State of Decay 2 on Amazon.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vladtheimpalerr, Nov 13, 2017 at 11:51 AM.

  1. Vladtheimpalerr

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    While I know that the release date on Amazon isn't the real date, I've seen people asking questions on there. The one that I don't know the answer to is: Will state of Decay 2 be a game where you have to have internet to play at all times. Even in solo play.

    Me personally, I hope not. Because sometimes people's
    Internet does go down due to storms and other reasons. I feel like it would be a good idea to make it playable while not connected to the internet. Obviously you'd need internet to update the game so you can play. Those kind of games have made me not like them so much, like The Division.

    What would really be cool is if the game releases somewhere around my birthday, which is in March lol but I definitely wouldn't complain if it releases much sooner.
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  2. Undead Nicole

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    You'll need to be online for Co-Op play.
  3. Vladtheimpalerr

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    Now that is understandable and there is nothing wrong with that. But would you need internet to play solo, while offline?
  4. MrStrange

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    They said no a while back. Unless something has changed of course.
    Big concern of mine too. Hitman all over again otherwise. :'(
  5. Vladtheimpalerr

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    I must have missed them saying that, my bad lol I'll be online a lot, helping others and having humans to watch my back while getting supplies. But sometimes solo play is awesome, because I don't most of my friends playing with me, they're the reckless type lol
  6. MrFish

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    I guarantee you at some point I'm going to plow in to a pile of zombies in a car and MrsFish is going to blow me up with a grenade.
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  7. Felio

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    I think “always online” DRM is dead. You will have to authenticate your installation online, but after that you won’t need a connection to play single player.

    DRM has actually gotten very good the past few years, taking hackers months to crack. I read something about a celebrity hacker of the game-cracking world predicting the possible end of game piracy in the near future. I’m not an expert, so maybe there are dissenting opinions in that community, but I think it’s a good sign.

    We haven’t seen always online DRM in a while. Players put up with a lot of BS, but for that they said no. I mean, that one Assassin’s Creed game had DRM like that, and mainstream review (PC Gamer?) for it opened: “Assassin’s Creed: (whatever installment) is a great game. Don’t buy it.”

    Oh, and then when Microsoft announced the Xbox One would require an online authentication every 24 hours or go into lockdown, everyone lost their goddamn minds and they had to reverse course. Remember that?
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  8. orgelambart

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    the main go-to DRM is still Denuvo (for the PC), but prior to the last Denuvo update hackers had pretty much figured out how to crack it with in a few days.. I think when Denuvo updated the crackers are back to having issues with breaking the code too soon.. Eitherway it makes me utterly sick thinking that we need DRM like this because some people are so poor they have to steal others work. like 99% of DRM is harmless, even the ones that require constant online connection, the only issue then comes from very minor situations where someone lacks a steady internet connection,

    As for consoles,, I don't think any single player games require always online for the Consoles,, that idea was phased out before the console even launched, which also explains why alot of the other nifty features were never implemented.. like installing your game and never needing to change the disk, etc etc etc..
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  9. Vladtheimpalerr

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    I'll be hitting zombies to with my vehicles haha remember hitting the Juggernaut with a vehicle?? Like it almost totals your car and takes one more hit to kill it. Though almost all of your tires are popped and your engine is smoking lol
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  10. MrFish

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    The issue with DRM is about what do you do in 20 years when servers shut down and forms of authentication stop working? I mean so far we haven't had anything TOO drastic. I think the worst case has been Games for Windows Live going down, and that was a non-issue for me even with the few games I had that required it.

    Truth be told it's a larger issue relating to the free flow of information in the Information Age, not just limited to games, but any media anyone purchases/licenses/uses. You just see it in games because you get a lot of special cases, like The Scott Pilgrim game being download only but then the publisher not renewing the license, so you can't buy the game any more but you can download it if you own it.
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