Society Is Not Ready For a Real Apocalypse.

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Jul 3, 2012.

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  1. Well.... I'm ready, and i mean ready. Bring on whatever comes, Water, meds, hydrated food, ammo(Lots of), hell you name it. And a wide open space to see all that comes. Word of advise though, BUY A CROSSBOW, quiet, clean, when out of arrows you can make some more or scavenge the ones that you already fired. Also, arrows are great for stabbing at close range.
  2. Jeanna_Q

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    I am ready for it. Also I don't have a crossbow, but I do have my compound bow and it works just as well.
  3. Nice, but compound bows tend to need more maintenance then a cross bow as the line can snap easliy and require more draw back just to hit a target. Also can't customize a compound.... well depends on the make and model because some compounds can't have a scoop for accuracy, nor does it have a buck for support(the butt of the cross bow).
  4. B STATS

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    No one is ready for it. And those who think they are ready are seriously deluding themselves. Glory boy, gun-nut/military-nut idiots that think they'd be fine just for knowing a thing or two about firearms and survival are especially deluded AND DANGEROUS! Max Brook's WWZ is the most accurate example of how it would go down but even that doesn't do it justice as it only focuses on those lucky ones who survived. Imagine the Billions of unsuccessful stories that occurred? Now imagine how many of those Billions were better Human beings than you would ever be? Thinking you wouldn't be one of those Billions of casualties makes you an arrogant fool. And no matter how good you think you are, if you live in a city or other, heavily populated area then you're screwed straight off the bat. If you haven't even read Max Brook's work then you have no place commenting about what you think you would do anyway.
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  5. well your wrong cos I got a swiss army knife and watch bear grylls and gloria gaynor is on speed dial so of course, I will survive
  6. Jeanna_Q

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    Very true, and there is a crossbow I was looking at before, thought it was really unique. It is the PSE TAC15. It mounts on the lower receiver of an AR15 and used the rifles trigger. It also has a crank handle on the one side to pull back the line.
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    I am a gun-nut/military-nut idiot and I already claimed in atleast two other threads that I wouldn't survive a zombie apocalypse. And could you sound any more bitter towards military personnel? ;)
  8. B STATS I said i was ready, NEVER did i say anything about of how long i would survive. Hell for all i know i could die right when hell breaks loose. When the Sh*t hits the fan i will be ready, lets just see how long i can last. Oh and a little food for thought... Stop deluding your mind around movies and tv shows... Thats whats dangerous thinking tv is going to save your life. FYI I am a gun nut. MUAHAHAHAHAHALOLOLOOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. So stick that in your blunt and smoke it.
  9. F**k, Way to expensive, speed dial?... really, that will just dumb you down from knowing your game in the hunt. Average kill for crossbow bolt is 350fps anything higher is just overkill, hell i'm trying to survive not trying to be a bada**, heres one for you its a Carbon express covert cx1 draw weight 185 Ibs, Speed around 330 fps and comes with one stock pad inserts. Price range is about 500-600$. Tac 15 that crossbow is way out of my taste. Not trying to be mean, just trying to help.

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    On my own, I'd be screwed within a week or two. I won't be so pretentious to say otherwise. Likely, I'd be killed by thieves or die of dehydration.

    I do have several friends with whom I've talked to about what we'd do if there was an outbreak (counting wives/girlfriends, there's a total of nine - not counting any other family). My friend lives on top of a hill that's one of the highest of the points in the city, so we'd move up there and stockpile food and guns. Amid all of us, we have five bows and about twenty-three guns.

    Honestly, the most difficult part would be not having running water, but we do have a lake in town.

    The town population is about ~42,000 (39,974 according to 2010 census).

    I'd say the likelihood to MAKING IT TO long-term survival would be incredibly high for us, assuming we weren't part of the very first wave of victims. Beyond that... the biggest difficulties would be acquiring water and keeping up morale.
  11. Oh and for realities sake, there would never be an honest to god zombie outbreak. Think more along the lines of The Crazies. Something that would turn people into irrational killing machines, but they'd still be living and subject to damage and death (albeit probably without fear of it).

    Another awesome movie to watch is that matt damon one....'contagion'. That's really much more like what we'd see, and what I'm prepared to face.
    What do you need for such an event? Water, food, medical supplies, masks, gloves, duct tape and plastic sheeting for creating a quarantine room. Weapons are last and don't need to be anything nearly as badass as mine ;)
    Beyond that, you should be thinking natural disasters, terrorist strikes and disruptions to the power grid. Economic collapse is always a possibility. Read up on what happened in Argentina about 10 years ago to really understand how that goes down.
  12. DPS lfg PST

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    Maybe, Maybe not...the possibility of it happening is about as likely as a pair of twins being struck by lightning at the same time, while on opposite ends of the US Continent...but there are actually items in nature which mimic zombie-like behavior. Here, check a few things out.

    There is also Toxoplasmosis, a parasite which is known to infect up to of 1/3 of the total world population. There are common warnings against pregnant women being exposed to cat litter and so on as a result of this parasite. It primarily infects cats, but people as well. The parasite actually infects mice, causing them to act in a manner which is inconsistent with their survival, and in turn making them "zombie-like". Basically, it causes the mice to ignore warning signs of predator activity, which then causes the rodent to be eaten by a cat. The parasite then infects the cat, and the parasite's final destination is reached. The wiki for it is a quick shot of information on the topic, but...if that were to change or evolve (as parasites, virus, bacteria, etc do), that could be problematic.

