Society Is Not Ready For a Real Apocalypse.

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Jul 3, 2012.

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  1. MstrJedi Kyle

    MstrJedi Kyle Here To Help

    I think the issue I would have the most trouble with would be no bacon.
  2. Your not the only one ;)
  3. KickyandFeralZombie

    KickyandFeralZombie Starting Off

    Probably ill form a group, then we will scout for seeds, like water melon and such, then look for a big house and then we will bring back society, all it takes is farming.
  4. KickyandFeralZombie

    KickyandFeralZombie Starting Off

    Probably ill form a group, then we will scout for seeds, like water melon and such, then look for a big house and then we will bring back society, all it takes is farming.
  5. Just remember if your running from zombies, looters, ect you don't necessarily need to be the fastest in your group you just need to be faster than one other person...and if all else fails friendly fire to the leg should allow you to be faster than at least one person in your group.
  6. Hitom

    Hitom Starting Off

    World gone to shit? I'll loot.
  7. Like Shane did in The Walking Dead series? I like your way of thinking.
  8. well in the event of a situation like this i like to think i am more prepared than most. We keep a good supply of gas and propane on hands pretty much all the time. We have a nice surplus OF MRE's stored back and quite a lot of bottled water stored also. I live in Kentucky so there is plenty of places to go hunting if I had too. Since Im a gun collector I would be good on that front. We live out in the boons so I doubt we would run into many people, not sure if that would be a good thing or a bad thing. I like to think tho we are prepared more than most.
  9. Emjay

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    Thats interesting question!

    I work at a hospital so I imagine id have to raid the stock room for 'essentials'... I'd be the handy guy you want in your group because I have a heck load of med supplies (and im not an alcoholic/stoner/ed).

    As for fuel... Im not really sure what I need fuel for anyway, I use it to get back and forth to work thats about it. Apocalypse brings no work so thats no need for fuel, also id either get a bike or try and kidnap a horse or something. There's a travellers camp not too far from me, perhaps they could 'borrow' me a horsie...

    Food... Yea well that might be difficult, I do have a few packs of veggie seeds hanging around but I have little gardening knowledge and its not exactly a steak now is it. I'd probably start getting a bit shakey after a day or two without meat...

    Water... You can collect water pretty well with water butts and whatnot. Should be easy enough to get by on.

    Ammunition... I live in the UK, we have barely any guns and I have no idea where the nearest gun shop is anyway. No good looting a police station as they don't have them either. Guess ill have to go with a trusty crowbar or something and hope neither it or my hands break during their use.
  10. DEADLY9996

    DEADLY9996 Here To Help

    Could do with practice, shooting a bow and arrow, would have to make one some how, luckily for me i have a Katana here at home, (not replica, tho i do have 2 replicas), got them in before the ban in the UK :D.

    I have a bit of common sense, which is a must for survival xD, scavenge the nearest police station for body armor, a full suit would do for protection against bites (if this was a Zombie apocalypse).

    Water, not really a problem.

    Food, could be, could try building a greenhouse on a roof top xD

    Ammunition, use old style wooden spears, bow & arrows, not as much of a problem, you can pull them out and reuse.

    Fuel? i have legs.

    But really, no one would be prepared for a zombie apocalypse, just certain training, and stock will make it easier to get thro to begin with.
  11. Dynamite

    Dynamite Here To Help

    I think 'The Road' is a pretty good movie that shows the END. It's incredibly depressing though. If we had a zombie outbreak, I'd just try to get myself get bit without getting eaten and then I'd go run off somewhere to turn into a zombie. Then I would eat all of you...
  12. Power wouldnt be a problem, its easy to build a standart wind turbine or non turbine wind generator with just a few planks, cabels and few other very common parts having just a basic knowledge. Solar cell arent really that easy to build and require some advnced knowledge but its still possible.
    Power storing can be made with standart car accumulator for a short term and for longer term changing it to heat and storing that heat in a container filled with bio wastes( fruits, vegetables maybe even zombie flesh )and oil.
    That stored power can be reused later with a standart steam powerd generator.
    Fuel is another part, can be made from bio components, you dont need a specific refined fuel to run a car or a fuel generator, thrugh they will worn out faster that way.
    Now in short term food and water wouldnt be much a problem, but in long terms it is. Even with fast set up of hydrophonic farms you still need a month or two to start ganing crops. At that point dependable of your area most of food storages would be empty same would go for clean water. Survivers would need to start filtering water thrugh ionization or steam without decent filters which is kinda slow and power consuming methods ( this is if the natural water sources would be containmineted).
    So basicly find a decent group, get your hands on some guns asp, find a decent base location and start hording supplies, eliminating any other weaker surviviors groups so over-all resources in a area wont be consumed so fast, try canibalizm if things with food hit the fan :D

