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Discussion in 'Forum Games' started by Matt419, Oct 12, 2013.

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  1. Matt419

    Matt419 Here To Help

    So, new RP idea. Before I start, this will start once FT's Scorching Fire RP dies. I don't want to ruin his RP at all, as I think its pretty good. I just wanted to get this idea out now so o can get some feedback in what people think of it.

    Firstly, this is kind of a Splinter Cell RP, and is loosely based off Splinter Cell Blacklist. Well, the enemies will be who they are in Blacklist. There won't be Sam Fisher though, or anyone known in the splinter cell series. I'll just be using some elements of the story, some organisations etc. Please don't feel like you won't enjoy it if you've never played splinter cell, or don't like them. It's more of a spy RP than anything. I'm just gonna be using certain elements of the splinter cell story.

    So then, Andersen Air Force base, Guam. The entire base is destroyed by an unknown group. Soon after, a terrorist group known as "The Engineers" take credit and threaten to carry out more attacks on America, unless one action is carried out by America. That action is for America to bring all its troops home.

    Your character will be recruited into Fourth Echelon. An ultra-secret organisation within the US government charged with bringing the Engineers down, and stopping them before they damage the US even more.

    I currently have three roles for characters, spy (this will be the person that goes into the field and carry out the mission), technician (this will be the tech expert of the group. As well as being a hacker, they will be in charge of all the equipment, technological anyway, that the spies use. Depending on what you want, they can go out in the field, but they wont be as good at fighting as the spies) and intelligence (the people who will gather the intelligence beforehand, plan the operation, and give the spy's intel throughout).

    If there are any more roles you can think of, feel free to suggest them to me and, if they work, I'll add them in.

    Since Fourth Echelon will be this über secret organisation, your character doesn't necessarily have to be American (although it is preferred). They can have whatever background you like (it doesn't have to be strictly legal) in reason.

    Depending on the number of players we get, I may for, two teams. They will both be working for Fourth Echelon, with the same job of stopping the engineers, bit they will carry out different missions. However, there will be missions where both teams will have to work together. Also, if one team needs extra hands for a mission, they am be able to call in extra help from the second team. This depends on how many people we get though. Anymore than 6 or 7, there'll probably be two teams. Or me team, but two missions might occasionally be carried out simultaneously. We'll see.

    Anyway, this is it for now. If very one likes the idea, more info will follow. Please give any feedback, stuff you think should be added. All idea will be considered.

    Background: (can be anything within reason. If you have any questions, please ask.)
    Role: (either spy, technician or intelligence. If you have any other roles you can think of, just ask me if you're allowed them first.)

    This probably won't start until at least Tuesday, probably later. Friday at the latest though.

    As always, any questions about anything, please ask.
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  2. Matt419

    Matt419 Here To Help

    My first character, and our mighty leader.

    Name: Chris Hanson
    Age: 39
    Appearance: 6' 1", short black hair with streaks of grey, muscular build.
    Background: joined the military at 18. Spent six years in the marines, followed by three as a Navy SEAL. Spent the next 12 years as an agent in the CIA. Now tasked by the president as leading Fourth Echelon and stopping the blacklist.
    Role: Spy
  3. K-Man

    K-Man Here To Help

    Personal Provided informations
    Name: Robert Boulders
    Contact: -COVERED-
    Birth Date: 02/04/1980

    Role: Intel-collector, On-Field Support and Recon

    Professional Experience:

    1998 - Iraq

    2000 - China
    Espionage and tracking of terrorist cell

    2004 - Afghanistan
    Tracking and Eliminating -COVERED-
    -COVERED- The case turned personal, -COVERED-, Agent Boulders reported a major injury, and caused the failure of the mission.

    2009 - -COVERED-
    Collaboration with the Interpol over the interruption of a world wide weapon traffic

    Personal Competence:

    Languages: English, Russian, Arab, French

    Skills: Experienced hacker and programmer, helping in the development of prototypes for special operations.
    Flying license for small size planes and helicopters.
    Proficient with the use of basic operation weapons.
    ---to be added---

    Psychological Profile:
    Emotionally detached from the members of the team, due to background information. Valuable member for the mission.
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  4. Julia_Faye

    Julia_Faye Famous

    I'll give this a go but like I said feel free to boot me if you get too many people. Tell me if it makes sense or not I had to google info on military stuff and the Blacklist game. :p
    Edit:Nevermind Sherry Birkin fits best with what I said originally :)
    Name: Tatjana Larouche
    Background: A gymnast since age 9, Tatjana's Russian parents had immigrated to America and had high expectations for her to be in the olympics for the American gymnastics team. And indeed she did manage to get the silver medal for her team at the olympics at age 25. Afterwards she wanted to persue her passions; computers, weapons and gadgets. She had been studying computer science at St. John's College on and off, but decided she could program rings around her instructors. She worked for several different communications firms contracted by the U.S. Navy becoming an established hacker. So she enlisted and became an armorer, maintaining weapons and explosive devices. She specifically liked to toy with nightvision goggles in her spare moments. Her specific qualifications as a gymnast, hacker, and armorer caused her superiors to take notice and eventually her name reached all the way to the president who then decided to offer her a spot on the Fourth Echelon team.
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  5. Matt419

    Matt419 Here To Help

    All looks good.

