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Discussion in 'PC Mods' started by Amelia Crasman, Nov 7, 2015.

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  1. Bonsoir Everyone, commet allez vous!
    I'm creating a new effect in the game where the player has the ability to "sleep". This would fully replenish stamina and partial health, also adding about 6hrs forwards in the TimeOfDay. So far, so good.
    The thing I'm having real difficulty figuring out, is adding the effect that the game could fully change with time as well, including mission timers(I may or may not make any changes), facility timers, events timers, execution times, and the timers on fate cards. Pretty much any timer based aspect of the game. Any help or Ideas, help me!
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  2. QMJS

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    Most of those are based on real time, not game time.

    For missions, you could set a variable in your sleep action like this:
    <RTSStat_SetBool DurationCancellable="" OutputAmount="true" OutputDuration="10m" OutputId="Status.Recent.Sleep" PauseWhenOffline="True" />

    Then, in each mission, add another action which checks to see if Status.Recent.Sleep is true in the inputs, and in the outputs, duplicate the MissionEvent Id="OpTimeout" actions. That would take an enormous amount of copy-pasting code though.

    You could also add an rtsevents action where if Status.Recent.Sleep is true it auto-plays fatecard decks. Use <Fate_PlayCard DeckName="NextDay" />, for each deck you want to use. Add multiple lines if you want multiple events. This would have to be a background action with a timer to prevent it from running over and over. (ActionType="Bonus.Background" ExecuteTimeStandard="10m")
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  3. Yurì Zagorac

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    I know it's been awhile but did you ever get this going? Lone wolf mod has "nap" but I didn't notice any changes in time moving forward.
  4. The time moving forward was dropped for glitch reasons and tedious build. I may go back into it sometime in the future
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