State of Decay 2 suggestion: Bring MMO Dream of the CEO to Reality

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by YEHUU, Dec 5, 2017.

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  1. Hello developers and State of Decay community,

    Looking at the extreme success of battle ground unknown and fortnight, the battle royale style games have the most views on twitch. I think a 100 1v1 or 4 man team style mode would be alot of fun, and bring a good end game to extend the overall lifespan of state of decay. If battle royal was free, it would bring alot of new poeple that are afraid of playing a zombie game, and media exposure (aka twitch) to the brand.

    What is need for Battle Royal:

    -Big maps (which their are four)
    -Loot (melee, fire arms, clothing/equipment)
    -Multiplayer support
    -indoor buildings
    -scorebored (journal)
    -Player Health (food, water, cold/sick)
    -stamina (pills/red bull)
    -Servers (Microsoft)

    Their is a big opportunity to add the MMO style feel that the CEO dreamed of, but without sacrificing the CO-OP nature of state of decay, which is through battle royal. I think microsoft will like that ;D


    Yehuu-Zombie killing bastard
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  2. Doomen Gloom

    Doomen Gloom Famous

    This game is PVE not PVP which is why I play it. There are 500 games out there where all you do is shoot someone else, there is only one State of Decay. Perma death is what makes this game you can't have that in battle royal.
  3. Mercenaryman

    Mercenaryman Got Your Back

    Exactly. The Devs have said that the main focus for State of Decay is around community, and general cooperation against the undead hordes. To me a PVP-style game mode would just feel out of place. Also, as a side note, I think Fortnite and PUBG both fill up the battle royale space quite a bit. If Undead Labs wanted to make a battle royale game,(even if it was free) it would be hard to get as much attention as those other well established games. Especially when Fortnite Battle Royale is not only free, but is already on consoles.
  4. MrFish

    MrFish Got Your Back

    I think the developers should scrap what they have and turn State of Decay 2 in to a mobile match-3 game with micro-transactions and loot boxes.
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  5. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Okay, I admit that this made me laugh harder than it should have.
  6. Furie

    Furie Here To Help

    The title and content of this thread are so far removed from each other that I honestly had to check I'd clicked on the right one.

    I'm with the title over the content. There are loads of features in MMOs that are built to bring players back day after day, week after week. Bringing some of those into State of Decay could work really well alongside the multiplayer aspects, making it a lot closer to the "MMO Dream" of Jeff Strain and the rest of the original dev team. Events, challenges, limited time currencies and shops that take them; these are the sorts of things I'm in favour of, as I can see how they'd bring back players who've fallen away from the game so that they can get new items.

    But turning it into a mass PvP arena? That'd just make the game a whole lot worse. See, the engine isn't built for anything like that meaning it'd have to be rebuilt from the ground up with that many players in mind. Maps would have to be completely redesigned with a focus on competitive multiplayer (you need to build for tactics or the games are bland), systems would have to be built with match-ups in mind rather than long term play, the way bases interact with player abilities would again have to be redesigned to account for the time spent in the match instead of tens of hours of gameplay. The list goes on, but those few bits alone should show you why this isn't going to work with a game like SoD2.

    Putting aside what I said about this not bringing an MMO feel to the game, I've got to address the idea of Microsoft liking this feature. Microsoft just dropped approximately (and this is only a rough guess) three point five metric fortunes on bringing Player Unknown's Battlegrounds to Xbox One. They've invested money in having that sort of game on the console already. There is no way in hell they're going to want to dilute one of the few original games they've got, damaging a growing franchise in the process, just to join the fad with what would have to be a watered down competitor. It's just bad business.
  7. Furie

    Furie Here To Help

    Now this, despite being a joke, is actually a pretty sweet idea for a spin off or themed minigame.

    I can see the aim being to search houses (match those houses) to find RV parts in order to escape the board you're on. Each house will either have an RV part, a survivor (extra life earned by scoring points) or food in it. Food builds a food storage which strengthens your survivors and gives access to special moves. However, some houses will be infestations that not only have no items in them but will cause damage to your health bar based on how many zombies are on the board at the time you match the Infestation Houses.

    You can clear zombies by matching them, and matching five takes out a horde which will revert all infestations on the board to normal houses. But while managing all this you'll have to watch out for the specials as they can be devastating if left on the board too long (Screamers will turn a nearby house into an Infestation if left too long, Armoured are immune to gun special moves, Juggernauts are immune to melee special moves, Ferals will savage your life bar after a while left alone, Bloaters will poison your food supply) so you'll want to take them down before their timer runs out and messes up your game.
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  8. Zamasu

    Zamasu Here To Help

    Yes! Loot boxes for the win braaaah!
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  9. Byerly724

    Byerly724 Here To Help

    I could get behind a different mode where you try to out survive people by have horde mode. Last person standing from an onslaught of zeds.

    But just player vs player shoot em up isn’t state of decay’s niche
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  10. orgelambart

    orgelambart Here To Help

    na, we have enough PVP games, don't need another one with tacked on PVP just to sell it to the bro fist pumping crowd..
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  11. zechs

    zechs Here To Help

    State of Decay doesn't need tea bagging...
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  12. Furie

    Furie Here To Help

    Council Estate of Decay (the London based spin off) does, but not the way you're thinking old chap.
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  13. zechs

    zechs Here To Help

    As long as the tax is reasonable. :)


    A London based spinoff could be really cool. Even tie into the first with the female characters acquaintance based in London.
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  14. Furie

    Furie Here To Help

    All characters are little old women stabbing zed with sharpened umbrellas and muttering about "fucking chavs".

    Way more British than that Zombi U game that came out on the Wii U before making its way to the other consoles. Tip to all non-British devs. No police officer has been called a Bobby over here since the early 1900s.
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  15. LiNanMian1984

    LiNanMian1984 Here To Help

    No... they get called Occiffers. Normally by a drunk person.

    "What seems to be the problem occiffer?
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  16. Furie

    Furie Here To Help

    I've a friend who insists on doing that fully sober, usually when they're just passing by without even wanting to talk to us. One time he managed to change that with a well placed "occifer" to a copper who was having a bad day and that was only going to get worse. There we were getting ready to laugh about it in the cells when the cop starts lecturing us about how it's pronounced "officer", to which my friend keeps deliberately getting it wrong. Suddenly, some weirdo screams "Nah blud, they's pigs innit!", punches the cop, and then just legs it. And that's the story my mate had to tell in court as the only witness to the assault who actually saw the guy's face when he did it as opposed to after he was caught.
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  17. MrFish

    MrFish Got Your Back

    This would make a great "trait discovered" rant.
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  18. Furie

    Furie Here To Help

    Trait Discovered: Dickhole Friend
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  19. Psienist

    Psienist Got Your Back

    If SoD2 includes loot boxes, those boxes should only contain severed heads and the key would obviously be Brad Pitt's severed head yelling "What's in the Box?!?!"
    I loved Guild Wars and Jeff Strain's history with that game is the only thing that gives me hope UL won't make a mess of an mmo or coop-rpg. If we look at most mmos, they glorify individual accomplishment, and select for the conspicuous consumption of shinies (cough GW2 cough) at the expense of story. Few of them could be described as simulators of a narrative premise, with CCP's EVE being an obvious exception. The omniscient narrative perspective that UL is cultivating is fragile and I am thrilled that with SoD2 they remain committed to that perspective.
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  20. Thunder Ice

    Thunder Ice Here To Help

    FTFY :)
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