Sandbox Post #2: That's So Meta (8/1/2013)

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Aug 1, 2013.

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  1. ohGonzo

    ohGonzo Starting Off

    Job Wilkerson, please.
  2. Survivor11

    Survivor11 Starting Off

    Ed FTW

    10 characters
  3. My fav in the game is Ed. Not only because of the low attack that can take out the Zeds legs but, i get a kick out of his spin kick move. And to better it off i have given him the ability to use less stamina when fighting. Add all 3 abilitys and he can take out a hord all by his self. Spin kick to the hord and attack the fallen zed and repeat ! Its a no brainer. Im shure it helps to that ALL i have been playing SOD as soon as it was out to buy n play.

    Buy the way...thats been like 4 mths, or sooooo......Bbbrains
  4. Leeds93

    Leeds93 Starting Off

    I was thinking maybe a MG 52. Cal Machine Gun, Connected to the back of a truck or even one on the homebase guard tower. Just a thought!
  5. gish

    gish Got Your Back

    Has anyone noticed that there is around 6 RVs on the map
  6. foxhound400

    foxhound400 Starting Off

    Hey.sorry to brust into this with a question but with sandbox mode, would we be able to play as people we wouldn't been able to in the main story like the Sgt guy and his fellow soldiers, or the local law men....sorry.jw. Thank you and if a dev reads this please try to answer this, if you do you will get a cookie =) all =)
  7. Jacob, Maya, Sam or Marcus.
  8. King of AR

    King of AR Got Your Back

    yes you have to unlock him, but yes.
  9. foxhound400

    foxhound400 Starting Off

    why thank you very much for the answer...hope you have a nice day =)
  10. foxhound400

    foxhound400 Starting Off

    Also, really really hope we can have Sgt tan as a hero !!! Hes a bro, =)
  11. The very first thing I did once I got to the church was accidentally kill of Ed and Marcus :S So I would go with Maya any day.
  12. foxhound400

    foxhound400 Starting Off

    Maya, always, also really hope a certain Sgt Tan is a hero, please be lol =)
  13. nartazen

    nartazen Got Your Back

    I just cant wait for sandbox i do hope we can take at least four people in the rv
  14. nartazen

    nartazen Got Your Back

    U lost me we soo get to chose who we take on tje rv im sure four people rite
  15. Dalendos

    Dalendos Starting Off

    Kind'a curious...Will you be able to drive the RV, or is it just a way to move on? Also, do you start out with only 1 character? If so when does the community aspect kick in?
  16. dynastyhan

    dynastyhan Famous

    I'd like to play as Undead Sanya! thanks
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