Society Is Not Ready For a Real Apocalypse.

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Jul 3, 2012.

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  1. Jeanna_Q

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    There was a Documentary that was released in October called American Blackout. It is a depiction of what many believe would happen to the US in if a nationwide blackout occurred. I think it was really well done and shows just how dependent society is on a generally frail power grid.
  2. Fraser98

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    Wasn't there that program on BBC or ITV a few months ago called The Blackout. I think it was the same, just on British soil.
  3. Se7enus

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    I am ready for the zombie apocalypse.... It's not about preparation, it's about how you deal with your surroundings once the shit does hit the fan. You cannot prepare for an act of God and if you are there is indeed something wrong with you. A calm temperament when faced with the prospect of disaster, a little know how and most importantly common sense (so many people lack this life saving attribute in this day and age). What you gonna do people when you cannot update your daily blog? Tweet what you eat? And your iPhones no longer pick up a 4g signal? Social breakdown!
  4. Jeanna_Q

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    When you put it that way I welcome the apocalypse. Honestly all these social networks are getting rediculous.
  5. WhisperFire26

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    To help express what I think about social networking, I got two youtube videos that you should see. Google "Social Network Of Idiots Foamy" to see both videos... (They are VERY NSFW for language and several other stuff that I don't even have the nerve to post the links here)
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  6. Windkayak

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    One thing that would sure kill a lot of people,their garments.

    Most of the ppl would be unable to run,unable to jump walls and wouldn't have right shoes at the time. Places like wallstreet would be open hunting grounds,a lot of high heels,shoes and unconfortable and movement restricting clothes would be one of the major deathswitches. Specially in a vertical enviroment.

    How to counter it?

    Ladies: - Use necklaces,bracelets to make noise and distract,get rid of the high heels,barefoot front running saves you stamina and gives you speed. If you use pantyhoses here is a list of some uses you can give them

    Men:- Get rid of the flat shoes or shoes that end in your ankle,with all the running dodging and sprinting if you twist your ankle you're done for. Kinematica,Cinercia,you stop you die.At the first moments use one of your best weapons,your biceps and your tie,hand eye coordination and gag them.(Just don't get bit) Also a good way to take a zed off balance if you get it by the neck and practiced judo or aikido.

    Get new clothing as fast as possible,and move away from the hotzones like cities where the center for disease control normally goes,move towards the cold,it slows you down,but slows things with no body heat a lot faster,and zeds need the basic biomechanics functions of the bones,cartillage muscle and nerves the last three need moisture in order to function properly.careful don't move in high snow.

    As you move into towns one thing to do would be to hit the first library you can,get some books for quick reference,and while you're surviving the apocalypse i guess you'll have enough time in your hands to read,local eadible flora and fauna,some medical books and even some books depicting old techniques used by natives to create some kind of paste from local flora in order to fight off fevers and infections.

    Everything has more than one use,your imagination will come more handy than knowledge,be like a 5 year old,observe,go to nature for answers. Eat what the animals that most "resemble" us eat. If a boar or deer can eat it,probably you can too. Watch out for what plants they pick,most of them are medicine and grow only near a specific tree trunk or under it's roots.

    If an animal looks weak or sick,it's not free food,it's a death sentence.

    Learn to build,if to survive you need to get dirty,you will,no but. Just make sure any stratch or wound is properly tended and clean. Also,your teeth,don't neglect them,most of the body infections start in your mouth.

    Scout streams of water,make sure they are clear and animals are not getting sick by drinking it,even a dead bird on the ground could mean trouble,check for some more,if you find any,you are probably in a bad enviroment and should move out.

    Pigeons,cities flying rats,don't eat them.

    If you have any handicaps like me, you'll slow down your loved ones and believe it or not your chances of survival get dimmer,more people,more noise,more problems and when they run and you can't you're dead and your wife or mom is headed for a to know how to fend for yourself,establish meeting points and use your head. That and your spirit will be the only things keeping you alive. And probably giving others hope and confidence to get things done.

    Also learn how to take one for the group,be confident and volunteer for solo runs. Just because you can't run doesn't mean you can't get things done. Be the meaniest son of a b**** in the valley of death.

    patience,and she will get you anywhere and make you notice stuff most ppl wouldn't because of a clear head.

    Learn how to herd and then you'll be the meaniest pastor in the valley of death,take out numbers using your head,as quietly as possible.

    Learn how to be alone and work with yourself.Once you can do that you'll be prone to survive,most people will take a gun and blow their heads because they are afraid of being alone. Don't be that chump. Each extra moment you survive it's another chance you have to get through the mess.And once you come out of it,you'll be for the first time the master of your own life, and someone very,very different.

    In the begining amidst the confusion a clear head and keen eye will get you through,while people are screaming and panicking they are only calling out to be caught,a mass of sound moving one way it's like a free buffet call. if you cannot maintain your head clear you won't make it. Move quietly,help who you can,but don't help who cannot be helped,know your surroundings to determine that or it will get you killed.

    Look up,if a news helicopter is above your head,it means the action is not too far,take apropriate measures.
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  7. Jeanna_Q

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    I agree with most of what you said, but I am not sure I agree with the idea of moving to the cold. I only see the cold being a drain on ones physical strength and moral. Not too mention a shorter growing season . Then for some such as myself, would have to cross around 2-3 states to get anywhere that is cold in the winter.
  8. therhino

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    I'd have to agree. In an apocalyptic situation, cold climates are much harder on your body and mind. It requires a higher level of nutrition and caloric intake to survive in the cold, as well as just as much water. Everything takes more energy to acquire, and natural sources of food are scarcer. If you have not prepared a location in advance, cold weather survival post-apoc will be short and bitter.
  9. ~Silver

    ~Silver Got Your Back

    One things for sure.
    As things grow on, like in an apocalypse, it wouldn't be so hard after a while, realistically.
    As seasons grow on, yes, animal population will be so far, but zombies themselves wouldn't be able to stay upright in the cold. You would probably establish a food source then, know when one is about to die, thus knowing when to put them out, and even have secure necessaries. You'd be set, and the zed population would wear n tear. It would be a while, but it would soon be easier.

    But in real life? Society is a bitch, and it's every man for himself.

    Yep, give a huge explanation for a unrealistic thing.
    The real life example? One sentence. Yea, it's sad.
  10. Well put...gonna start calling you Mr.Brooks
  11. CaptainAssassin

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