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Discussion in 'State of Decay Guides' started by ShutUpLily, Jan 5, 2014.

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  1. Takuro_Spirit

    Takuro_Spirit Here To Help

    I like the idea of this type of outpost setup, especially at higher Breakdown levels. Being able to retreat to, or have a mission spawn inside a safe zone, plus having your locker there to resupply/stash is a great idea.

    I might want to expand on that too and leave a couple cars (if any are available) at each and pray they never move. Haven't tried in BD, but I know in Story Mode cars will go on a "Joy Ride" if you try to park too many in the same area.
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  2. ShutUpLily

    ShutUpLily Here To Help

    Ah, of course.

    I kind of like that bug, that way I know where to find everybody really fast whenever I'm in need for a wingman. ;)

    Yeah, that's exactly where I enter SM from when I'm taking the shortcut through the farm coming from Marshall.

    Seems like a nice layout, I'll give it a try next level. Good stuff, Kiel555.

    That must be the perfect spot for a few well-placed Flame Fougasse...

    Sounds manageable, and well worth it for the nice view of McReady's countryside. :D

    Yeah the outpost out front can easily get overran by hordes if they come too close together, but the snipe option from the guard tower can also help to keep them at bay.

    Yeah, that's the cool thing about Snyder's, it has so many outposts that it allows you to move 3 or 4 around, and you still have more than enough to keep your base protected at all times. I dismantle the bottom 3 as soon as I've cleaned the residential area, and move them to those same spots you mentioned so I can start scavenging the town, kind of emulating the placement for The Alamo.

    I do that whenever I spawn up there in BD and then move back down to Marshall, since most enclaves stay around that area.

    I usually place it right besides one of the enclaves, that way I can make some very convenient locker-cleaning runs, and deposit everything I want to get rid off on my neighbor's locker, and stretch out my influence.

    Well... you ARE very safe, as long as you stay inside those areas. :D

    My pictures are just an example of the outpost placement I use as soon as I move to one of those home-bases, so I can be fully protected while I build up all the necessary facilities, and scavenge all the nearby areas with light-armed Ninjas in the safest possible manner.

    Once I have a decent home-base up and running, and I've exhausted all the resources around the area, I start rotating all the necessary outpost to the next scavenging location, leaving just the few indispensable ones around the base to keep hordes at bay and whatnot.

    I think I asked you this question before elsewhere, but I missed or didn't see your reply...

    Have you noticed any increase in difficulty after lvl 12, or does it taper off at that point?

    That's a pretty clever approach, Markco... but then again, the risk involved in mission solving is one of my favorite things about the game and what I built my fighters for.

    I love the feeling of leaving the based packed with painkillers, explosives, molotovs and a full magazine, ready to open a fresh can of whoopass on those stinky zeds. Nothing beats that "sh**s about to go down" moment for me. :D

    Yeah, mule-looting is the way to go. Just get one of your "expendables" and a big backpack, and increase your loading capacity by 2x. Even better if you pick a PW. ;)
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  3. Markco

    Markco Got Your Back

    I swear it is subtly harder... But I cannot pin down what it is. Possibly resources and cars dwindling, but unless I search every map completely I wouldn't know for sure. Freak density definitely is up, but whether it's more than level 12 is hard to say. If I throw a firecracker around nine freaks show up.

    I once saw a feral, screamer, and bloater spawn on the same "spot" so they overlapped one another before beginning their random patrolling.

    Your fully upgraded survivors fair pretty well, but the weak ones are extremely vulnerable.

    I asked the moderator on here and she didn't give me a straight answer.
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  4. ShutUpLily

    ShutUpLily Here To Help

    Same here, I even made a thread asking about it, don't know if you saw it:
    So nobody's seem to be 100% sure about the difficulty topic...

    Yeah, fully maxed health and cardio are basic skills for survival after lvl10, regardless of equipment. Things can go south really really fast at the higher levels.

    I was kind of bummed out about not having the certainty whether the game was going to be getting harder or not, (since that's the most fun thing for me, stepping up to the challenge), but thankfully SwissArmyKnife came up with a really nice idea for a mod that keeps raising the difficulty until lvl30.

    Here's a link for those who might be interested on raising the bar:
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  5. LiNanMian1984

    LiNanMian1984 Here To Help

    Cars still go "Joy Ride"

    Had hoped they removed that... Would personal park cars all around my home...
  6. Jeanna_Q

    Jeanna_Q Here To Help

    I think that has a lot to do with the in game memory not being able to hold all the cars, and maybe a way of keeping it harder.
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  7. LiNanMian1984

    LiNanMian1984 Here To Help

    Had 3 Mp's at the busted bus. 2 Mp's up by the wrecked cars.
    6 around base at Stw. And another 4 in the small center by the Mama Rogers store.

    Not mentioning the 2 Mp's on the Ranger station side of the busted bridge... Just incase of spawning enclaves...

