Society Is Not Ready For a Real Apocalypse.

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Jul 3, 2012.

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  1. Undead Sanya

    Undead Sanya Here To Help

    I was smack in the middle of the storm that snockered a big swath of the eastern USA, and I got a firsthand look at how most of us do okay when we have some warning, but a disaster without warning would send most people over the edge in a matter of days.

    I know survival is one of your favorite themes, and you're welcome to keep chatting about it throughout the forum. How about here, you talk about how you'd deal with a long term power outage/fuel shortage if you had no warning of either?

    (Thread will open when the post is live.)
  2. Lilbuffalo

    Lilbuffalo Starting Off

    Well i do have 3 back up generators because i live in Australia i bought them when Black Saturday was happening i was fairly close to it. And for fuel well im not to quite sure on how good id be for that i would run out in less than a week or two and would just have to stick with my push bike from there on.

    And water well i do have a couple of drums of it because they were having a sale at NQR a couple days ago
    Food not so good id probably have to live on Mi goreng for a couple of days before i go out and get more.

    So preparedness 3/5
  3. Kodyack

    Kodyack Starting Off

    I'm the grasshopper of this little preparedness scale. Though I blame the job market :p
  4. Water- not so good just got one gallon of it
    Food- decent enough... Enough snacks to live on for a week or more without touching the other food.
    Electricity- well the power has gone out unexpectently many times before. So lets just say candles lots and lots of candles.
    Fuel- got a gallon in the backyard and about a gallon in the lawnmower but other then that i got nothing. But i do have 3 bikes i could ride.
  5. DariusG187

    DariusG187 Starting Off

    Seriously? Somebody asked how are they supposed to cook their food without a microwave? And in general everybody seems so dumb. Is it just me growing up in ghetto that makes me actually know simple things that don't require technology? I never even knew that electrical can openers exist until now :D. Also purifying water isn't that hard. In a nutshell all you need is a clean cloth and just pour the water through it and boil it. If something happened now I think I would survive, especially if a big-ass storm hit because the place I live in is built out of cement bricks so wind wouldn't blow off the whole apartment complex and there are no trees around here too. Also making a fire is easy as hell with AA battery and a staple. I mean, come on, who doesn't have a battery and a staple in their homes?
  6. K-Man

    K-Man Here To Help

    I live in an almost completely urbanized area - there are many little towns all around the state, no more distant than 1 or 2 miles.
    In a general apocalypse, collapse of gas, electricity and water wouldn't happen all together in a sudden.
    I'm well prepared to privation of food and comforts (not water, I drink a lot!), and could easily sustain all the family with this (we have our well, so no problem with that). The thing I would not be prepeared for are the human factor: there would be riots, looters, vandalism, omicides - due to my nature I'm not easy going on attacking another person, but if they put in danger my family, not saying harming them, I would black out with rage, and that could be my end...
    I was just thinking the other day how I could secure my house and lands from invasorsXD I would need to many persons... and weapons, which I don't have.

    Despite all, I belive society could make it with some efforts and sacrifices: if we keep ourselves from losing our civilty, by helping others and working thogeter, it's done with little loose of lifes

    IF instead it was a zombie apocalypse, it would need to be really smart how the disease spreads, because, with all this movies, people would know mostly how to react, and wouldn't last more than a week!
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  8. Cargot35

    Cargot35 Starting Off

    Well honestly, I think if I survived the many people looting the homes/ stores, I'd be okay surviving. It's other people rioting that would be the worst part. From cooking without the main essentials, to hunting, setting up and making some sort of protective shelter are things I learned years ago! So yes, even though my mass amount of technology knowledge and reliance, I would still be okay surviving.
  9. Were I live were not scared to drink outa a pond I have a pond and 3 streams with in easy walking distance waters not a problem. we have a wood stove and chainsaws axes and mauls heat cooking not a problem. Fishing is easy for food to. I don't know if you know any Amish but come deer season they kill deer and field dress them and then let them rot till there black and salt them putem in a smoke house. Thats how a country boy dose it
  10. For got about the beer could drink beer for 2 or 3 days
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  12. got tons of canned food and bottled water. Also have a small collection of knives for hunting food and killing walkers
  13. Yeah, well, my main concern is getting together a cool outfit that will be dramatic and ironic when I am zombie hunting brains. Why try to survive when you are passing up a once in a life time moment to Not Give a Single F*ck, zombie apocalypse or not, and let the rest of the surviving world know about it? Like a tee shirt that says "Brains is Life" or Worlds Greatest Zombie....I'm a Zombie, what's your excuse...etc. Strap on a cool helmet, preferable something with horns, paint my skin, make it fun. Then kill a zombie, takes it finger, hide, scratch myself with a zombie nail (I want to go brain hunting but look good...don't want to be half chewed while I lumber down the street). Superglue some shades on my face...make it fun...
  14. I aint never been one for schoolin once me and my sister got divorced I lost the trailer and quit middle school lol
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  16. I don't take nothing to heart. Take it on the chin with a grin:)
  17. Same kind of deal happened here in Oklahoma a few years ago. A really really bad ice storm blew through, the state was almost declared into a state of emergency. At the time I lived way out in the sticks and when power went down, it was down for almost 2 weeks. And it wasn't something as simple as transformers blew, the ice built up on the power lines and pulled entire rows of power poles down. It caused a hilariously horrible domino effect that had the state pulling in trucks from nearby states to get new poles put up.

    What did I do? Went to work, which thankfully still had power since I have no idea what I would do all day otherwise. When I got home I hurried and did what I needed to with the daylight, wash clothes in the tub and hang them up on the curtain rod - that sort of thing. We had well water as well, but since it was winter I was able to just outside and get snow, melt it, and dump it in the toilet to make it work. I didn't drink it, I keep myself stocked up on Nestle bottled water to last a couple of weeks. And for food, we use a wood stove to heat the place so I cooked soups and whatever else I could on the woodstove I was already using. Read by flash light, yea it sucked but I got through it.
  18. this was in the usa, i would imagine if it was in poor countries like some in africa, india, brazil(not poor, but the goverment is corrupted) etc.
  19. Well in all honesty I believe we live in a Hobbesian world so after reality sunk in that the world as I knew it was over, I would do what it took to survive. I mean let's face it, we are just animals with the semblance of civility. Remove the social control ala disaster and it's every man for themself.
  20. agreed, lets stop wasting our time praying and lets survive,got a part of it from TWD
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