Sandbox (BREAKDOWN) Post #3: Die Hard Fans (10/7/2013)

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Oct 7, 2013.

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    Hello, I've noticed that in the game there is no rain, or any change in the weather. If you can poneis rain, wind, thunder, etc. will make the player likes more the environment. Putting a limit of 200,000 zombies as zombies and that will be moving around the map even if the player is making noise with the car or with guns it could attract a lot of zombies and that would make it harder and more real the game . The ruling had the key and the keyboard has now been fixed and I love the game, the only thing I need to improve a little more on my criteria, but does not mean you have done a great job and you deserve a reward for doing a good game and I expect you to do the game DLC. Does the DLC will when you finish first or will do one expancion?

    Hola, me he fijado de que en el juego no hay lluvia, ni ningun cambio metereológico. Si poneis que pueda llover, viento, truenos, etc hara que el jugador le guste mas el ambiente. Poner un límite de zombis como unos 200.000 zombis y que se vayan moviendo por todo el mapa aunque si el jugador va haciendo ruido con el coche o con armas de fuego pues podría atraer a muchos zombis y eso lo haría mas dificil y mas real el juego. El fallo que tenia de la tecla e del teclado ya se ha solucionado y me encanta el juego, lo único que le falta mejorar un poco más bajo mi criterio, pero no quita que habeis hecho un gran trabajo y os mereceis un premio por hacer un buen juego y espero que hagais un DLC del juego. ¿el DLC seguirá cuando termines la primera parte o hareis una expancion?
  2. e5futter

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    The console version and PC version of Breakdown will be released at the same time. :)
  3. Dude the second sentence should be "If you could put Rain, wind thunder ect" Not "If you can you put." You need to use a better translator than google no offense.
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    STONEDSTONER Starting Off

    Really you signed up just to be some spelling police douche?

    Anyways im not to sure why your all getting excited, Harder zombies i get it, WOOP DE DOO... How about adding something NEW?? maybe human enemy's that shoot at you

    Better be free
  5. XajNyne

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    I hope it's released in every country at around the same time.......especially in Australia. I assume (hope) the DLC will meet the review board's conditions.
  6. Windkayak

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    StonedStoner it would mess a bit with the game mechanic,so i don't think that in this State of Decay it will happen,but you better check the twitch streams 2 or 3 weeks ago i think UL talked about this while answering a question regarding human vs human.
  7. omg omg omg omg

    Uhh, this news makes me happy :D
  8. redkorssquad

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    Yep. If they would do it they would add all of the proper game mechanics like cover and shoot while crouched, but it would require new animations and code to function.

    And they do still not want to glorify human to human violence.
  9. Leeds93

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    I wasn't bitching about anything [snip] I'm sharing a thought and concern, the least they could do is provide us with some sort if date rather than say 'end of the month' it's now November. There is no release date so how could it speed it up? If you read my post I have a lot of respect for UL and I love the game I was just stating a point that I feel let down that there isn't some sort of date to look forward to. I believe I'm not the only one who feels this way either 'dude' so if I want to moan I'll moan. That's why the forums are here for people to express there thoughts and concerns. Seriously
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  10. redkorssquad

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    UL is now facing hatred for being transparent. Which was what we all loved them for, but as the co op moaners forced them to stop doing. So look yourself in the mirror on why we probably won't be getting news as much as before.
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  11. CaptainAssassin

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    ...neither of those are happening.
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  12. Starla_Bathory

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    They can't give a specific date and you need to accept it and wait. And it's not "thoughts and concerns" you are angry and you want to bitch about it, which is insulting to UL, they do what they can and try to get it out. Keep on and they'll stop giving us any info. One bad apple spoils the bushel and all that.

    Even if UL had a release date and something delayed it you would continue to bitch. Grow up.
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  13. jon274

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    im thinking this thread needs some fine locking action
  14. liamypoo

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    So what the hell happened?
  15. Geeze can't people just be excited that it will eventually be released? Yeah it might not have came out when they first said it would but things happen that's real life. I am sure they are all stressed and working very hard to get the game out as soon as possible!
  16. XajNyne

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    Yeah true. I'll just be happy if it gets released here in Australia without any problems.
  17. Starla_Bathory

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    Exactly! I'm just happy it's happening and soon. :)
  18. jon274

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    Lots of name calling in this thread surprised no deletions yet.
  19. jacobr1020

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    Why can't people just learn to be patient? I certainly am.

    In fact, I'm GLAD they delayed the game for more testing.
  20. Akinaba

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    I'd better wait for normal all-stable game, than hurry the developers to do all the polishing in rush, it will appear with minor mistakes here and there in the end all the same...
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