Sandbox (BREAKDOWN) Post #3: Die Hard Fans (10/7/2013)

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Oct 7, 2013.

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  1. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

  2. jon274

    jon274 Starting Off

    It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas. Clicks!
  3. redkorssquad

    redkorssquad Got Your Back

    Thank you Sanya. I was dying over here
  4. King of AR

    King of AR Got Your Back

    will outposts still be as useful or will they get to be nearly pointless in the face of the ever growing Z menace?
    also how difficult will the first "level" be will it be like the current story mode ? or will it be easier or even tougher ?
  5. Omg I am ridiculously excited for this update! I was one of those people who found the game FAR too easy!

    Now this will have me rage quitting I am sure =P can't wait!
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  6. redkorssquad

    redkorssquad Got Your Back

    So, that will be fun. Difficult and scarier. But fun. Thanks for the new info drop UL.
  7. Thank you for the update! This sounds awesome!

    Question: Will players be able to skip the beginning stage and jump into a more difficult start? As a followup question how long would it take to get the RV and move on? I'm sure the true hardcore members will spend as little time as possible in the first stage of sandbox mode.

    Thank you!
  8. Zugai

    Zugai Starting Off

    As long you keep track of all statistics (completely explored/scavenged buildings, total scavenged food, materials etc., zombie kills melee vs guns vs other (outpost traps), days survived, "playthroughs" and so on) you could get nice new highscores lists for survival mode.
    I'll probably end up getting the base I had before I finished the story, was great to defend with strategically placed outposts.
  9. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    Once you unlock a level, you can start subsequent playthroughs at that level. So if you unlock up to Four, you can start new Breakdowns at One, Two, Three, or Four.

    And you can jump to the next level as soon as you load up the RV. All you have to do is find it first... ;)
  10. Doctor Invictus

    Doctor Invictus Got Your Back

    *SQUEAL* I mean... what good news.
  11. jon274

    jon274 Starting Off

    In addition to the other difficulty features mentioned in this (post 3) do you also still intend to hold to this comment in post 1? "The zombies are bolder, more numerous, and they’re hungry." IE. as difficulty increases can we plan on seeing more zombies roaming around on the map, bigger and more hoards ala Romero mod? I'm sure that I'm not the only one that loves that aspect of that mod. I ask because it wasn't noted in this write-up. If so, how will that work?
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  12. Righteous Ham

    Righteous Ham Here To Help

    This looks like it shall become very difficult, good I say; Bring. IT. On. :D
  13. Can you guys recommend what we should do with our lives until Breakdown is officially released?

    I'm think a 1-3 month long coma.
  14. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    Well, we're shooting for the end of Halloween week, ourselves ;)
  15. Righteous Ham

    Righteous Ham Here To Help

    An absolutely perfect time, I'd secretly hoped you'd be releasing it around then.
  16. Sanya, please ...Tell me that will be released on PC while Xbox!

    Do not want to wait months and with the base game :(
  17. King of AR

    King of AR Got Your Back

    also will the constant stream of survivor missing or ally in trouble missions be reduced ?it's getting annoying having to do them every five minutes.
  18. jon274

    jon274 Starting Off

    I certainly hope not. That would be out of line with the core concept of this DLC. The frequency of problems to deal with is one of the few current features which pushes the pace of the game and forces you to go out and deal with them. Besides weapons and supplies - why else would you need to explore?
  19. iLLcAtTiViSsiMo

    iLLcAtTiViSsiMo Got Your Back

    Ask and you shall receive. Damn, did we receive.
  20. Question.
    If I just wanna play and chill, will I be able to do that without this difficulty ramp-up?
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