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Discussion in 'State of Decay Guides' started by ShutUpLily, Jan 5, 2014.

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  1. ShutUpLily

    ShutUpLily Here To Help

    Thought it would be nice to have a thread where we could share each other's favorite outpost locations for all the different available bases in the game.

    I'm always going between Snyder Trucking Warehouse, Savini Residence and The County Fairgrounds so can't really offer much information about the rest, but I'm eager to hear what you guys have to say about it, specially the Kirkman Residence and the McReady Farmhouse.

    (Shoutout to _kodiak_ who gave me the idea for this thread).

    Snyder Trucking Warehouse:

    This is my usual layout for the warehouse. I like it because it builds a very solid safe area all around so my ninjas can scavenge in absolute peace, and also make slow trips with my NORMA without any incidents.

    Once I've cleared the whole area, then I can move the 3 lower outposts and place them as need it wherever it is that I'm scavenging next, Fairfield, Spencer's Mill, or the east side of Marshall.


    Trumbull County Fairgrounds:

    This is the placement I use when I plan on scavenging the whole area, but if it is just a touch-and-go kind of thing, then I forget about the town and just make a couple more around the park to keep hordes at bay, and that's it. Basically it would be this same layout with one more placed at the west bathroom and maybe another one at the far east warehouse.


    Savini Residence:

    I've been switching between these 2, depending on the enclave situation, and they both work great in their own style.

    This one covers a big area, almost the same as Snyder's, but leaves most of the edges uncovered, so there can be a lot of "surprises" when traveling around the limits of the perimeter. I'd say the best thing about it is that it gives me safe access to all the north warehouses.


    This other one doesn't include the warehouses, but makes a really bulky safe zone all around the residential area, so there's basically no chance whatsoever of being attacked while scavenging the houses. I can send my ninjas with just a melee weapon and probably won't even see a single zed while I'm emptying the place of useful items.


    The Alamo:

    This has been my only stayed at the Alamo, only because I found some squatters at Savini's, but I must say that I don't think it deserves the bad rep it usually gets. Sure it could desperately use a 5th outposts, sure the parking kind of sucks, but I thought it was a nice place and look at all the ton of resources you have access to with just 4 outposts. Maybe it ain't ideal for settling down for a long stay, but it sure works great for a touch-and-go level.


    That's all I have. Looking forward to see what the Kirkman and the Farm experts have to say about this topic. ;)
  2. oooooooooott

    oooooooooott Got Your Back

    Well, I love this thread. It deserves a gold star.

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  3. Jsnazz

    Jsnazz Here To Help

    I like the first one. A good art form :- )
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  4. I'll have to setup at MacReady's farmhouse again to get a screenshot of my build out for it.
    I use the farmhouse across from it as a slight buffer, then 1 outpost to the southwest and southeast areas, 1 in the courthouse, 1 at the gas station heading towards Snyder's and the double door building in the center of the Fairgrounds area.

    This gives me great access to every area and a nice place to go hide & heal when things get crazy.
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  5. ShutUpLily

    ShutUpLily Here To Help

    In the words of Lily Ritter, "sweet". :D

    Ah yes, I was inspired by Yayoi Kusama's avant-garde work. :D

    If it is too much trouble you could just take a screenshot of the map and draw a few circles around the spots with paint or PS or something like that...

    Sounds like a pretty cool strategy, having all those safe oasis scattered around the map, so you can scavenge for items all over the place depending on what you need...

    The Farm has to be both the trickiest and most interesting place when it comes to outposts discussion.

    How do you deal with the rucksack situation?
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  6. Shifty76

    Shifty76 Got Your Back

    Pretty much mirrors all my setups, except I don't use that first warehouse to the SE of Snyder Trucking - too glitchy. Instead, I usually toss one up in the middle of that T intersection in the SW corner as it seems that 90% of the supplies needed to complete construction or the materials/fuel Lily spawns are in that area.

    Cool thread idea :)
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  7. I keep 3 modern trucks/Normas on the premises at the farmhouse itself for easy riding back and forth for trade/scavenger missions.

    For everything else, I try to grab one of the fast but heavy cars (police cruiser, muscle car, sedans) and start loading up at the farthest out places first. That way if I get in trouble or come back to empty storage at home after being gone from the game, I can loot something relatively close to get everyone happy again.

