Sandbox Post #2: That's So Meta (8/1/2013)

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Aug 1, 2013.

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  1. Where's the sandbox mode info?

    Are they keeping quiet for the rest of the time until they announce a release date? Did I miss something. please any one answer the question cuse the forums is getting soo boring, and so is the game and I cant stand it.
  2. toupz

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    I am eagerly waiting for news too, no idea what happend sigh
  3. untichrist

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    Its all random...
  4. They decided not to release it because people wouldn't stop creating new threads about it. Thanks.
  5. Julia_Faye

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  6. Relentlessx757

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    How much longer until Sandbox Mode?

    Been waiting forever, and it feels like it's been to long. When will a release date be announced? Or has it already?

  7. B STATS

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    The game as it is already feels like sandbox mode. I haven't been doing missions, just surviving and it hasn't ended yet for me...
  8. Relentlessx757

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    Well, Sandbox mode has no story, and you can actually keep getting more and more supplies, even after you drain out the entire place. I haven't played the game for a while because I have been waiting for it to come out.
  9. Nobody Knows at all.
  10. Hi there,

    I'm not going to read +400 pages, so if any of my points or questions is answered/mentioned already... sorry.

    If I understood right this Sandbox thing... there will be no new map. No new abilities, no more slots to upgrade houses, no more cars... only that "hero" thing that no one asked for.

    Brilliant! you are selling the same game! just added the "grand finale" with an RV instead of blowing a wall and... there you go!

    Well... If that's the case... why should anyone buy it? you can replay the same map already. You can have a hero already (just take allways the same character for playing and he will become a monster killing everything that walks in front of him) you can make it harder already (not using cars, not using guns, one bite you let em die...)

    I'm sorry if I'm wrong but... I am really disapointed with all this and provably won't get the DLC.

    Look at this forum guys. People wanted multiplayer... NO multiplayer. Maps... NO new maps... freedom to build anywhere... NO freedom... decent graphics... NO again

    As for today the game "still a Beta" (lots of bugs, some of them pretty ridicule) with bad graphics (you choosed the worst game engine you could find... surely the cheaper one) and all we can expect is an RV mission and hundreds of more Z's.... I'll wait for class 4... or 5

    STONEDSTONER Starting Off

    ^it isnt worth buying

    Some of the pea-brain ideas/features people are wanting just make me shake my head also

    Im the only one asking for DECENT things like more story missions,hostile survivors that you have gun fights with

    And you get people asking for junk like more facility space and stupid characters (traits are worthless and barely even noticeable)

    Im not expecting much, when the devs cant even figure out how to add scopes to there shit game engine
  12. Sandbox mode, A dissapointment?

    Don't get me wrong I love this game and undeadlabs did a magnificent job on it. I feel as though the sandbox mode will not be much different from what we're already doing now, which is beating the game over and over again. Sandbox mode is being made so we can just souly concentrate on surviving by having no story, some of us are doing that now by ignoring the story and trying our best to survive. This should already be included in the game because all it is will be turning off the story features and adding more difficulty which I don't understand why both things weren't added to start off? Like at the beginning of a game choose easy,medium,or hard difficulty. An option that would turn off the campaign in the beggining almost like minecraft survival or creative. All I am saying is this isn't a fresh enough idea to keep me playing, co - op would have been amazing but it feels like this dlc idea is just something that should have been added in the game already and is only a survival option which isn't much different from the core game.
  13. I don't know... I have this weird habit of waiting until I have an actual product in my hand before I feel qualified to have an opinion on it. I'm working really hard to overcome that problem, though. I'm sure I'll eventually be able to offer up my opinion on all kinds of shit I've never seen. I'm working on my Half-Life 3 review right now, in fact.
  14. I am more saddened by the fact it is taking so long. Once gta v/ online come out it will be very hard to pry away. Not to mention all the other games coming. I had no idea this would take many months. Should of just added a small part of map or something. I'm sure i will get it but the excitement is going as time goes by sadly
  15. Bye then .
  16. How about a zombie hero... you know a zombie to hunt zombies
  17. Red Eye

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    I like how the devs have said this is not all Sandbox will be, and that they will release more details in time. So, they give some info and people flip out about it. Now they are more quiet, and guess what...people have started to flip out over that.

    Damned if ya do, damned if ya don't. Just keep plugging away UL, I am curious what stuff you have up the sleeve yet.
  18. Hey Sanya, are there any plans to institute a mechanic that would allow players to maybe throw a rucksack of supplies into the back of a truck? Allowing them to carry possibly up to three or four back to base in one run? Even just being able to throw one in the back of the truck in addition to the one on your back would be fantastic. Even, at the very, very least, being able to command your partner to pick up a rucksack thus allowing the two of you to each carry supplies home, respectively. Not necessarily a question, though I am curious.
  19. We guide ourselves by what we read and what we expect/want... that's the point of this forum right? to comment over something we are expecting... oh wait, u maybe landed here by chance and didn't know the sandbox wasn't out?
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    Snake Plisken. Eye patch and everything.
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