    Ray was good to me.
  8. Jeanna_Q

    Jeanna_Q Here To Help

    Lol, you know I never actually used the car perk from Ray Santos, never needed it. I always had more than enough Modern Pickups.
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  9. Kid Kayole

    Kid Kayole Here To Help

    You're just playing the story mode though right? In the story mode I didn't use ANYTHING, car spawns, sniper support, air strikes - I was always waiting for the game to get harder and it never did. I didn't even start using guns really until the last few missions at the fairgrounds, the game was just faaar too easy. I'm just about to go onto BD 5 and although it's a lot more challenging it's still gonna be a few more levels before I'm gonna need the support!
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  10. Jeanna_Q

    Jeanna_Q Here To Help

    Yea, I mean the story was hard the first time through when you didn't know anything, but as soon as you figure out what your doing, the difficulty drops off significantly.
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  11. Kid Kayole

    Kid Kayole Here To Help

    All the more reason to invest in Breakdown! :)
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  12. ShutUpLily

    ShutUpLily Here To Help

    The Joy Ride feature stills active on BD.

    I'm not 100% sure how it works, but I usually keep 8 vehicles parked as Snyder's, so I'm guessing 8 is the limit. The 9th would get relocated somewhere 2 or 3 blocks away from base.

    I personally think it's best to keep the essential vehicles at home and leave the rest scattered across the map, you never know when some weird incident might leave you stranded in the middle of nowhere, so better to have one of those "escape pods" around.

    My basic garage usually contains:
    • 2 Modern Pickups: Perfect for everyday missions, running down hordes and cleaning infestations.
    • 1 NORMA: Perfect for multiple rucksack transportation, (with or without the rucksack geometry mod).
    • 1 Police Cruiser: Perfect from transporting survivors back to base from distant locations.
    • 1 Caballo / Rally Hatchback: Perfect for fast quick trips to distant locations.

    Neither did I, but once you reach BD lvl10 and +, it becomes a different story. :D

    And a good PC so you can also run SAK's extended difficulty mod. :D
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  13. Kwazimoto

    Kwazimoto Got Your Back

    I know I can destroy Outposts that I don't want (such as the first four I placed around the Church, after moving my home to somewhere other than the Kirkman residence) but it seems the option to destroy them is via the map of your "Home" and not the map of the town & area.

    Is there a way to tell which Outpost is located where, so I don't accidentally destroy an Outpost I want to keep? Or do I need to remember the order I placed them in?
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  14. You have to remember the order i think.
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  15. Kwazimoto

    Kwazimoto Got Your Back

    Well, at least you only use Influence to "build" them, not actual Materials. And I guess the first four in the list must be the four I built in Spencer Mill to protect the Church :)

    Probably should have destroyed all of them before I began building Outposts around Snyder. Too late now :p
  16. YojimBeau

    YojimBeau Famous

    On the big map, hover over the outpost and it's number will appear on screen. Then, in the journal, count from left to right until you get to the correct one and delete it.

    Hint: Don't do multiples at one time. Go back to the map after deleting an outpost and check the number of the next one to delete. e.g. If you delete "1", "2" then becomes "1", "3" becomes "2", etc. That's why I'd suggest checking again.
  17. is there ever going to be a state of decay year two or something else added to the game?
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  18. Doomen Gloom

    Doomen Gloom Famous

    Played through so many times i rotate bases don't worry about outposts, some times I remember to put them up, I just have fun and do missions look for driving shortcuts. Jumps are my new thing.
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  19. Felio

    Felio Here To Help

    In guides for Lifeline I don't see people taking the outposts surrounding Black Friday, instead prioritizing covering roadways (for horde removal via traps?) and the special military outposts.

    Trained by SOD, though, the first three I took were those warehouses just north of Black Friday. Is there any value to keeping those buildings zed-free? The ones to the east do not appear to be enterable.
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  20. OldDogF14

    OldDogF14 Here To Help

    The only warehouse by Black Friday that is remotely worth it as an outpost is the one immediately to the north by the cell phone tower, as that also covers the highway and interferes with the movement of hordes.

    You can not keep any buildings, including outposts, "zed free." Outposts will, like in story mode and Breakdown, suppress zed spawns in the protected area, but will not prevent zeds from wandering in. Since you are in an urban area, you start off with a lot of zeds already wandering around, and zed density increases after every siege, so the longer you survive the more you're going to have to deal with them getting into your outposts.

    There is really no reason, other than the amusement factor, to outpost the military sites. Once you have one of the six-shot grenade launchers, and an ammunition shop to make more 40mm grenades, you do not need the military outposts to survive the sieges, and you should be using guns, hand grenades and incendiaries for everything else. It is more effective to site your outposts to try and control where the hordes can and can't move to in order to try and limit infestations. Resource-generation from outposts isn't a concern, because you can't. Even with the ability to call in logpacks, your resources will drain faster than you can replace them; after all, the whole point of the mode is to force you to complete the mission and get out. The influence drain alone will, after you complete the last mission, eventually force that.
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