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  1. Antediluvial

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    So, I wanted to sketch out a rough timeline of events in State of Decay and Lifeline, based on info in game. Thanks in advance to ThatChristmasKid, Alchemist and SwissArmyKnife for the Situation Updates!

    Some events may be a bit out of order, and are conjecture based on in game information. Any input/help correcting any mistakes is greatly appreciated.


    * Research, likely genetic or viral or parasite based occurs in Danforth and other places. Among the researchers is Thomas Horn, who receives funding from the Human Future Fund (HFF) for his research.


    * However, something goes wrong and an outbreak occurs, spreading like wildfire. It spreads across the globe. Within days, dozens of cities and countries are infected. Cities in Asia, Oceania, South America and Europe all experience outbreaks. Multiple cities in the United States experience outbreaks.

    *An outbreak occurs in Danforth, and the city is quickly overrun. With the fire department destroyed, fires burn out of control in the city, and the Horvath Memorial Tunnel in the center of the city suffers severe structural damage.

    * A civilian airliner attempting to make an emergency landing (potentially in Danforth, based on its trajectory) crashes in the farmlands of Trumbull Valley, north of Marshall. Some zeds survive and spread through the farmlands, killing animals and humans alike.

    * FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) is overwhelmed by the outbreak in the United States, and is unable to divert resources or personnel to Danforth. However, the Federal Urban Center for Municipal Emergencies (FUCME) sets up disaster shelters around the city.

    * Marshall police are called in to quell the situation, but are overwhelmed. Their SWAT personnel become reanimated. Marshall Fire Department attempts to fight fires, but their fire truck crashes outside of Marshall. Left with no firefighters, several houses and structures catch fire and burn down. A news helicopter crashes into one house and completely destroys it.

    *Marcus Campbell and Ed Jones return to Mt. Tanner from their fishing trip to find an outbreak has occurred. They find a group of survivors in the mountain's ranger station, among them Thomas Ritter. Leaving to go scavenge for supplies, the duo find an off-duty US military soldier, Maya Torres. Returning to the ranger station, they find everyone dead. Unaware of the nature of the outbreak, Ed is bitten by the reanimated Thomas.

    * Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the US President orders the military (Elements of the Army, Navy and Air Force) move in to Trumbull Valley and Danforth, setting up several operations:
    ** Operation Washout (Fairfield County Fairgrounds, codename Boxtop, Captain Diane Montressor commanding),
    **Doghouse (unknown location, Colonel Peel commanding)
    **Marshall High School
    **Highroad (Trumbull state capital, Brigadier General Henry Connors commanding)

    They deploy artillery batteries, both around the city of Danforth and in the mountains surrounding Trumbull Valley, RQ-11 Raven drone trailers, Apache Longbow gunships and F-15 fighter jet flights around the city of Danforth. In Trumbull, they airdrop containers and set up blockades on the bridges leading into Fairfield, creating a quarantine zone. The goal is to extract valuable assets and intel on the outbreak and airlift them to the state capital.

    *The trio decide to abandon Mt. Tanner and head into the nearby town of Spencer's Mill to find medical assistance for Ed.

    * The US Army in Trumbull, led by Captain Montressor, deploys via helicopter to Spencer's Mill and implements strict "no-squatter" measures on the survivors there, holding them at gunpoint and evicting them from homes. Soon after, the Army retreats behind the safety of the bridge blockades in Fairfield, leaving the surviving Trumbull citizens to fend for themselves.

    *A mass civilian exodus from Danforth occurs, but is unsuccessful. Car wrecks litter the Danforth Beltway.

    *Refugee camps are set up in major cities at universities and hospitals.

    *The United Nations imposes a worldwide travel ban. Despite this, outbreaks in Japan, New Zealand and Australia are reported.

    * The PMC (Private Military Company) Red Talon also deploys to Danforth, setting up satellite uplink trailers.

    * Trumbull Valley is cordoned off from the rest of the state by a large stone barrier on the road to Danforth (the only way out of the valley) Surviving civilians attempt to escape the valley via the bridges to Fairfield, but Army blockades deny them access.

    * Trumbull Valley, with no police assistance is completely overrun. Bodies and burned car wrecks litter the streets. The remnants of the Marshall Police hole up in the city courthouse, led by Judge Constance Lawton. Using a ham radio, she broadcasts a call to any survivors to head for Marshall. The transmission is picked up by a group of survivors in Spencer's Mill who are holed up at the Church of the Ascension in the north part of the town. The soldiers in Danforth also pick up the transmission, but due to the blockade are unable to take any action.

    * Despite their best efforts, the Army in Danforth and Trumbull are unable to stem the tide of the zombie hordes, and are slowly pushed back. Most of their personnel join the undead hordes. Positions on the outskirts of the city, including Army RQ-11 drone and artillery positions, are abandoned to the hordes.

    *The US Army abandons Milwaukee, Wisconsin, becoming the first city it abandons.