    Just so everyone knows, this is a new team. My first post will probably be my character briefing everyone on the mission. It's also good to see not everyone is just being spies, and we have some variety. Great!
  6. PoorRandall

    PoorRandall Got Your Back

    Name: Lark Western
    Age: 41
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Background: Worked as an enforcer for the Fourth Echelon or "4Ech" as some call it for around fifteen years. Six years ago something happened on a mission that only Chris and Lark really know about. After that mission Lark has been drinking his pennies away, having to resort to underground fight clubs to earn money. Being 4Ech's greatest hand-to-hand fighter this was more tedious than difficult.
    Role: Enforcer.
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  7. Fear

    Fear Here To Help

    Name: Jessica Knight
    Age: 25
    Appearance: Might just do a picture, is much, much easier. Plus Jessica is very sexy and badass in RE: Revelations. :p
    Personality: A flirt more than anything, Jessica loves to talk about herself and is very open to every aspect of her life, including her sex life which she brings up a lot. Keeps calm and collected at most aspects of life, has a mean sense a humour that some people enjoy, and can be cocky. Jessica is trust-worthy but screw her over and find yourself dead.
    Background:The young, beautiful, swimmer Jessica at an early age began swimming, her parents only kept encouraging her, but soon made her dream of a Olympic swimmer a hassle, it wasn't fun swimming for competition. Once she had disobeyed her parents wishes in her teen ages, Jessica's looks got her in trouble with many boys, and created an uproar between herself and her father. At the age of 18, she left school with her report cards full of A's, and various recommendations from teachers. In the next 7 years, Jessica had graduated from university in Business and Accounting. With her high recommendations and training she was accepted to be a CIA secretary. There she learnt more than just her day job, she'd find herself fascinated with the field jobs and began to train for something like that.

    One of the older CIA members began to train her, and began to realise she was more than a pretty face. Over the 7 years she could handle different fire-arms, especially a sniper with precision and speed. From their she proved she could be a field agent, and switched from her desk job. Excelling through the ranks she was highly recommended by her boss to the president as a candidate to be part of this elite team, 'Fourth Echelon'.

    Role: Spy. Jessica however excels in specific areas that others don't. These include her amazing agility, speed and accuracy skills. Her slim, fit body figure keeps her quiet and can keep her out of the enemy's line of sights. Jessica talks with her eyes and looks more than anything and usually this gives her what she wants, when she wants. When it comes to fire-arms she excels in crossbows and snipers, also having a steady hand on a handgun. However automatic weapons aren't her cup of tea and also her downfall. Also an amazing swimmer, she can hold her breath for longer than most people.
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  8. scarface4467

    scarface4467 Here To Help

    Name: Jason "Scar" Conrad
    Age: 29
    Appearance: download (6).jpg
    Background: Went to one of the best colleges in the country for 5 years and learned how to use a computer better. He helped the CIA with the field intel and he was the Intelligence for their missions he also learned how to use Hand to Hand and a pistol only when he had to use it, he was the abruptly kicked out of it for certain reasons he doesn't like to talk about. Trevor then was hired for the '4Ech' because of his 'background'.
    Role: intelligence/field intel
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  9. Four Two Zeeero

    Four Two Zeeero Here To Help

    Name: Eli Deckard
    Age: 26
    Background: Fresh out of MIT. He majored in Computer Engineering. Eli spent most of his teenage years as a "White Hat" hacker, exploring the details of programmable systems and stretching their capabilities. He would constanly break security systems for non-malicious reasons, while working for the company known as The EC-Council, also known as the International Council of Electronic Commerce Consultants. Eli would perform security penetration tests and vulnerability assesments within a contractual agreement. He delighted in having an intimate understanding of the internal workings of a system, computers and computer networks in particular. After college he decided to step it up a notch and become a "Black Hat" hacker, cracking ATMs, ripping off people on the Internet (but only those who truly deserve it). After his run as The Electronic Robin Hood, he "accidently" broke into the U.S. Government's Missile Defense Network and was quickly arrested weeks later. The Agency known as Fouth Echelon caught wind of Eli and scooped him up to be apart of their team.
    Role: Technician.
  10. Fenrir

