Second Lifeline Q&A, 5/7/14

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, May 7, 2014.

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  1. Undead Sanya

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    (Note to people who like surprises: The last answer in this Q&A is a partial list of the new achievements. If you prefer that feeling of delight when you unlock something unexpected, don’t read to the end! If you’ve got the forum set to the light template, I’ve spoiler tagged it for you.)

    Q: What is the release date?
    A: We can’t set the final date for sure until we hand off the final build. You will know the second we nail it down. So far, we’re still on track for early June.

    Q: Are there any other base locations?
    A: No. To quote Geoffrey talking to the forum gang: “With the way we wanted to set up these large-scale defensive battles against the zombie horde, we really needed to focus on a single, specific base layout, rather than creating several different bases, each adding its own new layer of variables and complexity :) The map is very focused on supporting Black Friday as the center of your operations, and on making the zombie invasions as fun and interesting as possible from that position.”

    Q: What are the outpost options? What resources do the outposts in Lifeline generate?
    A: The new outposts have a military theme, and by establishing them, you unlock strategic options such as “sniper cover” and “drone strikes.” We’ll get a specific list out there shortly after launch.

    Q: What are the chances that we will see the Lifeline map available for the mechanics of Breakdown or the original game?
    A: The mechanics of the original game, Breakdown, and Lifeline are all very different. (Lifeline is _really_ different, considering we’ve largely removed the offline persistence element to suit the more immediate style of the new expansion!) There are a lot of mechanics specifically tied to the map itself. I never say never, but it’s a bigger job than it looks and there are no immediate plans.

    Q: What are the features in Lifeline that will be in the original game and Breakdown, then?
    A: Features like “Rucks in Trucks” aren’t specific to Lifeline, and will be in all flavors of State of Decay.

    Things like the outpost revamp will also be everywhere. And of course, the progress we’ve made on vehicle physics, zombie pathing, and general bug fixes all make the whole game better. I’m going to need a three ring binder for the TU5 patch notes.

    Many of the bug fixes are already live in the Steam version, by the way, and we would like to thank our Steam players very much for their feedback.

    Q: Are there any new skills or abilities in Lifeline? Will they ever make an appearance in the original game?
    A: No, although soldiers have some existing skills and abilities to a greater degree than civilians usually do.

    Q: How deeply can we get into the red zone?
    A: As we said during the live stream last week, not very. It’s not a wall, though. It’s just that when a skyscraper filled with people meets with the zombie apocalypse, it makes for a hell of a lot of zombies. If you get too close to the choke points, you will see a “DANGER ZONE” alert and find zombies pouring out onto your head.

    Q: Can we fly the helicopter?
    A: No.

    Q: I saw waves of zombies pouring into the gates of the base. How do I assign defenses?
    A: If you’ve built a solid unit, you’ll find the soldiers seeing to their own defense. From Geoffrey: “You don't assign people manually to them. Instead, those positions are filled automatically by the AI, in priority order. Once the gates are covered, remaining soldiers 'float' between them, focusing their attention where the need is greatest. When both gates are breached, all soldiers fall back to the center, so they can watch each other's backs. Players can repair the gates to return to normal.” Well, a kind of normal, anyway.

    Q: New zombies? Vehicles? Guns?
    A: No new zombies. What’s new about them this round is the sheer relentlessness of their assault on your base. You will need to think defensively in ways you might not have in the past. There is a new vehicle, an extremely tough truck that can really soak up a lot of abuse. And yes, of course there are new guns, because Brant.


    Links to detail shots:

    Q: What are the new achievements?
    A: Okay, as I said at the top, spoilers incoming! If you're viewing the forum with the "light" template, you'll need to highlight the text next to each title.

    Wired for War: Kill 100 zombies with Drone Strikes.

    Rucks in Trucks: Deliver 6 rucksacks to your base in the back of a single vehicle.

    Under Siege: Survive 10 sieges on your base in a single playthrough.

    Maverick: Survive 2 minutes within a Danger Zone.

    Flugtag: Send an energy drink flying.

    Freak Hunt: Complete all Sasquatch hunting missions.

    Geoffrey says: "Plus two SECRET SPOILERY ACHIEVEMENTS!" They are just too epic to spoil even by accident. I'm sorry, when you unlock them you will seriously cheer.
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  2. IrishDead

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    Sounds amazing Sanya....ty for the update!
  3. OldDogF14

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    Flugtag? How in the heck . . . ?
  4. UlsterFry1690

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    Wow, looks like everything's coming up Milhouse with LifeLine:D
  5. Kiel555

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    Q: Can we fly the helicopter?
    A: No.

    Bummer. Well, thanks for the update. Rest of it sounds real good. Haha.
  6. OldDogF14

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    Flying a helo is all well and good . . . until you remember this: "If something's not broken on your helo . . . it's about to."
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  7. CaptainAssassin

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    FNX-45 Tactical WOOO! [​IMG]

  8. Bea$tTeam101

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    yeah you guys better be doing my hunting missions or I will whoop you
  9. Shadowfogkiller

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  10. ZedHuntress

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    It looks and sounds amazing, can´t wait! :)
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  11. MatchesMalone

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    Great Q&A! What happened to the questions we posted for the E3 team? Not complaining, just haven't heard anything.

    I'm sure many people will like that the persistence is turned off (well truthfully, all the elements that utilize the persistence are disabled. It's not as easy as flipping a switch, unless they updated the code ;) ).

    Very interested in the TU5 updates and the changes to outposts.
  12. Jakeypake

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    More information! THANKYOU SWEET BABY JESUS!
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  13. Axios

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    Thanks for the info! :)

    About the "we’ve largely removed the offline persistence element" we can have more info or is a surprise, or you are still working about it?
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  14. Dreadalus

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    Wow, the Maverick achievement makes it sound like the Danger Zones are, quite possibly, really damned dangerous.
  15. Kamiel

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    This, is going to be so much fun. Btw is Black Friday the FOB (Forward Operating Base)? Some how I can't see the Military being stupid enough to place their entire operation smack dab in the middle of a outbreak area. Would be cool if we could push into danger zones to set up FOB's.
  16. Thanks a lot Undead Labs! Sounds ok for me...I'm buying it the moment it's released!!
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  17. Bob Crees

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    Q: I saw waves of zombies pouring into the gates of the base. How do I assign defenses?
    A: .......... When both gates are breached, all soldiers fall back to the center, so they can watch each other's backs. Players can repair the gates to return to normal.” Well, a kind of normal, anyway.

    *Feels a wave of Panic setting in all ready* *Makes note to self - Strength up both wrists for some serious Key Board and Mouse action*
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  18. XzerothreeX

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    Thanks Sanya, sounds awesome. Love the Air Show reference.
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  19. e5futter

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    Holy crap this sounds awesome. :D As I am one for challenges. The Maverick Achievement is the first one I am going for. :D
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  20. Vers

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    Maverick: Grabs the keys to the truck.

    State of Decay: This time it's war.
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