Some observations about leapfrog ability

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by futurehermit, Nov 17, 2017.

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  1. futurehermit

    futurehermit Got Your Back

    I'm in the high teens on breakdown where there are mobs of screamers everywhere (bloaters have literally vanished -- is that common?).

    I usually get leapfrog for my reflex characters. I've played a bit with the instant counter, but find it a bit unreliable.

    I normally use it when I get mobbed, similar to pro wrestling.

    However, I accidentally found two other uses for it:

    1) When screamers are inhaling, the leapfrog interrupts their upcoming scream and puts them on the ground (unlike/faster than melee attacks, I've found).

    2) When used against sitting zombies, it prevents them from being able to do their usual launch-themselves-at-you routine.

    Not the most earth-shattering perhaps, but kind of interesting, especially given the many screamers I'm encountering right now. And it provides another option for sitting zombies, as I normally combat roll or shoot them.
  2. Biker Steve

    Biker Steve Got Your Back

    I'm on level 15 myself. Level 14 had at least 2-3 bloaters in the immediate vicinity. On level 15, it's 4-5 screamers, and the only bloaters I've seen have been on Zed hunt missions involving them. The screamers are *really* annoying, but at least my NPCs aren't getting sick on every mission anymore.

    I did get treated to my first screamer body slam using one of my powerhouse characters. :D
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  3. futurehermit

    futurehermit Got Your Back

    Glad to hear the lack of bloaters isn't just something wrong with my version of the game :) body slamming screamers is good times :D
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  4. Kid Kayole

    Kid Kayole Here To Help

    The later levels go through sort of themes I believe, like, levels 15 - 20: loads of screamers, levels 20 - 25: loads of bloaters, things like that. I'm sure I've seen a full list on the forums somewhere.
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  5. futurehermit

    futurehermit Got Your Back

    That's cool. Kind of mixes it up a bit. The loads of screamers are pretty nuts when they start chaining. Ferals usually are the ones to kill me, but the chaining has caught me a couple of times, especially when they pull in a feral or two as well :) Hopefully "loads of ferals" isn't one of the things I'll encounter in later levels :D
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  6. MrsFish

    MrsFish Here To Help

    For my reflex characters, I just don't choose any option. You have to be standing perfectly still to get the instant-counter work, and the leapfrog IMO is just stupid. The generic combat roll is superior to either, and has saved my butt countless times. I'd rather keep that any day.
  7. futurehermit

    futurehermit Got Your Back

    Yeah, the combat roll is insanely broken :D but fun! I don't mind leapfrog. It's handy in a pinch, but, yeah, combat rolling is much, much stronger. Something different. I was just surprised to see its impact on screamers and sitting zombies. Moved it up a notch for me.
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