    Fenrir Here To Help

    Name: Weisse Kirschtein
    Age: 27

    Background: Since the 16th century, the Kirschtein name has been infamous for its underground influence across eastern Europe. In the darkness of the night the band of thieves and cutthroats would strike against the clergy and the nobility in the night, taking for themselves to give to the highest bidder. The family, at the time, led by Reiner Kirschtein, was ruled by no man, and the streets of the night were owned by the groups influence. It was not until 1924 that the family would be contested by law officials and rival gangs alike, and pressured against both forces, the Kirschtein name fell from great heights. From master thieves and contractors to cattle in a slaughterhouse, the entire family was captured within their home of Castle Mornfell, the estate of the family since its inception. Executed for their crimes the family fell from power, and was no more. Or so the officials believed. In 1925, only days before her execution, Carmilla Kirschtein gave birth to a young boy, Aedan Kirschtein, and was able to hand him off to a trusted family member before he was discovered by officials. He would be taken over seas to the United States of America, where anyone could start their life anew. The boy went through his entire life not knowing of the legacy his family name held, until 1942 when he had signed up to join the fight against the Axis forces in the east after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Holding a front line near the German borders Aedan had to take cover in Castle Mornfell with his squad. It was there that he discovered the secrets of his past, and with a conviction to fight onwards the defensive line was held and the battle was won. After the war, Aedan stayed in the east, held up in a nearby hamlet by the castle, travelling up to it whenever he had the time. Great artifacts and secrets lay waiting for him there, and he spent his days in study, and in training, rebuilding the family name.
    Married in 1984, and having a son in 86, Aedan raised his son, Weisse, as a master of the dark, using stealth and cunning to slowly bring the Kirschtein name back into power. Now, in the modern day, Weisse at age 27 has been brought into the Fourth Echelon of the United States "blacker than black" ops, for his skill in the arts and his families rebuilt influence. Using both firearms, and more brutal renaissance weaponry, Weisse raises his pistol and blade to the cause.

    Role: Proposed new role: Faceman. Whether its smooth talking or stealth, the faceman gets where he needs to be in any way he pleases. By tricking others with his silver tongue and disguising himself, he can slip into the heart of enemy lines without anyone batting an eye, and when its not viable, a stealthier approach can always be taken. This role encourages charismatic play and manipulation of guards, soldiers, and other hostiles, while still managing to be an effective stealth operative, although not as silent as the spy.
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  11. Mad cannibal

    Mad cannibal Here To Help

    Name: Raul Mendez
    Age: 39
    Background: He's been working on low-key operations around the globe since he first joined the CIA. He got bumped up in a promotion and joined 4th ech. He has a nice family back in the states and a decent house and car. He's more of an undercover agent than into stealth, good at getting information out of people and fixing up things with an engine. He can fly a plane as well as he can drive a car. He's cocky but within reason. He'll pull out a joke on occasion but keeps most of it to sarcasm.
    Role: Spy
  12. Fear

    Fear Here To Help

    Loving all the characters so far, added a bit more onto Jessica. But yeah, can't wait for this! Loving the pictures to, to gives us a clearer visual.
  13. Matt419

    Matt419 Here To Help

    Yeah, liking everyone's characters. I don't know when I'll start this now with so many people interested...

    Does everyone want me to start it today? Or on Tuesday?
  14. K-Man

    K-Man Here To Help

    (you trying to stab Scorching Fire? This soon?!)
    You can start pulling out two teams

    I like Fen's one: a double-player!
  15. Matt419

    Matt419 Here To Help

    Nah, does no one understand the concept that two RP's can go on at the same time?

    Also, I do like Fen's.

    Another question, does everyone want two teams, or one team that can carry out two missions simultaneously?
  16. Fear

    Fear Here To Help

    Maybe, you have this one big team and you assign different people for different jobs according to their skill, so in a sense it is two teams but also one. I don't know, I just believe it will be easier.
  17. K-Man

    K-Man Here To Help

    One with two missions? It will get kind of blurry, but it can work - as long as people sticks with the plan
  18. Matt419

    Matt419 Here To Help

    That's what I thought as well.
  19. Matt419

    Matt419 Here To Help

    It just means that missions don't get overcrowded. We'll see how the first one goes, and go from there.

    I'll probably try and make this later today, I'm not sure yet.
  20. Fear

    Fear Here To Help

    Speaking of the Scorching Fire RP, you need to post K-Man in correspondence to FT's last post.
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