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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Antediluvial, Jun 3, 2014.

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  1. Whoa, blast from the past.

    This thread started in 2014
  2. Akinaba

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    And lasts!
    It's one of the most epic threads in here IMO.

    As for the Hoodie Guy theory while not being sure if he really did blame his brother in his own sins (too comic-like on my opinion) I do suupert the idea that 1. Shark Hoodie Guy could be the criminal, and 2. He most likely Marcus brother or even twin brother.

    Good pints to good thread. Can not wait when we could have more information on all this.
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  3. Erudain

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    zedding this back to life.
    Wow I read the 57 pages.....UNLIMITED POWER!!!! (or more like "unlimited free time")

    Something to add to this whole discussion, with the news and trailer of SoD 2 showing us going back to Trumbull county (and one can most likely assume Trumbull valley is inside the county...) then the "Nuke Danforth" ending cannot be the canon ending to Lifeline, Danforth is shown to be pretty close to the valley, if it was nuked, and a ground-burst on top of that, then that whole area would be more irradiated than New California, Capital Wasteland or the Commonwealth in Fallout universe...
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  4. Bob Crees

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    It could have been a 'low yield' nuke:)
  5. CaptainAssassin

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    The sign says: "Thanks for Visiting" and "Come Back Soon!" ...which means the car is leaving Trumbull County. Whether or not that cinematic/sign will actually be in the game is yet to be seen. It could've simply been an homage to the first SoD, or symbolic for moving onto bigger and better things.
  6. Erudain

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    Yeah but even a ground burst of something as low yield as 15-20kt (Little Boy or Fat Man size) would create a huge amount of irradiated debris flung to the air, then wind does the rest...
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  7. OldDogF14

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    Yeah, and that's the rub, because neither you nor anyone else has any idea which way the wind was blowing. Ignoring the weapon yield, if the wind was in any direction other than in the general direction of the valley, then they've got nothing to worry about.

    Fallout, in any event, doesn't produce prompt (also sometimes referred to as "immediate") casualties - that is, deaths caused by the immediate blast, thermal and radiation effects of the weapon detonating, and deaths following within a few hours to a few weeks from injuries and radiation sickness caused by the detonation. Fallout is largely a long-term complication; plenty of survivors from Hiroshima and Nagasaki were exposed to fallout (yes, even air bursts produce some) and either didn't develop complications (increased cancer rates) for decades, or never developed them at all.

    Not to mention that a ground burst isn't the way you want to take out a city in any event, and the delivery method was asinine as it put the plan one drunk driver away from failure . . .
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  8. DJB204

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    The Nuke is just one ending in Lifeline. So for players who played lifeline once and managed to defuse the nuke, there is no aftermath in their universe. The bomb did not detonate.

    Also, counties are quite large, and the trailer shows the players leaving Trumbell County. Trumbell Valley could be way on the other side of the county for all we know. So even if parts of Trumbell County are present in the game, the chances of Trumbell Valley being included are pretty slim.
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  9. Kiel555

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    So I started a new game of YOSE and really ran into some bad luck. Normally, I don't pay any attention to Alan because as we all know he's invulnerable. But in my game, he got injured or something early on and never recovered. I got the Doc for Ed and all that and eventually a mercy kill mission came up for Alan. Ed took him away and promptly shot him in the head as usual.

    Kept playing the game and then the home away from home mission came up. Ed did that one too and just as it completed a message came up that Pastor Will had died of the black fever and killed Sam and Jacob (that's what he gets for rushing back to the church after the mission. Haha).

    Ed makes it back to the church and there is a cut scene I don't recall ever seeing before. It was between Lily and Doc talking about the black fever. He said that anti-biotics and anti-virals don't work. No news there. Then he said isolation or quarantine doesn't work either. He said they would isolate the sick in one house and the black fever would still just pop up in another house a few houses down the block.
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  10. Sailorwolf

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  11. SomeRandomGuy

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    It hit me last night when I was thinking of stuff that happened in SoD.....Dr. Horn domes himself in LL after you pick him up because he got bit, and at the time everyone (characters and us) were all wondering why he would do that when a bite wasn't guaranteed death, it just made no sense for the setting. One of the characters even makes a comment something to the effect of it being "dumb monster movie shit" and really nothing else is said on the matter.

    Fast forward to now after we've gotten details about SoD2. Details like the blood plague that is passed on through bites from infected Zombies. This tells me Dr. Horn knew about it in theory but didn't know or didn't realize it hadn't activated yet. What if the HFF had planned this all along as a one-two punch where people would be just starting to get used to the new way of life post apocalypse only to be hit with a new disaster?

    I knew it was somewhere in here but couldn't find it, thanks.
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  12. Jack Talk Thai

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    Great thread, REALLY opens up the lore of the world for me. I'm hoping for more stuff in the sequel. As a massive fan of open world game I love secrets hidden in them, and spent many hours scouring San Andreas, Norrath (Everquest) and the many lands of the Elder Scrolls. I love that GTA V has deep, hidden secrets, with hints--scientists who appear mysteriously in certain areas, prompting players' curiosity.

    I'm testing a theory involving the water--I've read player accounts that claim the water carries some connection to the infection (as is strongly hinted in the debut episode of FTWD, but that's another topic entirely, and I've seen the ending to the game, as most of us have). Loving the little hints and notes strewn throughout the game, and I'm eager to see what SoD 2 offers in regards to the story of this world.
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