    The link between the acacia plant and ants has long been considered symbiotic, but about 4 years ago, it was shown that it was less friendly than previously believed. Research has shown that the acacia plant produces a specific chemical that drives the ants into a frenzy, which protects the plant. The plant, scarily enough, can also cause the ants to leave it's flowers when convenient for the plant.

    Not undead zombies, but...certainly something close enough. Again, it's not likely enough to start stockpiling items for -this- reason....but there are other, more pressing real world concerns which could occur. Me personally...I have a small contingent of water, canned goods, and other important necessities that I cycle and replenish regularly...but I also live in the mountains, and in winter, it becomes next to impossible sometimes to get down the drive and get back into town when things ice over. In this case, it's practical. But having a bug-out bag ready doesn't hurt either.

    Your mention of Argentina is a perfect example. Situations like Greece, likewise, can show how close a collapse (or partial collapse) of society could have been at hand. While Greece didn't go over the edge because of international aid, the situation there was getting pretty bad. Instead of biological agents, it was financial markets.

    Other examples of how fast things can get bad: 1977, a blackout in New York City lead to mass looting, leading to the largest mass arrest in the city's history. The power was off for less than 2 days, yet people went absolutely nuts. Imagine if that power had been out for a week or more?

    The 2003 Northeast US/Canada blackout is another instance where the catalyst of a collapse was present. This time, however, there were some reports of looting after the power was out for only 12 hours, but it was much less damage and theft than anticipated.

    For context, I'm not saying that a simple power outage would be enough to break US society. But people do tend to go crazy over things like the power going out, especially in urban areas. In more rural settings, food wouldn't be as much of a problem (or looting, for that matter), but cities would be a madhouse. Imagine, if you will, a terrorist attack that doesn't just cut the power off, but physically destroyed power substations and other critical infrastructure. What if the power was off for weeks at a time in urban areas? Middle of summer, or middle of winter?

    And yes, there are redundancies, but as in the case of the 2003 blackout...the entire issue was caused by a single bug in their software, which caused a very localized power outage to become a cascading blackout.

    Again...not saying these things are imminent or even likely...but in the spirit of the thread, society isn't really ready for anything huge. Overall, most people are too soft and too dependent on outside assistance (ie the grocery store, electricity, and so on) to really know how to survive long term without those things. If people freak out when the lights are off for a day or two...imagine the pure chaos that would happen if anything like zombies (or psuedo...whatever the case may be) were to start happening.
  13. DPS ifg PST... How should i put this.... You are right on the money... GOOD JOB on your research, you my friend have left me speechless.... It's hard to find anyone that know the facts instead of wrapping themselves around a tv and believing everything that is shown. I tip my hat to you sir... or gal.... Hard to know.
  14. i live in chicago so when the """" hits the fan all im gonna do is hunker down until the initial panic and chaos dies down then i will scavenge for what i need and get out of the city and go somewhere less populated.
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    Although I don't think zombies will ever happen, I also don't doubt that somewhere in the world that some dumbass scientists haven't tried to create a T-virus, thinking that some good could come of it. People are stupid.
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    Under the sea>.
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    Lol (10 chrac)
  18. I lost power for 7 days last year. Because a transformer caught fire and exploded (awsome) but all the food we had was all in the fridge and we had very little canned goods (should be added to the game). But the British Red Cross arrived and started handing out food but we learnt the hard way so now we have a cubard (I can't spell I know) full of tinned food such as soup and beef and so on.
    Anyway we had it turned back on at day 4 for about and hour and then the transformer blew up again. So it took another 3 days to get a new transformer and connect it to the grid. Cause : lightning strike

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  19. society is not ready for a real apocalypse. NONE of us know how we are going to really handle the fallout of any disaster. I've got a family and I'm pretty sure that I would kill anyone to get my family what they need to keep them safe. Alliances are for convenience, the only reason to have them is if they benefit yourself. In my case nothing could help keep them safer then myself. I would trust no one, and probably kill them for what they got on them. that is if i was not marginally prepared for what ever the apocalyptic disaster occurred. Most people would not be able to handle the horrors of seeing what people would do to survive.

    you know come to think of it no film has shown us the horror of truly surviving in a END OF CIVILIZED EVENT. There are a few that have certain scenes that stick out as a true scenario. I can't remember the film but the one where the fathers little girl is infected and she has to pee and the people put plastic between them and the father daughter duo in the car, and he says please don't leave us. And when they get out of the porter potty they drove off.

    28 days later has some elements as well.

    Oh well, heres to hoping that nothing like that happens because most of us wouldnt survive and those of us that do will do despicable things to continue surviving. And for those future posts or responses that say they wouldn't your lying to yourself because none of us know ourselves like we should. sad thought isn't it.
  20. I think most "apocalypse" related media is more realistic than some people think; most wouldn't last long which is how everyone is dead/infected so quickly. Of course we're not ready, people are brainwashed by the MSM, worship celebrities, and are dependent on the Gov or stores for everything. Most people couldn't cope if those things vanished. But dependent societies are easier to control I guess.
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