Scavage zones "empty" with materials + more ideas

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  1. Hi there survivors

    i love the game, the game is fantastic, but like everything in life, its not perfect, and we all seek the perfection, even with in ourselfs.

    A - The scavage system is nice, but it lacks of something very important, in my point of view, that you guys didnt fix since the beginning of the game.
    In a scavage zone (houses, campfire, tents, warehouse, shacks etc..) where you have interactive objects (white highlighted objects) that inside them contain materials, building materials or usable/consumable materials. if an espacific building that contains (for example) food (building material), but also contains other materials, like aspirins and a katana, if i just take the food, and dont take the other items (aspirins&katana), the symbol on the house changes to a cross, saying it is empty, but its not, plus the intractive object (closet) is not highlighted anymore, knowing that I know there are still general consumables materials inside.
    When I stop playing like for some days or weeks, i dont remember to go to that house anymore, to scavage the rest, because i dont remember and i have nothing to remember, if instead of a cross (indicating that is empty while its not), put another symbol that indicates consumable materials are still inside, and still hightlighting the objects that contain those materials.
    For me that helps to maintain, my own agenda and keep track of it. help organize your next steps and prioritize, my own objectives / agenda.

    B- Direct Trading itens with followers (NPC's and Playable Char.) no need to put it on armory then change the character for him to got to the armory to change his inventory, its time consuming (boring/frustrating) and ilogical.

    C - Ordering your followers:
    -to grab the rugsack that you put on the ground/or "scavage" the highlighted object that contains (because you know it has a building material (food, medicine, ammo etc).
    -Guard/defend an area/zone, while your doing stuff or whatever your doing, change the atitude of your followers, be more agressive more defensive, etc.

    D - knowing where your friends/neighbours are in the enclaves/base zone, when your in a safe zone (enclaves/your base) have blue dots that represent the people where they are on your map/mini-map (better is to have their faces on the map) so you dont waste stupid time to search for them on your base, its soooo boring/frustrating.

    E - Selecting/specify characters for what they are gonna do, for example, you have 6 people:
    Sarah, david, anna, john, mike, roger.
    Sarah & david -> scavaging for stuff;
    anna & John -> thin the hord;
    Mike & roger -> looking for survivors;
    plus having them do idle (= just be at base doing "homework", dont go anywhere off base), or free-at-will (pretty self-explanatory)

    hope at least you trasport this idea on SoD2, if dont wanna fix it for SoD1, please fix it :)


    1-Having more factions:
    - Raiders/looters (badguys) pretty self-explainetory
    - Rogue soldiers (extremists try to "clean" the all civiliens)
    - Maniacs civilians (trying to "cleanse"the city)

    I think UL is against survivor vs survivor killing spree, so no need for these factions.

    2-have some sort of minigames to have some fun :)

    3-able to drink alcool and get drunk XD

    4-having your "friends" when infected/dead seeing them around on the field, and if the affiliation with some characters are strong than the person who kills it probably will get very depressive, it has impacts on their status, (see the game War Of Mine) very good, very, very good.

    5-What is very interesting in the game in my prespective was able to re-use a setelmente spot to expand your community, so you start to have more bases (you always will have your main base) but then you'll have some sort of secondary bases (each with their respective outposts).
    Start "trading" routes, and choose and with wich vehicle to do it, minimum trading people 1 person (of course), maximum -> depends on the vehicle that you use, also same thought on bagage/amount of trading supplies.
    You'll "level"/upgrade each sentelmente for maximum security/safety and self-suficient. each setlemente with their own downgrades and highgrades, well you understand where this is going.

    6-Start having more collectebles, like unique items, melee weapons, fire weapons, bags, rugsacks, vehicles (skins, status, sounds, etc), on SoD1 the main collectable thing was survivores.
    -Secret/hidden/(easter-egg) stories, locations, items, and so on.
    just for fun and something fighting/playing for.

    7-Ability to Manege better home-duties, ability to select a person to do a home-duty like gardener/farmer, sniper (guard post), security (roaming an a sector of the base like a security-guard) for example.

    8-having the ability to have at least 3 more followers (so you can fill 4 seats on a normal 4 seated car), and it feels awesome go charging (with an army [of 4 men hahaha]) all the way to "danger-zones" and survive as much possible, with 2 guys is a bit ehh. dont feel that enourmos only with a squad of 2 raging to 100's zeds. but a squand minimum of 4 go and killing 100's of zeds, AARRRRrhh! WE ARE SPARTA!!! 300! XD
    my best opinion is 6 (including your self), open truck could bring 6 people (including your self) so why not. the death squad (the downside you have less people defending your base)

    New enemies:
    - Zombie crawlers, (no legs);

    -Fast crawlers, (with large arms);

    - the spitter/ (Fast crawlers+fast lizards likeness/similarities+spitting acid/or something that slows you down) link:

    (you can actually creat crawlers simple because they survived of roadkills with car, or explosions, or shooting the hell out of their waist, or with a sword/katana or even a motorsaw hehehehe.

    -Headbanger/psychoRunner/Crusher/rammer/charger, well i thing you understand;

    Nocturnal enemies:
    -glower/radiant zombie: that zombie see's better, high visability and he doesnt get distracted by noise, very dodgy + warn other zombies;

    swinger/jumper: very swifty, very dodge, changes his stance to feral-running stance, very longs jumps, zombie runner stance, rolls (dodge) (deals low demage).

    well i think i'm outta of ideas, for now hahaha XD.

    Best regards!
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