Sandbox (BREAKDOWN) Post #3: Die Hard Fans (10/7/2013)

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Oct 7, 2013.

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  1. Leeds93

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    You've just wasted your time telling me everything I already know, I posted that comment to see if any others are feeling the same. Instead I'm being accused of bitching when I just made a statement. I as an individual genuinely feel that things are getting delayed a little too much. We are all entitled to an opinion, UL are going to take praise and criticism it just depends how they act upon it.
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  2. redkorssquad

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    You are bitching because you are complaining about things that are in the works. And your statement? The one where you said UL was lazy fucks that was only after your money? I am starting to lose count and I've long since forgotten what the name of each was that went with that or that post.

    Delayed too much? This is ONE thing that have been delayed from UL.
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  3. Vers

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    No disrespect meant to anyone here.

    A lot of this talk about delays just reminds me of this.

  4. e5futter

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    I agree with this. And to those saying "They promised us they would release on Halloween" Or "They said they would release it on Halloween" No..They never said that. Read the article "Breakdown off to Micosoft"

    UL said exactly this.

    Their plan was to hopefully release it by the end of October if things went well. Microsoft gave them more testing time, And they took. Meaning something happend and plans changed. It happens every day. You plan to go to out to dinner to a fancy restaurant. When you get there the place is closed down. Then you have to change your plans. It's not the best comparison but I hope you guys and gals get what I'm saying.
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  5. Cheedor1s

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    this right would rather have a half done game or a full done game the more time they work on the beter it should run
  6. Undead Sanya

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    Good morning, my angels.


    I just thought a nice song break would help.

    So, I apologize for not making a new post. I'm going to make a new post now for us to chat.
  7. Undead Sanya

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  8. Leeds93

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    I'm just pissed it hasn't come out on the week I have off of work, my bad, I suppose the longer we wait the better it will be ... I'm just about to start my 14th playthrough ... Wish me luck
  9. nbryant

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    Oh Lord! She didn't just play the Charley Pride card. What's next, Patsy Cline?

    So back on track........ Ok, looking over the Steam "Coming Soon" list it appears that Nov 10th is open! Happens to be a pretty good day for some of us retired military jarhead types.
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  10. It don't matter who says what you and a few others snipe them for the smallest comments, some things are more rude then name calling. They gave us rounded out release dates. Those times have come and gone without solid news about breakdown.i agree some whiners are a bit much but we just love the game and would for the first time as gamers to be kept in a loop that exists then maybes and nothing.ul much respect for the game and it's creators but I.m starting to see all these empty promises by all the people who make the games are starting to sound like political elections a thousand promises and nothing to show for it. If you don't like my opinion fine. Never knew you existed before thankful that I wouldn't care enough to remember after
  11. Diesel3649

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  12. redkorssquad

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    I try to make a good simple reply. But with the same question from the same guy ten times over I tend to lose my temper a bit. A rounded release yeah, they said they aimed for a summer release. And Somewhere around Halloween. Now they said yesterday that it was postponed becouse of a bug. And sometime before they said that they had gotten more time to work on polishing it and they took it.
    And what Diesel said. They gave us their hopes for when things where done. Keyword- HOPE. They never promised us anything but a zombie survival game that haven't been done in years. And that they delivered on.
  13. Respect for defending them, but rastlin said it best hope is denial of reality.
  14. Hope is the one thing that can't be taken away. Treasure it
  15. Well, we're here almost 2 weeks later... and there's still no Breakdown. Mind you, it's all the more infuriating to see that it STILL isn't out considering they had the gameplay video of the mode nearly 2 weeks ago.

    So, either
    1) The mode was so incredibly buggy and dysfunctional that Microsoft is going "WTF"
    2) They hadn't actually completed it yet, and were showing a beta version as if it were a completed release version
    3) They're delaying it in order to market it with something else.

    None of the options make me excited :(
  16. e5futter

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    We are getting news of a release date and price this week, according to their facebook.

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  17. CaptainAssassin

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  18. e5futter

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  19. sinzindetta

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    Well with this DLC I am sure we will get that information exactly at Saturday night at 11:59 pm
  20. redkorssquad

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    Bad e5 is bad. I thought it would be a funny gif or something :(
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