment for you guys today!

    The lack of a firm date is making me nutty, because we added cherries and whipped cream to the TU ice cream:

    Lots of people asking what v-sync is and why we're giddy about it. From Jeff: "It's a technical rabbit hole, but effectively it accomplishes elimination of screen tearing by "hiding" it above the top of the screen. The game should feel smoother without noticeable reduction in frame rate."

    If you ordered loot before June 17, be aware that we've ordered it for you, but we have not yet received it from the printer. As soon as we get it, I'll let you know. You should have everything a week after that announcement. If you ordered loot between June 17 and today, the order has been placed! Finally, you have until July 1 to order your own gear, if you want it, and then we're closing the store for a few months. We're not really in the gear business, which is why we sell everything for what it costs us :)

    If you want to read a bit about how State of Decay came to be, @Polygon did an interview with Jeff:

    Finally, just a general reminder - to avoid game stoppers until the patch hits, keep your community in the low 20s (lest you get the eternal loading bug) and do all the missions (lest you stop getting missions entirely).
  10. Undead Sanya

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    I have no roundup. But I feel in my bones...okay, and I can see by my email...that today's just the calm before the storm later in the week. Knock wood that we stay on track, everyone. The only people who want this TU live and kicking more than you are, well, us.

    Australia, I have still heard nothing. We are rattling some cages now trying to find out something. Anything. New Zealand/SA, we were serious - if we don't hear something and damned soon, too, we're going to be pushing for a version for you without waiting any longer. Your governments have rated it and you're ready to go when a version is prepared. You've been more than patient and we appreciate it.

    Oh, and finally, if you ordered from our gear store before the 17th, your loot will ship out starting this Friday. Sorry for the delay - there was a delay getting the stuff from the printer, as they were badly backed up due to E3 orders taking precedence. They've cleared their backlog, and now they're working on our stuff.

    For all other notes - PC, etc - check out the earlier roundups :)
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    I better get the roundup rolling before the next bolt of lightning hits another tree near my desk. Good grief. #thanksforthehint

    So, the title update! It's going really well. Still haven't got a time, but I feel safe saying you'll have it before the weekend. Remember, the patch notes are here:

    If you've been offline, you may have missed the bad news - we got bounced in Australia. But the GOOD news for you Australians is that the team has modified the game to meet ACB requirements and we are now preparing a resubmission. Yes, we moved that fast. Because you are that awesome. Seeing your passion for the game was super motivating :)

    BTW, by "modify" we mean we changed the names of the drugs. There may or may not be some easter eggs for you Australians to enjoy. ;)

    However, since we don't know how or when the AUS review board is gonna roll, we're moving forward with a version for New Zealand and South Africa (both of whom rated the game already). Even though the version is identical to the game already out, it still has to go through the whole certification process from scratch. I'd guess it's a couple weeks out. But it's in the pipeline.

    For those of you asking whether the PC version will beat the Australian version to market the answer is NUH UH YOU CAN'T TRICK ME.

    I hate giving stuffy answers to simple questions, but the answer to "multiplayer/coop?!?" remains "it's a dream and a concept, and there's nothing more I can say."

    Reminder: Until the patch hits, keep your community < low 20s to avoid the endless loading bug. Those of you with the endless loading bug from having a giant community - we have verified that you do not have to restart. After the patch the game will load just fine for you.

    Finally, for you junkies who like to look behind the curtain, OXM UK has an interview up:

    All right, that's it! If any news breaks loose tonight, me or Jeff will be back to share it. Thanks, as always, for being part of this with us.
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    If you missed it, our Title Update is going live tomorrow! *confetti*

    The patch notes are here: Everyone who has the game will get the update, too, no funny business about versions.

    The patch will be more than 60 and less than 80 MB, because it's two updates in one. Tomorrow, 9:00 AM UTC, more or less, the download begins. Thanks for your patience. I hope it's everything you want it to be!

    I sure wish I had information about the sandbox mode or the PC status, but alas, I do not.

    A bunch of people were asking what "Playable characters can no longer be killed by the simulation" means. It means your survivors won't randomly die. They won't croak while running errands or defending themselves from passing zombies when you aren't around to come to their rescue. BUT they can still suicide, or be murdered by turning friends while you're offline. Both of those are events you're warned may occur while you're online, and those events are part of the game.