    *O'Hare International Airport (ORD) in Chicago is overrun by zombies. Surviving military personnel evacuate via Chicago Midway Airport.

    *The situation in Atlanta deteriorates rapidly. Military units pull back to the Georgia Tech campus to reinforce their positions.

    *Surviving Army soldiers in Trumbull, among them Sergeant Erik Tan, and a group of civilian survivors breach the Fairfield gates and find the county fairgrounds abandoned. All that is left is a crashed Apache Longbow helicopter, military arms and ammunition and zombie soldiers.

    *Pittsburgh is overrun, and the US military units stationed there withdraw to Brunot Island.

    *Icelandic military forces sink a Danish refugee boat off their coast, killing all on board.

    *The US Navy blockades Galveston Bay in Texas to manage the growing number of refugees.

    *An F-15 crashes on the highway leading to Fairfield and Marshall. No further jet or drone overflights of the city occur.

    * With the zombie hordes increasing in number, and mounting losses, the US military pulls out of Danforth and retreats to the state capital. The withdrawal is incomplete, as large amounts of equipment and personnel are left behind. Doghouse is still active.

    *Red Talon PMC is overrun and pulls out of the city, their equipment abandoned.

    * A small unit of soldiers, codenamed Greyhound One remain in Danforth, and quickly establishes a base at a shopping mall in the southwest of the city. This base is codenamed "Black Friday". They reestablish contact with Doghouse and learn that helicopters are still ferrying essential personnel out of the city. They are given the order to rescue Dr. Horn, who had essential info about the outbreak. He was to be airlifted out on an Army Chinook, but the helicopter went down in East Danforth. They reach Dr. Horn and return him to base, but he reveals he was bitten. Rather than turn in the air and kill the pilot, he pulls out a pistol and commits suicide.

    * A short time later, Black Friday loses contact with Doghouse.

    *Elsewhere in the United States, the US military pulls back from Pittsburgh, relocating to Brunot Island on the Ohio River. Army units in Philadelphia fall back to reinforce Hahnemann Memorial Hospital.

    * After upgrading their radio equipment to have satellite capability, Black Friday establishes contact with Highroad in the state capital. They are tasked with rescuing additional assets.

    * However, as time goes by, the situation in Danforth deteriorates more and more, the zombie hordes unending. Black Friday's supplies and personnel dwindle.

    *Refugee camps overflow. In Senegal, the Dakar Grand Mosque refugee camp is operating at 300% capacity. In Kansas City, the Riverfront Park Refugee Camp is overrun.

    * Worldwide, governments begin taking extreme measures to combat the zombie hordes. The Russian government authorizes the use of nuclear weapons against Belarus and Ukraine, claiming self-defense. China attempts to tighten their borders against refugees.

    *The death toll in Delhi, India continues to climb, reaching 5 million dead, up 12% in just 6 hours.

    * Boxtop is overrun, and with the water supply in Trumbull infected by rotting corpses, the Army in Trumbull pulls out, leaving behind a multitude of soldiers.

    * After rescuing a CIA Special Activities Division operative, codenamed "Sasquatch", Black Friday assists him with gathering samples from the unique zombie types. Bloater, Screamer, Feral and Juggernaut. Once that is done, he disappears.

    * With the situation across the United States deteriorating at a rapid pace, the President and Congress authorize the usage of nuclear weapons. The city of St. Louis in Missouri is destroyed by a nuclear weapon, but this is unconfirmed.

    * A short time later, Black Friday, searching for Sasquatch, finds him in the Horvath Memorial Tunnel in the center of the city, right near "Ground Zero". The President has authorized a nuclear strike on Danforth, and has supplied him with a tactical nuclear warhead.

    * Meanwhile in Trumbull Valley, a group of survivors, among them Lily Ritter and Erik Tan, who was left behind when the Army pulled out, detonate the barrier to the valley and escape. However, Erik Tan's life is lost when he detonates the explosives.

    * Seeing the situation is lost, Greyhound One and a small number of civilians evacuate Danforth. The city and surrounding area are annihilated by a tactical nuclear weapon (one ending).
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  2. Antediluvial

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    Scope V3.jpg



    Scope V3.jpg


    Global Scope.jpg
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  3. that is very good read. so it all out fight with the zombie horde. I think how the story is moving along is coming close to what the next game undead labs is aiming for
  4. Alchemist

    Alchemist Here To Help

    I simply copied and pasted what Swiss said, but your'e welcome anyways I guess.

    And nice work, must have put a metric ton of work into doing this.
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  5. ISAFSoldier135

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    I figure someone has posted this before.... buuuuuuuut......

    When does this all turn out that this is all Solanum and when do we get our SIRs and Lobos :3
  6. .:Nighthawk:.