    There is an endless supply of "prepper" info on that site. Prepping gets a bit of a bad rap I think as the real loon's get a lot of airtime on certain TV shows, but being even a little prepared can make a big difference if something bad does go down. I haven't had the disposable income to spend on the preparations that I would like, but I've got a small start. Start off just preparing for a few days without basic services and expand from there as your budget allows.

    Firearms are the most interesting to me and I would have them anyway, but food/water and a plan are the most important.

    I couldn't even rate my preparedness, having a few guns isn't being prepared, but I've got plans...

    Furnishing our new house comes first though :p
  14. I grew up in the country and my parents house is well suited to go without electricity. Food would be a huge issue though for long term survival. Water is easy just boil it on the wood stove. There are a lot of farms around here and fresh water so I think my area would be able to sustain itself. Plus it's beside a huge area of connected lakes so I bet people would travel by water since it doesn't require gas like cars do.

    Also awhile back we lost power for 3 days. Gasoline stopped flowing on the second day which means the collapse of our infrastructure would be within a week.

    Stored food, firearms/ammunition, generators, etc are all nice to have for loss of power for a week but for the complete collapse of society they won't last very long at all and will likely make you a target of thieves.

    The best thing anyone could do is just all move onto a farm and help out with the field work. Manual labor can replace all farm machinery and most farms still have tools from before industrialization.

    Staying away from dense population and the usual loot spots would keep run ins with looters down. If you've been bragging about all your stored food and survival crap then expect your neighbors to show up either as friends or foe.

    Of course this would require good timing of the apocalypse. If it happens in the winter then survival would be nearly impossible to all but the most prepared.
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  15. OldDogF14

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    Umm . . . good luck with that? :eek:
  16. this is crazy to think about.
  17. WhisperFire26

    WhisperFire26 Here To Help

    In Florida, we get hurricanes all the time so the majority of us have disaster preparedness kits. I dug up what I actually have around the house just now and figured that we got a week's worth of food and cat food before becoming concerned - we'd run out of toilet paper first. :p

    In fact, food and water is not a concern at my house because we are fully stocked and could even keep up a good supply of fresh coffee, but it's the other things that would make me worry such as running water for hygiene (showers, toilets) and current supply of medications. My mother is on life support equipment and we got this huge-ass tank that's almost as tall as me full of liquid oxygen. It's about a 48 hour supply without power. Normally we would go to a hospital to use their equipment in the event of our emergency medical equipment had exhausted it's capability to function, but if there is one not available, then...

    ... Let's just say that I'm glad that this year's hurricane season is now over and thank god that it was a quiet one.
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  18. Apart from stocking up on dry foods and tins. Why worry just take everyone elses! A zombie apocalypse will be survival of the fittest lol
  19. Fraser98

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    I'm not quite sure about any other countries, but just look at the situation here in the UK! Despite things like trees falling down and stuff, damage was minimised because technology allowed us to predict and prepare for environmental and abnormal weather patterns.

    This would also work in many hypothetical scenarios, such as zombies, because in the case of zombies, we may have sufficient medical technology to detect, and if possible maybe even create a vaccine (Most likely a cure would follow)
  20. WhisperFire26

    WhisperFire26 Here To Help

    Yeah, it's kinda mind-blowing that the lack of electricity itself would be so crippling that it may as well be even worse than the damn outbreak at times.
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