    New Zealand and South Africa players: Your version has gone into certification. We now hope it will be out next week. Cross your fingers!

    Thanks again, y'all :)
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    Monday, July 1

    No real update today, guys. I have no new information about anything. :p

    DJ and I are investigating the issues you've reported. Okay, let's rephrase, HE'S investigating, I'm just passing stuff on to him and connecting him with the right players.

    If you have had a game that stays frozen, or has an eternal load screen, read on. It's happening to so few people that we can't get a solid read on what's going on. If you have either issue and know how to extract a save file to send us, please, PLEASE let me know. We need you!

    Literally everything else is pending. I feel like a doofus standing up here whistling, if you want to know the truth.

    Oh, almost forgot, announcement:

    That's it for the day. I'll share more when I know more...but thank you for staying with us.
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    Tuesday, July 2

    Short and sweet today, y'all, so hang on for just a minute while we ride the roundup.

    Australians, I can OFFICIALLY tell you that the special edition of the game is now in the hands of your review board. Stimulants out! "Supplements" in! Who could possibly not like vitamins? They're good for you. Anyway, we're feeling pretty optimistic about our chances.

    Waiting to hear about the version for NZ and SA. When I do hear, I won't wait for update time, I'll go bonkers posting right away.

    Gear ordered received by June 17 will be shipping out by tomorrow. There was a delay at the printers, and we JUST got the final batch of shirts. Sorry, gang. We're stuffing envelopes as fast as our fingers can fly, I can tell you. Hats and posters have already gone out.

    Speaking of gear, today is the last day the store will be open for awhile. Not sure when it's coming down, so if you're gonna, go.

    I have no new information about PC version/sandbox mode, besides we are working as fast as we can. Have I ever explained how I define soon? I define it as "within three weeks." Now you know what it means when I say not soon.

    BTW, I sure do appreciate all the feedback from you on all of our social media channels. It's ALL valuable and helps us a lot. Don't feel like you have to do Twitter/FB/ *and* the forums, though, because it's me in all three places ;)

    See you tomorrow... whatever the channel you prefer ;)
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    Wednesday, July 3

    All right. Here we go. In case you missed the news earlier:

    We are, as they say, gutted. I believe it is the right thing for the game, because it came down to this: We do our beloved the expense of literally every possible feature, every potential DLC, and even the free Title Update improvements. But it still stung. I thank you for all of the comments, your encouragement as well as your disappointment. Either way it means you care about the game, and that means everything.

    Some of you have been asking about TU3, and I am sad to say I can't talk yet. We're still talking about which of your top requests are feasible. For *some reason*, I'm really gun-shy today about talking about things before we've determined feasibility.

    Australia: No word yet. Still optimistic. We've done *everything* we can to expedite the process, from our end.

    New Zealand/South Africa: We're being told as of the daily meeting with Microsoft that we should all plan on next week for your version. Normally I would hold out hope for tomorrow, but tomorrow is a national holiday for the USA. Not all of the rage in my body can force multiple corporations to stay open tomorrow.

    For a bit of fun: This was but one table in our conference room earlier: We should make our goal of everything (ordered prior to June 17) out the door today.

    And no, no update on sandbox/PC, besides that they WILL both happen, by Grabthar's hammer. ("By Grabthar's hammer, co-op will be....avenged...")

    Well, that's the news. No update tomorrow, holiday etc, but I'll do a special Friday post to make it up. Thanks for caring so much about the game.
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    Friday, July 5

    I know I don't usually do roundups on Friday, but you got deprived yesterday. So here it is, the makeup roundup!

    I did a podcast: I hate the sound of my own voice with the heat of a thousand rivers of lava, so I have not listened to it. But I am very fond of the Married Gamers, and I love their show. #cognitivedissonance

    Because I can't listen to myself talk without screaming, I do not remember if Chris asked me about coop. If he did, please note that I recorded this before I knew about the final decision. Usually, the lag between recording and publication doesn't matter, but... yeah. And stuff.