    .:Nighthawk:. Starting Off

    This is a very interesting story unfolding.....I can't help but think the last part is a bit off seeing as I rescued everyone I could and detonated the nuke though...
  7. The detonation is up for debate on whether it occurs or not. It depends on which ending you choose. I tend to avoid that ending because I prefer the idea of being able to come back later with a larger force to retake the city or a small contingency force to clear out sections of the city for regular human habitation again.
  8. Alan Gunderson

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    It's a good read but some of it is incorrect.

    Marcus and Ed left for the fishing trip almost at the very start of the outbreak. They came back 2 weeks after it all started, as dialogue states.

    The plane crash was likely not the source of the outbreak. It may have been a source for some zombies, but the people in the crash had to die in the crash to become zombies. The zed disease is airborne and already spread at this point, leading for the crash victims to turn. The existence of the landing gear (one of them can be found on the road near Marshall) shows that a dead pilot was not the cause of the crash, as an emergency landing was consciously attempted. The existence of certain debris and lack of others suggest that a problem with the plane was likely, although it could be due to lack of model detail.

    *The trio decide to abandon the mountain and head into the nearby town of Spencer's Mill to find medical assistance for Ed.

    * Recognizing the gravity of the situation, the US President orders the military (specifically the Army, with support from the Navy and Air Force) move in to Trumbull Valley and Danforth, setting up several operations:
    ** Operation Washout (Fairfield County Fairgrounds, codename Boxtop),
    **Doghouse (unknown location)
    **Marshall High School
    **Highroad (Trumbull state capital)

    These two points need to be switched; the High school and Fairfield base were already setup way before the trio landed in Spencer's mill.
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  9. AlphaZER0

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    I think the chronological order of this is off slightly. I believe the Lifeline story happens prior to most events in the vanilla State of Decay game.

    I'm at the very end of the Lifeline storyline where I've rescued all HVTs, have Vienna Cho and Sasquatch competing for my decision on whether or not to blow up the city. I just received a SitRep which informed me that only just recently did the Army units pull out of the Trumbull Valley and abandon Fairfield. I tried to get a screenshot of it, but it'd gotten swallowed up by a plethora of different events that came just before a siege.
  10. Death Knight

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    I love reading stuff like this, great work man! On the Dawn of the Dead remake, there is a good 15 minute long zombie apocalypse news feed in the extras. On a minor note, Erik Tan does not escape Trumbull.
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  11. Dani3lsan

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    Dude, Denmark is in Europe, not Africa.
  12. .:Nighthawk:.

    .:Nighthawk:. Starting Off

    If there is a new dlc, they should consider having you pick to play as a group in any of the places listed in the sitrep and develop that story.So for instance, when they abandon Wisconsin, you could follow why they did that and play through it.
  13. There needs to be a DLC where The Church of the Ascension group and Greyhound One meetup.
  14. Antediluvial

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    Thanks for the feedback, everyone! I'll make the necessary changes.

    I left some things out because it went over the 10,000 character limit, hence why I split it into two parts.
  15. Antediluvial

    Antediluvial Here To Help

    That was the ending I got, first playthrough. I now have the "defusal" ending. I would have added in both endings, but I hit the character limit, so I had to leave that out.
  16. Antediluvial

    Antediluvial Here To Help

    Whoops! My mistake, thanks for pointing that out.
  17. On the subject of when the sitreps fire off, they swapping between the International and the Local ones so the chronological order (when considering Story timeline and Lifeline timeline together) is going to vary by playthrough.

    We know the Story timeline is going on at around the same time period as Lifeline due to the sit-reps coming in during Lifeline.

    On top of that, the sieges occur often enough to represent "days" of survival time for the Lifeline crew but those days are obviously different than the ones we see in Story mode. We also have a lot more "time" in Story mode so Lily's crew and their story may have evolved over weeks or months, finally culminating in their escape from the valley; whereas in Lifeline, everyone was evacuated within a week before the detonation (Sasquatch's nuke ending is Siege 7 or 8) OR within a few weeks (if you kept going on and on).
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  18. Antediluvial

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    Problem is, if Lily and crew escaped Trumbull after Danforth was nuked (assuming thats the canonical ending, it could go both ways), they would be dead as the nuke would (depending on Danforth's distance from Fairfield) either annihilate the area or heavily irradiate it.

    Odds are, they escaped prior to that.

    Its hard to know how long the Trumbull gang stayed before they exited to the valley, but I put my money on several days canonically. Same goes for Greyhound One, but I may be wrong.
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  19. GamerGirl82

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    Given how you have the options to move to different locals, gather supplies and upgrade, there's a chance Lily and the group stayed as long as the supplies were available. I'd say several months to possibly a few years at best.
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  20. AlphaZER0

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    That's an incredibly valid point you make. Danforth can actually be seen over the barrier sealing Turnbull Valley, so were the nuke to have detonated it would've been seen/heard/felt down in the valley. It might have even wiped out the valley itself depending on yield.

    This also brings about the question as to whether the nuke can be considered canon in the first place. I suppose we'll have to leave it up to UL to give us the proper timeline.
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