Rucks In Trucks. And Cars.

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Mar 11, 2014.

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  1. Danielus

    Danielus Got Your Back

    easy? EASY???... o_O
  2. Kiel555

    Kiel555 Here To Help

    This new feature is really going to help those of us who call McReady farmhouse home. I mean I enjoy a trip to the big city of Marshall but not six times in a row to do curb side pick ups of rucksacks! Haha.

    That will be nice to go into town, throw six rucksacks in the truck and RTB. It much safer that way. Roads these days are just crazy!
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  3. Loco Little

    Loco Little Got Your Back

    Well I imagine this update will remove the frustration of constant trips back and forth, but I feel a better solution would still be to be able to deliver supplies to outposts.

    I don't mind the drive around Spensers mill, most of the time I even prefer to go by foot because it adds a bit more challenge and less systematic back and forth. But I wish I could stay in Spensers, without having to spend precious recources relocating bases just to move about.

    Of course, this does help that problem, since now atleast my runs to the other side of the map will be more practical, but then again. A cardio lvl 7 character and dropping supplies to an outpost would mean I could take a little holiday. Of course, to counter any possible OP of this, maybe you could ask characters to come and collect supplies you dropped off at outposts, or even just have a group member permanently stationed there in watchtower mode.

    I thought that idea would be pretty cool, especially in lifeline, where a defensive watchtower outpost perimeter would make sense.
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  4. L0rd Shogun

    L0rd Shogun Got Your Back

    They said you can put inventory into cars also.
    I am looking forward to throwing a shotgun in the cars I use more often.
    For those times when I have excess shells, and a desire to blow zombie brains out duke nukem style.

    Also looking forward to stashing a stack of pills into my car for when I go out on long trips away from home, so I can resupply my meds out of the trunk, in the event that I don't want, or have an outpost in the region, or perhaps don't have the time to clear the place out to establish one.
    And in addition to that, stashing extra bullets into the trunk for my main weapon, so I don't have to carry 5 stacks of heavy bullets on my Rifle guy.

    Its going to be the coolest and most useful addition by far!
    I am buying Lifeline when it comes out for sure, but I am honestly more excited about this addition then I am about the new content lol.
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  5. Danielus

    Danielus Got Your Back

    An big advantage i see in this Update is that we are less limited in Home Site decisions! So McReady Farm or Trumbull County Fair could be much more rewarding if we can bring multiple Rucksacks via Car from long Scavenger Runs :)
  6. Loco Little

    Loco Little Got Your Back

    That's true, I've always thought that every base should be able to be maxed out eventually, but at the moment you limited by the slots, of course thats logical because there is only so much space, but it would be nice if, say you managed to get together a tonne of construction material, and had enough people, you could upgrade your entire base.

    I'm just imagining the ascension church thoroughly maxed out, with the walls twice as high and reaching out past the carpark and into the woods, aswell as makeshift scaffolding walkways as a second floor, with maybe an actual survey point in the belltower.

    I feel SoD's main limitation is its lack of over-arching goals, sure the challenges were a good addition but not for everyone, I think Lifeline will improve on this again, but still. Sometimes I don't raid construction materials because I know when I come back to the game later they'll be used up, all because I've already maxed out alot of stuff.
  7. Danielus

    Danielus Got Your Back

    It´s always an awkward feeling to, for example, do a long scavange run to marshall and find 4+ Rucksacks of stuff you need and want... And calling in a Survivor for a LONG Run to carry ONE Rucksack is also not the Optimal Option imo...
  8. MattyDienhoff

    MattyDienhoff Here To Help

    This would enable that, in an indirect sort of way. :)

    As is, my long-distance looting strategy is to set up an outpost, search the surrounding area (usually with one of my ninjas), and stash all the rucksacks I want in the outpost for later pickup. Since the outpost is a reasonably secure area, that means that anyone at all – even rookies can drive out to the outpost and pick them up with minimal risk. I often have whoever's feeling down do it, so as to improve their mood.

    When the update arrives, that will still be a perfectly valid strategy, the only difference will be the final step (pickup) will become far more efficient. So, loot what you like, stash it all at your outpost, and ferry it home with a vehicle later. :D
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  9. Soooo looking forward to this update. It will be great to have rucks and the inventory slots in vehicles. But I was wondering, any info on how the influence costs will work? Does it cost influence to take items from the supply locker (to load into the car), and then cost again when removing the item from the car? Probably not, because it would get too expensive.
    But I was just wondering, because I seem to have a problem with running out of influence. Maybe I am doing too much micromanaging of who has what item, and need to just work on missions more. And I hate the idea of ammo disappearing because I have more than 60 units. The update that changes this is well anticipated, too. When you try to "save" all the ammo, it really turns into an influence drain. :(
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  10. L0rd Shogun

    L0rd Shogun Got Your Back

    Agreed, I won't leave a valley until I have about 1400 influence saved up, then I stock up all my survivors that are coming with me with tons of ammo, anything over 60 units, and as many snacks as I can carry lol.
    Its a pain in the butt, but the tradeoff is that it gives me quite the nice little influence boost at the start of the next valley.
  11. Hendo003

    Hendo003 Here To Help

    Whoo, frickin, hoo! Rucks in truck, rucks in truck. Woot woot. Aaaaannnnnd I'm done. Guys it's nice to see some of these wonderful things come to light. Rucksacks, a new map, And New Playable characters. Schawing! I'm a happy camper. Also, wanted to say thank you to the devs, for taking the time and listening to some of the great ideas that we players have thrown out there. Thank you.
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  12. dynastyhan

    dynastyhan Famous

    it would also be nicer if we can drive a modern pickup truck to do multiple "ally in danger/need escort" at the same time and drive all allies home instead of finishing one and come after another :) toss each npc into the truck's free slot like if we would with rucksack! heheh
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  13. gunther

    gunther Got Your Back

    hey! gotta tell you a old hold in map! sweet! spot you can see danbury! city , as if we get a taste! of the real zombpocalyes!
  14. MatchesMalone

    MatchesMalone Got Your Back

    The rucks in trucks feature comes in the form of a patch, the new map comes in the form of payng for the DLC, just FYI.
  15. dynastyhan

    dynastyhan Famous

    I don't mind paying for the DLC. It's all worth it :)
  16. I cannot wait. Always wanted to carry more than one rucksack at a time. Also gives the game more realism.
  17. WalkerZed

    WalkerZed Here To Help

    I wish there was a rental truck from SPRANG around where you could put at least 20 rucksacks. We'll get cha moving!
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  18. What do i think you asked?! I will start playing again and get the new dlc...awsome!

    One trip for one rucksack out of a pile of say 3-5 you collected in an area was really, really longer!
  19. Danielus

    Danielus Got Your Back

    Finally if we crack the Jackpot in Supply Stores with 4 Material Rucksacks... its... ALL OURS!!!!!!!! :cool:
  20. Right until you hit that hidden rock (cause Zed Physics) and the car goes soaring into the air...hits a propane tank and the resulting wreckage kills your best character. :mad:
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