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  1. How is this going to work together: assigning AI characters to missions, to leadership, opposing goals, exiling them from the community?
    I ask because I know how to swing a melee weapon on the 360 (press X). Knowing how to swing a melee weapon doesn't make me immune from being killed.
    I would like to know how to run a community? Knowing how to run a community won't make me immune from running it poorly.

    This is what I've heard. You can assign AI characters to missions. You can level up characters. Characters have ideals and goals. Characters leveled high enough can be given leadership roles. Leaders will give their advice on what to do. They will either agree with what you do or disagree. The community will reflect our actions.

    Who is going to disagree with gathering resources? We need ammo, medical supplies, building materials, food and fuel.

    If there is going to be disagreement, then it has to be about how and/or where we gather those supplies. Do we have the option to raid AI survivor camps? Are we the Wilkersons?

    Who is going to disagree about building needed facilities?

    If there is going to be disagreement, then it has to be about the ratio of building types. Are there going to be building types: passive medical, garden: neutral beds, kitchen: active workshop, guard towers.

    Who is going to disagree about building up the community size?

    If there is going to be disagreement, then it has to be about who is being let in and who is being forced out? Can we choose to be discriminatory (no snorers allowed)? Can we execute/exile the sick?

    I don't really care if any of those hypotheticals are true, I just want to know what to keep in mind when I'm contemplating a certain action.

    If I do this, what's going to happen to the rest of the community? How is it going to work together? If I can't figure it out in gameplay, then the resort option is to simply only include survivors with the same ideals and goals and simply follow their advice which will be unanimous or immediately recognize my playstyle with the closest ideal available in the game and only include those survivors as they won't object to what I do.

    If I try to balance a multitude of ideals and goals, the community has no chance unless I have some understanding of how "the system" works. How does it work? Or at the very least what "meter/attitude" should I be looking at on the individual character records to know how close they are to open rebellion?

    There's something to be said for "solving puzzles" and/or "self-aware exploration". SoD had neither of those. Why would SoD2?
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    GEO THUNDER Here To Help

    The last News article on the U.L. website was made on January 20. Why hasn't there been any new ones since then? Did all the news move to the page for SoD 2?
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    Microsoft has taken over the news releases for SOD2.
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    On the state of decay 2 site it talks about how there will be human enemies and it says the same on Microsoft's page for state of decay 2. How will the human enemies play? Will we be able to fight humans or will it be more of a passive aggressive type of enemy?
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  6. i have seen in the last sod 2 video from e3. that there are many new features and gameplay changes are in the new game . i like the old part of sod , and i hope i can play sod 2 same style like sod . is there ingame an otion to stop the plague and the crawling zombies in the main menu ? so that we can build our favorit game with, or without some of the new stuff. when, i will play in the old style, for me it was perfect.
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