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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GammaPaladin, Nov 24, 2017.

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  1. First let me say I'm really excited about SoD2 having co-op. Not being able to share my game with my best friend killed the first game for me, which is sad because I really loved it otherwise, but 90% of my gaming is done with my best friend, and all my accomplishments, putting together a colony of survivors, keeping them alive, building up the base, all felt hollow in the end because there was nobody there with me.

    So I love that we're going to have multiplayer now. But I'm a little concerned in one respect. I get the drop-in/drop-out thing is great for average casual players, and people love it. But for people like me who have a gaming "partner", or a group that they game with regularly, it would really be neat if we could just have the game be shared entirely.

    Like, more traditional multiplayer where someone hosts, and everyone else is playing in their game world. The base is shared, the community is shared, everyone is working together, to build up the same base, having to share the same pool of survivors, and so on.

    Will it be possible to play this way?
  2. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    @GammaPaladin - Welcome to the Forums:) We are waiting for the 'Finer' details of the game.
  3. Furie

    Furie Here To Help

    At the moment, the only multiplayer version that's been discussed is when someone from another world (where they're the host) comes to your hosted game and plays as one of their group of survivors.

    Now, we do know there are two ways of doing this. We all know the flare system where you can call for help and someone who has marked themselves happy to help can come in and save you, even hanging around your world a bit. There's also the possibility of setting up a game session so it starts with you and a friend in your world, although they'll still be playing one of their pool of survivors.

    Personally I think the changes to the engine to make the version you're hoping for would be too massive to implement in the game while keeping what they've built as is for those that want that, but I could always be wrong. You may well see a variant later on (or even one that hasn't been discussed yet but is coming at release) that does the very thing that you and others are asking for. After all, the original game got so many new features added via patches and so many changes to existing features that it was pretty much a different game, and it was all based on fan feedback.
  4. Felio

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    You could always start a new game, take one of its survivors to your friend’s world and never look back. If you die, bring another.

    I am sure they are aware some good friends would like to share everything equally, but it hasn’t been confirmed. We’ll see.
  5. MrFish

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    It really depends on how deep down the rabbit hole they wanted to go with multiplayer. Feels like the mostly likely option is you get drop-in co-op to bash heads and that's it, but that could be the least of it depending on how ambitious they were with what other player's roles are in your world. I mean we could sit down and brainstorm how fun it would be for every player to be able to set up a base and compete on the map for resources and trade between each other, but it's all speculation and wish-listing at this point.
  6. Auditorex

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    Depends on the multiplayer but that should be interesting though.
  7. Del44ZSlayer

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    I wonder if we can scavenge in others world's then keep the items to bring back to your own map? Hmmm...might make for some sneaky behaviour from players offering to help but with the hidden agenda of seeing what goodies they can loot due to having scavenged most of there own map? The ideas for this co-op thing are endless, and fun to imagine. I know what you mean about wanting to keep your game to a select few friends who you know and trust though, Iv been trolled so much by idiots in dead island that me and my then team mate gave up playing multiplayer, which is sad as we had a lot of fun.
  8. ^^^^^^^^
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  9. Vers

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    We don't know how fatigue is going to work when joining a friend's game. You might need a lot of coffee if you plan on staying awhile. If that's the case, hopefully it's not too annoying to switch them out for a fresh survivor.
  10. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Or the player that you have joined can give you coffee, snacks, ammo etc?
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  11. Vers

    Vers Here To Help

    Definitely, but I guess what I was trying to get at is eventually you will get tired, and you'll probably need to swap out survivors to stay in said persons world.
  12. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Yes it will be interesting to see how the mechanics of that will work.
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  13. Vers

    Vers Here To Help

    Are you going to be on a box or a computer? I hope to see you on the Box
  14. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    I only have a PC, but from what I understand PC and Xbox users will be able to play together anyway?
  15. Vers

    Vers Here To Help

  16. MrStrange

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    Another system they could use, would be to hire a random survivor for X amount of resources.
    You wouldn't know what kind of survivor you were getting, possibly even very subpar, but you wouldn't be risking anyone from your own camp to die over there in your friends world.

    Another, could be you playing a forward scout that would be held in reserve for the friends world for either specific players, or just for any visiting players.
    This way, they are kind of part of your community, yet not entirely.
  17. Azuries

    Azuries Got Your Back

    From what I have heard a while ago every new game published by Microsoft will be cross platform. Sea of thieves is, released March 20 - sorry bob I’m pretty sure that’s the date you guessed for SOD2, minecraft is now cross play between xbone pc and smart phones, MS wanted Sony on board but they said something about privacy and parental controls or something lame. Their loss lol.

    So yeah. Ms vision is for all platforms to be able to play as one.
  18. Azuries

    Azuries Got Your Back

    Yonks ago when SOD2 was first announced I either read or imagined, prob the latter, that your whole community would be plonked down in the other persons world so you basically are like an enclave in their world. I might be setting the bar too high tho lol.
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