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Discussion in 'News' started by Undead Nicole, Jun 13, 2016.

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    Noooooo thank you; I'm already dealing with them spawning in tag-team pairs at BD L1, and on L17 I've got quintuplet ferals coming at me! :eek:
  3. DJB204

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    I think SOME of those ideas are pretty good personally. Back to my questions for Q&A...

    If I'm playing co-op with some friends, and somebody gets hurt or tired, or their weapon breaks or they run out of ammo, can I give them something I'm currently carrying to help them out? or will there be an item trade requirement? If we do have the ability to give items, I hope their isn't an trade requirement to do so. What if the player in need has nothing to offer?

    Another question I have. If I die, or a friend dies, are we able to loot each others corpses? What if I'm carrying my favorite weapon and I don't want to lose it when I die, can I prevent other players from looting these items from my corpse? What if I die carrying DLC items? Will the player be able to lay claim to items they haven't paid for?

    To add to the looting friends topic, what if I'm carrying a rucksack when I die, will other players loot the rucksack or the backpack? If the rucksack is what is looted, what happens to the backpack and its items?
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    I may have missed the boat on this one, i've been off the forums for a while, but always checking back in the shadows :).

    I have a question about Co-op, if my friends wanna jump into my game, do they get assigned a person from my community that i already have, or will they just be randomly generated and then disappear again when they've finished playing? Perhaps you even have to chose someone from your own base to take through to other peoples games?

    Or, do i have a "profile guy" i can jump into peoples games with . . that i can level up as i play online in my friends games? . . . Well, until he/she gets eaten that is . . then back to level 0 ?

    I hope that made sense, and i apologize if this has been covered already, you guys are much more clued up than me these days :).
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  5. DJB204

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    The FAQ states "player will maintain control of their own community and roster of characters" so you can rule out players taking control of 'your' roster.

    Also, having a character that you only use when in another players game, that would be a bad design. Especially with permadeath. In SoD games, when you die, your character is gone. (No respawns). There is also the question of fatigue, injury, or illness. What are you suppose to do when your characters suffers from one of these conditions? The host can simply swap out his character, it's only fair that guests can do this too.

    I feel the best design would be to allow players to swap characters from their own game roster, even while in another players game. This would have to be strictly done 'only' within the safety of the hosts base, otherwise players would just swap out to another character if they are on the brink of death. Hardly seems fair.
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  6. Necrotic Eradicator

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    I fully agree with your comment, for me it was hard to think of what they are going to do, as you rightly pointed out, Permadeath is a big thing in SOD and it added so much tension to the game ( as well as illness etc), something I think a good Zombie game should have. If the drop in drop out option was to create a random for the joiner then I could send my mate into a dangerous area without the fear of repercussion . . (use the generated guy as a threat probe & scout, lure) without risking any of my people, that for me would be bad.

    I really like the idea of choosing someone from your own base and game to take through, that way you’ll really not want to lose your character, and it puts the threat back and the tension which I love so much. There really is nothing worse than taking your best guy in a friends game and they just watch him/her die, while you scream out “HELP!”. . frustrating but awesome mechanic
  7. CaptainAssassin

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    I'm curious about the fatigue mechanic in SoD2...

    Will it work the same way? If so, will a guest player have to go back to the host home base to rest, while the others players continue without them? Or would it be similar to Minecraft where all players need to be home for rest to take effect, along with the appropriate passage of time?
  8. 16.jpg schneefraese-oebb-einsatz-st-johan-269861.jpg 17096669931_204c0bb559_b.jpg

    on the concept pics we can see many tracks from a railroad so i hope we can used and drive a train ingame with the new bigger map and the coop.
    on one pic we can see a camp on an railroad bridge can we drive trough it than, with our very strong and fast train with mega speed and destroy it ??

    höhöhöhöh muhahaha löltz zombie smashing with trains is coool, a train from the snow-plowing service with an big snowblower *** no words, big eyes *** very bloody :) :) :) ............ its not a bug, that is an inovation :)

    ööhhmm nicole sanja jeff ...undead labs....RR ...... meeeegaaa nneeed ..........please
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    Not sure if disturbingly excited, or cat walking across keyboard...

    That happened to me too. The auto-record clip labled itself something like 'You actually survived!' Don't want to think about 4+ ferals...
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  11. matt19818

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    Can we have an option for AI followers to help by allowing them to pick up rucksacks and other items.
    Also can we get rucksacks to appear in vehicles when you load them in the vehicle storage.
  12. Even if this game comes to $200 after all extras and DLC Undead Labs you're still getting it. While I'm at it Undead Labs please include a ton of easter eggs like you did in the first one. Maybe an achievement to find them all? Also I may be the only one to think this but maybe this year we should take out more of the special infected types. Instead I say in some areas heavily populate zeds. Much larger hordes and even connecting hordes (like when 2 hordes meet they become one and still grow by any straggling zeds passing by) also I think we take out the juggernaut and bloated as I have found these the least likely to be around and we make feral smaller and even more ferocious, also armored zeds should require removal of the helmet before killing them making them way more dangerous and harder to kill (could be armored zed and juggernaut combined)
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  13. Vers

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    I'm wondering if UL scrapped Focus Aim for SOD II or if they found a work around for when you're playing with friends.
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  14. XzerothreeX

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    Was curious about that myself. Suddenly, Ferals are a serious threat again.
  15. Bob Crees

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    I hope Focus Aim is available for people wishing to play on their own.
  16. DJB204

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    Since focus aim originally slowed down time for bullet placement, maybe UL will go the route that Red Dead Redemption went? They too had their own version of focus aim called 'dead eye'. In Red Dead's single player, dead eye slowed down time similar to focus aim, but in multiplayer we had to drag the crosshairs over the enemy which painted targets all over the enemy depending on where we dragged the crosshairs. It was done in real-time because you cant put multiplayer into slow motion. Once the targets were panted on the enemy, we pulled the trigger automatically unleashing a barrage of perfectly placed bullets.

    This wasn't the same slow motion method we were used too, but it worked for multiplayer very well. With a little bit of practice head shots were a breeze.

    I think this type of system could provide a decent alternative to focus aim during co-op, but I do agree with you in hoping the traditional focus aim system returns for solo players.
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  17. this might have been answered but is there pvp like pvp game type or modes or is it all pvm/coop. maybe a survival of the fittest game type lol im cool with just pvm/coop but im just curious
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  18. Undead Nicole

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    This is a PVE game. :)
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    GEO THUNDER Here To Help

    Will the weapons and cars from the monthly challenges in YOSE appear in the sequel? I love the pig truck and the swords. If there is a fire station in the game, then the firefighter weapons could pop up there. At a gym, there could be barbells you could pick up.
  20. CaptainAssassin

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    Will there be a "Realistic / Gibraltar" toggle for tricycles in the settings menu?
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