    Here is a podcast you design junkies CANNOT miss. Tom Chick had our Design Director Richard Foge on his show, and they talked for nearly two and a half hours. If you love looking behind the curtain, this is your show:

    Infinite load issue, part more: In TU2, we fixed a bug that gave players with large (20-25+) communities a chance at hitting the infinite load screen of death. The fix worked! Except for the exceptions.

    Thanks to ZeeDog, who extracted his save file and sent it to us, we've identified the exception case and solved it, and the fix is at the top of the list for TU3. In order to avoid the problem until the fix is in, keep your population under 30. If it's too late for you to do that, do NOT run the "search for survivors" - even if you don't add the ones you find to your community, the way the save file works at this time will "count" them.

    The content of TU3 (besides bug fixes, of course) is still under discussion, so it'll be a bit before I know anything for sure.

    I didn't expect any new information on our New Zealand/South Africa version, this being the day after a major holiday in the USA - most people just burned a day of vacation to make it a four day weekend - and nothing new is what I've got. Hang in there. It CAN'T be long now.

    Nothing else of note. Be safe this weekend, especially in the USA. Lots of drunks out, so...stay home and play video games!
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    Monday, July 8

    From last week, I want to call out the design interview our Foge did with Quarter to Three: Great behind-the-curtain stuff!

    I'm seeing great pics from people who started getting their gear. If you ordered pre-June 17, it's hitting your mailboxes now. (Remember, pics or it didn't happen.) If you ordered gear after the 17th, your order is still at the printer's. We have been told the delay will not be as long as the last batch.

    Also from last week, just a reminder, keep your community under 30 until TU3 - and if it's too late, DON'T "search for survivors." The save game file is (for now) counting those survivors against your total.

    New Zealand/South Africa: Today or tomorrow is the latest word....

    No new updates on the other stuff (PC/Australia/sandbox), beyond the same "in progress."

    All right, I gotta dive back into some Q&As I owe people. Need to finish before bedtime tonight. Normally I'd say "I can sleep when I'm dead" but apparently even THAT'S not a sure thing ;)
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    Tuesday, July 9

    This is going to be my most embarrassed update yet. Seriously, the updates can go nowhere but up after today.

    Today's Twitch stream, the one I TOTALLY FAILED TO PROMOTE, was recorded, so I can save at least a modicum of face.

    This one features Brant, and special guest (and artist) James McMillan. Y'all, if you like easter eggs, don't miss the show - James snuck a lot of them into the game.

    Post-June 17th gear orders are delayed: Let me back up. We order the shirts and hats from a place in California, they're shipped to our printer, they print/embroider, they mail to us, we stuff envelopes and mail to you. The stuff appears to have been shipped from California...via ground transport. Not air. The printer does not yet have the loot. I'll keep you posted on when we get it.

    New Zealand/South Africa, I apologize for getting your hopes up along with mine, but we're still... not... out in your countries. Now I'm just hearing "this week."

    No new updates on anything else. Tomorrow HAS to be better for my dignity.
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    Wednesday, July 10

    Well, today was better for my dignity... but worse for news. I have absolutely nothing new.

    We are working on some bugs. We're cranking on PC and sandbox. There was a meeting about DLC.

    Nothing new about the countries we are FRANTIC to launch in, because every day you can't play is a personal insult to us at this point.

    We're still investigating what new toys will go into TU3.

    Yeah. LITERALLY NOTHING I can say. It's like a duck swimming here, y'all. No noise, just frantic feet paddling under the surface.
  20. Undead Sanya

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    Thursday, July 11

    Strange car issue. Here is how it SHOULD work: If you leave a parking space empty, your survivors will drive a car you've damaged to that spot and repair it while you're offline. If you park too many cars near the base, your survivors will be unable to resist the temptation to go for a joyride, and some of your cars may be moved accordingly.

    A few of you have told me that brand new undamaged cars you don't recognize will pop up in your parking spaces. Could you please tell me how many cars you thought you had when this occured, which ones, and which home base you're using? It would really help. sanya at undeadlabs dot com, if you please.

    We're chasing down some other bugs you've reported, and hope to present you soon with a list of fixes going into TU3.

    I'm going to bed early tonight, gang, because I suspect tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Since there's nothing I can say today, I might as well rest up!
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