    I scavenge in a team of two with the following layout:
    3x Flame Fougasse (anti-horde)
    3x Molotovs (Juggernaut stuns in the open, infestations otherwise)
    3x Homemade Painkillers
    3x Mild Stims
    Scoped Rifle or Pistol (loaded + 1 in the chamber)
    3x Silencers
    60 Ammo for Rifle
    Heavy or Blunt weapon wielding character
    1 Survivor ally with an empty backpack (no weapons at all)

    That way, I can swap to the survivor that's empty (talking to them swap) to scavenge a house...which usually nets them a weapon and I can send them back home while I run to the nearest mission.
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  8. Kiel555

    Kiel555 Here To Help

    I'm a big fan of the McReady farmhouse base. Outpost set up looks like a pentagon he he. Standard set up is the Vet clinic, minimart (near Kirman), Farmhouse (SE of McReady), Farmhouse (SW of McReady), barn (NW of McReady). The 6th outpost is a floater that I set up in an area targeted for looting such as the Dino park. This set up does very little to intercept hoards, set up a green zone or prevent the occasional infestation of the barn across the dirt road Ha ha.

    Still, it's home and I like it. Hoards follow three very predictable paths during a too many hoards event so it's easy to level up shooting (without firing a shot) by generous use of firebombs. Cardio levels up nicely too sprinting from home to outpost and back.

    The main advantage is that there are few places for infestations and those that do appear are out in the open and easily spotted and eliminated with a pipebomb. Any survivors that get in trouble are usually near an outpost making it easy to drive there without a zed welcoming committee waiting for you when you park and sprint a short distance to the trouble.
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  9. Kolobian

    Kolobian Got Your Back

    I have similar outposts as OP at Snyder'sand Savini's, minus a couple minor differences.

    At Snyder's, mine is pretty close to OP's strategy, with one difference: I only have 2 immediate outposts near the base, not 3. I make the gas station and first warehouse across the street outposts, but not the the convenience store across the street from the gas station. Instead, I'll put that one at the abandoned warehouse behind the Savini house. It seems if I don't have an outpost there, I'll always have survivors getting stuck there and asking for help, or zed hunts spawning right behind the warehouse. I hate going there, so I'll throw up an outpost there and never have to worry about any missions there.

    At Savini's, my outposts look kind of like a cross. I'll have one across the street of Savini, one behind it (at the warehouse), one at the gun store on the left, and one at the first building on the right side of the bridge, one at Ma's store, and then one at the first house being built up on the hill. In this format, I have extra protection from all sides, and protection over the houses to scavenge.

    I try not to have any construction outposts, as they really aren't that beneficial. Instead I try to get either food or ammo outposts.
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  10. Interesting thread for sure... Never thought of putting an outpost in Savini's
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  11. TheThreeStorms

    TheThreeStorms Got Your Back

    Yes beautifully done thread, my savini setup is similar but I sacrifice one of the far outposts so I can put one at the shop right across the bridge, I like a safe bridge :)
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  12. I like the Snyders setup, looks like it makes taking that whole part of the map easy early on.
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  13. Byerly724

    Byerly724 Here To Help

    I try to stick to these basic setups as well but I don't force it if the right resources aren't there. I try for 1 med out post to cover sickness/injury drains, 4-5 food, 1 immediate protection of base and last is my floater. I place the floater where ever I am scavenging for efficiency/safety
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  14. ShutUpLily

    ShutUpLily Here To Help

    Really, what kind of glitches?

    Thanks Shifty76, I love it when I see all the different tactics people come up with. :)

    Makes sense. Nice tip, SwissArmyKnife. :)

    I guess that with the rucksack geometry mod that allows you to carry rucksacks safely at greater speeds, that problem is solved. Probably going to spend a good season settled at the farm soon.

    I've been replacing the molotovs for pipe bombs lately, they're really powerful and you can take a juggernaut down with just 2 of them, one right after the other so he doesn't stand a chance. They do make a lot of noise, but act like firecrackers, so you can just wait for all the zeds to gather around the spot where the explosion happened and burn them with a distant molotov.

    Yeah, I use that same technique for scavenging the safe areas and it works like a charm.

    I was thinking of setting one at the barn right in front, and maybe one more at the other farm west from McReady's, and used the rest to make big safe areas around a town, then once everything is cleared up, move them to the next town, and so on until everything is cleared.

    Do they stick to the back roads only, or do they travel along random places across the fields too?

