Sandbox Post #2: That's So Meta (8/1/2013)

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Aug 1, 2013.

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  1. I agree this is sad if that's all they can include was jarder zombies and random people that can be for you survival game even if dead if anything they should add new guns cars character modle and new map layout! If anything a sandbox game isn't complete without the fun and complete randomization like minecraft.
  2. Maybe "Mercy Shot" mission should affect playable characters in Sandbox mode. It would add more tension when your survivors are ill or injured. (it was sadly limited to NPC's by TU2) This would be a good idea, Right?

    The game is just too easy, needs more challenges
  3. Leeds93

    Leeds93 Starting Off

    It's about time someone said!
  4. toupz

    toupz Starting Off

    So when do we get more news?

    STONEDSTONER Starting Off

    Why not just add some more missions??? The game is already lacking them BIGTIME, id rather have new missions then lame hero characters (Traits are worthless and barely even noticeable) and having zombies that do more damage
  6. agentwred

    agentwred Starting Off

    The heroes are kind of cool, but I'd definitely like to see some other rewards. Thing is, I'm not sure what would really me want to play the same map over and over. If it was randomized a lot, that would be more interesting. However, my heroes and Maya and Sam. I'm not even a girl, but those two kicked ass. They were my girls. Marcus was cool too, except that he was constantly getting lost if I didn't play as him.
  7. So much this.

    The story mode was way too short. I'd rather have a DLC with a lot more missions and storylines than a couple random people and harder zombies (in the same damn map).

    This isn't a sandbox mode. This is a liter box mode.
  8. Jotun

    Jotun Starting Off

    Asuming your male there,s nothing strange for having female char as your favorite thou.

    i agree with the more missions ping , i have an idea why not inhabit the UL quarters in marshall with actually UL named char and they sometimes radio you for some missions like besieged , big uns maybe 2 Biguns in 1 fight would add a little spice too the quest just like fighting a rathalos and a rathian at the same time -_-
  9. toupz

    toupz Starting Off

    I want more news!
  10. ShepardOU812

    ShepardOU812 Starting Off

    I would like to see a new map get in the mix but I think I understand why they aren't since it is an arcade game. I think the heroe s thing sounds cool. I would like the chance to play as characters I couldn't play as in the story mode. I would like to see new weapons or cars put in. Maybe a little customization. But all and all I'm looking foward to seeing what UL is goin to put out there. They surprised us with the main game, they probablly will do it again.
  11. Braiiinnnsss...

    Braiiinnnsss... Starting Off

    I like the 2 biguns idea. Challenges like this would be nice. Story mode is easy enough to have a playthrough without losing a single character. Someone mentioned before about a one bite mode and your characters are infected.. That would definately be nice for upping the difficulty.. (Of course the slower moving zombie option that was mentioned would also work well with this...)
  12. Still waiting for sandbox
  13. Alan Gunderson

    Alan Gunderson Here To Help

    One question that I need answered...

    When you enter a new area, will you be fighting more zombies, or stronger zombies?

    If you are just fighting a larger amount of zombies, that is great, because having the zombies receiving a buff is just plain stupid. Like no offense to the person who came up with that, I get what you are getting at, but if your group is barely hanging on, and you are now fighting zombies that will take two headshots and more hits to knock down that would really change people's way of playing.
  14. Do we know a release date???
  15. XlFrostBitelX

    XlFrostBitelX Starting Off

    I'd like to know this as well. Making the zombies have more health would ruin the game for me.
  16. SilencedScream

    SilencedScream Starting Off

    Three crowbars to kill a normal zombie!
    Yeah, not feelin' it.
  17. Red Eye

    Red Eye Got Your Back

    I would love to see Sandbox start off with moderate zombies on the first map, but a fairly good chance of having a lot of enclaves/survivors. With each subsequent map refresh, the zombie rate increases and the enclave/survivor rate decreases.
  18. Final List:

    1-Sheriff’s Deputy (Blue Cap, Police,etc...)
    2-Jack (cowboy hat/hunting vest/Jeans--Idiot,Cook,Mechanic,etc...)
    3-Sgt. Erik Tan
    4-Sam Hoffman

    Sheriff Carl
    Alex (Becca)
  19. when is sandbox mode coming out anybody know?
  20. doom pookie

    doom pookie Starting Off

    Love the heroes idea, but please let us play as the Sheriff
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