SoD2: Tow Truck's Original Purpose?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DJB204, Jan 23, 2018.

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  1. DJB204

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    I was playing SoD1 again tonight and I started counting all the areas on the map where there are vehicle pileups. It got me thinking that maybe the devs had originally planned for the tow truck to have more functionality and purpose in SoD1. These vehicle pileups are seen at both entrances leading into Marshall city. More pileups can be seen at both bridges heading towards the town of Fairfield. These burnt pileups had just enough room to navigate a vehicle through in the final launch build of SoD1, but what if this wasn't the original plan? What if these pileups were originally suppose to be impassable?.... at least until we've located the piggy tow truck.

    Maybe it's just wishful thinking assuming that the piggy tow truck was originally intended to have more purpose, and be used to clear these pileups off the roads. These impassable pileups would have created some interesting situations where we would either need to proceed on foot or turn around (at least until we've located the piggy tow truck). These types of scenarios have been used in The Walking Dead's TV show, comics, and video games many times, and it's very effective. Using the tow truck in SoD1 could have been loud and slow to operate just like they are in real life, so gaining the luxury of safe passage in a vehicle through these pileups would require risky work. It would have been a high risk/high reward situation. The noise of using the tow truck could attract a lot of zeds. I would have loved the gameplay element of having to make the choice....

    - (Tough choice without the tow truck). Proceed on foot or turn around?
    - (Tough choice with the tow truck). Whether or not to use the tow truck at all due to the obvious risks involved.

    If SoD2 were to implement the piggy tow truck in this way, I think this would be a really good addition. They could make it more immersive by having the location of these pileups different every time. The location of the RV in Breakdown changed all the time, so maybe it wouldn't be too hard to have the location of these pileups change too (which entrances/bridges would be impassable). <<<This sure would sure add to immersion in a big way in my opinion. Not knowing when/if you would be met with an obstruction in the road. Making the choice to either chance walking and being exposed to what ever threat lies ahead, or turning around (which could have it's own consequences). For example: If someone in your group is in need of medical attention but the only town that hasn't been completely looted in only accessible on foot.

    I know this is a long extensive look at my thoughts on the piggy tow truck, and I don't know how many of you will actually read it, but if you do i would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks.
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    I like the idea of cars needing to be fixed with parts (actually got a thread somewhere about fixing them up with either matching or unmatched parts, letting you spend a few more resources to find the perfect piece, or giving you the option of a fixed but raggedy vehicle) and I can see the burned out and unmovable cars as part of that. You could go to those to loot a new resource that's simply car parts, and those are needed to fix vehicles. As you loot them you can take a few little parts in your inventory (perhaps with some of them taking multiple slots) but doing so will leave the wreck there even when you can't take loose parts from it. The tow truck would be a once in a lifetime vehicle that you find and would be added to your motor shop when you have one set up. This would allow the radio ability to come pick up wrecks where you find them, clearing them from that iteration of the map for good and giving you a bounty of car parts.

    That, as you can see, was a behind the scenes thing. Adding in your ideas, allows for new mission types from the mechanic once you've found one. You could go with them to protect them as they're cutting the usable cars free of the rubble using loud saws and the like. You could play the mechanic in a game of chicken against the zombies as a couple of AI survivors (or even friends) protect you against a never-ending horde while you loot as many pieces as you can (looting mechanic shows as you sawing loudly) and take them to the truck before hooking the final car up and driving home (perhaps even trailing a siege behind you as you do so).

    Add in truly impassable places that are changed in each iteration, and there's a boss version of that mission where you're cutting cars free and pulling them aside to clear the road as quickly as possible.
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    @DJB204 - Thanks for posting your thoughts - Some great ideas for the Tow Truck:)
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