    Makes perfect sense. Finally an actual advantage of being located at the farm. :D

    You're so right, going there is a pain in the a**... I might consider this option from now on because I hate going there too...

    I haven't been paying too much attention to the resources given by the outpost lately, just the location. Even at lvl12 there's still more than enough resources to go around, at least a lot more than I was expecting. Right now I'm stocked to the teeth of everything, and I've been making pipe bombs, painkillers and even chemical incendiaries for days. Oh yeah, I think the upgrade built-in faculties mod fixed the CI bug. :D

    That's a good location, it stops all the hordes that try to come across the bridge, and most likely it will be a fuel outposts so it's very convenient.

    Yeah it basically turns the whole west Marshall into a ghost town. Zombie apocalypse? What Zombie Apocalypse? :D

    I've been keeping three floaters instead of one lately, so I can build bigger safe areas away from home and move resources back and forth using the trucks and the rucksack mod.

    That leaves most of the residential area east from Snyder unprotected but it has a nice perk, it lets you kill many hordes that spawn down there and get some sweet influence to build stuff, clean the locker, or whatever.
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  15. Shifty76

    Shifty76 Got Your Back

  16. Shifty76

    Shifty76 Got Your Back

    The Tea Party in the warehouse glitch where ppl hang out there and ignore zeds attacking survivors at Snyder
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  17. Kiel555

    Kiel555 Here To Help

    I'd say two locations are highly recommended for outposts. The farm to the NW since it has a tower that all the survey requests are located. Also, it seems like that area generates the lion's share of missions like freak hunts. The other is the minimart to the NE. It's a good spot to enter Spencer's Mill from McReady and that area generates many of the ally in trouble/diversion requests. The Barn across the road seems like a sane choice but I've only seen it destroy a hoard or become infested once in a great while. Placing one or two outposts wherever you plan to do some extended looting is a good idea.

    During a too many hoards event about 7 hoards are destination McReady. 2 travel along the road that runs N to S. 2 travel along the road that runs E to W. 3 hoards approach from the field directly SW of McReady (they travel through that low area just W of McReady, then up the slope and emerge right by the guard tower. Usually, they are cut to pieces by the sentry on duty as they stack up trying to get over the wood fence at the top of the slope.)

    The rest of the time, the hoards travel along the roads and in the fields but they are far away from base. They have set "patrol" patterns too and are easy to avoid.
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  18. Hortey

    Hortey Starting Off

    for the savani residence I like to put one outpost across the bridge in the building on the corner as usually 1/3rd to 1/2 of all hordes seem to come at them from that direction and the one house right in front of the treehouse doesn't seem to cut it if they come too fast... you end up with a horde in your yard.
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  19. Jeanna_Q

    Jeanna_Q Here To Help

    Usually when I play at Snyder's Warehouse I have a similar setup to what you showed, except I set all outposts for either ammo or building materials. Also I usually take those food ones you have on the north side of town and move them to the other side of the bridge usually one in the police station and the other in the house under construction near the downed helicopter. It may take away from the safe zone near the house but it is never an issue against hordes and with the 2 on the other side of the bridge it covers a pretty big chunk on that side and gives me places to drop off items over there instead of having to go all the way back to home base. Plus having the police station as an out posts just touches with the courthouse when you set up traps, covering even more ground. You may get the odd infestation in the gas station or mini mart by the warehouse but you are close to safety that it is usually a non issue. I have also been known from time to time to leave an ammo or maybe a construction outpost in Spencer's Mill for drop offs in that section of the map and a quick refuel stop from doing a Wilkerson mission of the dreaded Memento mission.
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  20. Markco

    Markco Got Your Back

    These setups create the illusion that you are safe. But the time when you can die is missions, so that governs my placement over a blanket of white in a small area. I'm talking late game, as I'm on BD:26 currently.

    I base my outposts on where missions can spawn. At snyder's I literally can cover every location missions spawn. So I put one up the road by the lone warehouse, one further up the road by grange in the normal game, the gas station, food market, house by savini, few houses over to cover middle, the rich community at the hill gets one at the construction site, and last one in Marshall.

    I also swap one out to get one in the area I'm looting or doing missions when they are far from home base.

    You really only need 2 outposts near your home to kill hordes, so that leaves a lot of options for covering mission locations and extended looting.

    I love the idea of bringing someone along so you can carry more loot. Brilliant!

    Edit: yes missions can still spawn far away or just outside my outposts, but the vast majority become trivial thanks to this setup.
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