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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DJB204, Jun 14, 2016.

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  1. DJB204

    DJB204 Famous

    It might not be too late into development to add some fan requested features. What do you guys want to see?

    I personally would like to see some JUMP SCARES added. Imagine going to store a rucksack in the trunk of your car and a zed lunges at your neck? You gotta mash the correct button to get it off.

    Zeds can be hidden anywhere at any time. Lootable objects like fuel containers, construction boxes, underneath beds, etc. This is s survival horror game after all. Let's give the players a little scare.

    I have been seeing this request on numerous threads. Everybody wants to be able to adjust the settings of their game world. YOSE for example: Some players wanted options to make the game more difficult, while others wanted to make the game easier. This is one of the most popular request for SoD2 next to co-op, and I too hope Undead Labs makes this happen.

    Some options I'd like to see available to players both on PC and Console.

    - HUD and UI customization.
    - Zed density percentage (low/medium/high)
    - vehicle spawn percentage (none/low/medium/high)
    - Freaks (on/off) or (Ferals only)
    - Zed Damage modifier.
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  2. QMJS

    QMJS Famous

    There are some places that could be possible... but a zombie in a fuel can or a fuel barrel?
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  3. Erudain

    Erudain Here To Help

    I jusy wish we get new & better Military me some black & polarized SUVs :p
  4. Vers

    Vers Here To Help

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  5. Devlin Osiris

    Devlin Osiris Got Your Back

    More Cthulhu references, he sleeps but this game might wake him up.
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  6. Wayne

    Wayne Here To Help

    Some level of destructibility to the world, even if it is on a small scale. Oh and more Alien references is always a good thing. I am sure I have more.

    PS Please do not forget the CUPCAKES this time, stale twinkies are getting pretty old after 3 years.
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  7. DJB204

    DJB204 Famous

    An empty fuel barrel... maybe. What if an injured survivor was fleeing from his encounter with a Feral, and decided to hide in that empty barrel which ultimately ended up being his final resting play due to the extent of his injuries? It's possible.
  8. Wayne

    Wayne Here To Help

    I agree some nice "gotcha" moments would be really awesome. There are a few in SOD (usually from the silent ferals) but they are too few and far between. Not too much or it would loose its effectiveness, but often enough to keep you guessing and on your game at all times.
  9. Thunder Ice

    Thunder Ice Here To Help

    1. More hiding spots (trash cans/bins, closets, cabinets, inside vehicles, etc.)

    2. Drivable RVs that you could live in. Home on the run.

    3. 1st person mode. I love 3rd person, but sometimes, I prefer surviving through the eyes of the survivor.

    4. LARGE. ZOMBIE. HORDES. With the 2GB limit for arcade, a horde in SoD was nothing more than 5-7 zombies max. But what about massive hordes? I'm talking hordes like this: [​IMG] And maybe in the city, if there is one, hordes can congregate and resemble something like this: [​IMG] All in all, I want the cities to be dangerous and the hordes to be plentiful.

    5. Free roaming hordes. I found it weird that hordes only followed the roads unless provoked, then go right back to them after a period of time. I think it would be more terrifying if hordes wandered in fields by the masses, through the woods, etc. A great example of this is Project Zomboid. In PZ, zombies roam anywhere they choose, with ambient and player sound to move them about if provoked.

    6. Further drawn, but realistic, noise. In SoD, I could drive a car, stop for 5 minutes with nothing happening. I get out, swarmed. How loud is that door? D:

    7. Better car suspension/physics. Would be cool to have the cars feel more like vehicles. :3

    8. Camp loss. In SoD, if a camp was under attack, it would always turn out okay. But I want 2 to force me to flee, and have my camp be overrun by the dead. I could take it back or retrieve stuff and declare it lost.

    9. Zombie customization options. Great example of this is, again, Project Zomboid. You could decide if the zombies were slow shamblers, 'joggers', sprinters, or a mixture of shamblers and joggers. Maybe you want there to be a mix of freaks and normal zeds, if you want the world to be populated with just freaks, or just normal zombies. Can players become infected? Is infection instant death? Can NPCs get infected? Is everyone infected? Are the zombies weak or can they kill you in a single hit? If the virus is transmitted through scratches or bites? Can they open doors (cognition-wise)? Endless possibility and more replay value.

    10. More zombie bite animations. My little pet peeve is whenever you get bit. You get your neck torn out, but you're still going. It would be cool if there were more zombie bite animations, such as the arm, leg (for Crawlers), the torso, and the neck. If you're bitten, the infection can be treated (as in SoD) with the right materials. If you're bitten in the neck, you will most likely die.

    11. Radio. Maybe the world is in a Dead Rising sort of state and parts of the United States are still running and, therefore, still have radio stations. This would allow you to tune into radio channels from across the country, allowing you to either gain further information about the lore or listen to some killer tunes. Please, let there be Linkin Park and a classic radio station. Maybe we could even have a cell phone and listen to music on-the-go for some zombie killing tunes.

    12. No death animations, either Ragdoll or Euphoria. Ragdoll is good but has flaws. Euphoria Physics, the ones used in games like Grand Theft Auto and Red Dead Redemption, are some of the best and most realistic bodily physics. That way, it's never the same experience when you're killing zombies (or people :D).

    13. Realistic lighting and flashlight shadowing. It would be awesome and creepy as hell if I could just step into a massive apartment complex and have it be dark as hell when I'm walking through a non-lighted, non-windowed hallway. It'd make it even creepier if flashlights created realistic shadows whenever they flashed on something (lamps, chairs, etc.). It always makes for a creepy experience.

    14. Surviving with a single character all the time. Though SoD is about being a whole community, I'd like it if I could just play with a single character and eat, drink, and sleep my way to survival.

    15. Lone Wolf. I'm glad Co-op is in the game and such, but what I'm referring to is surviving WITHOUT a community. In SoD, you were always spawning or stuck with a community. I'd love if I could just survive on my own and join a community if I so chose, but leave too if I so chose. Sometimes, being alone is better. ;)

    So much potential for 2 with its 30-40 GB goldmine. I really hope some of these are taken into consideration. This will drive me absolutely insane. Waiting a year will be painful.
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  10. 1. Airplanes - The map is going to be larger (from what I understand) and it would be awesome to have a cropduster to get across the map faster, at risk of attracting lots and lots of undead.

    2. New zombie hiding spots - I'd love for there to be a risk when checking cars, forcing you to have to bail out of a car or have a passenger deal with it

    3. Sleep - There should be a way that you can have your character sleep, forcing the day-night progression to the next day.

    4. A new freak type - I can't remember the one that got cut from the Original, but I'd love a new freak type like an exploding bloater.

    5. Deepened relationships - This means having survivors have established relationships, including married, dating, best friend, enemies, and so on, so that way new events can happen and have different effects on survivors based on their relationships.

    6. Survivor commands - When bringing a survivor out with you in SoD 1, it was pretty annoying how they ran gun-ho at everything. I'd like to be able to give orders, like "Stand and shoot" "avoid combat" "melee only" and so on.
  11. DJB204

    DJB204 Famous

    Survey The Area. Great feature to look around and mark key locations, but indentifying buildings and vehicle locations through buildings and other objects? It was kinda silly feeling like I had X-ray vision lol
  12. Thunder Ice

    Thunder Ice Here To Help

    With the game being retail and with the One's size, I can expect the map to be as big, maybe even bigger than Skyrim's map and others combined (GTA V, Fallout 4, etc.).
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  13. DJB204

    DJB204 Famous

    (Friend Or Foe) - It's been mentioned that we will encounter enemy NPCs in the world. But, will this depend on our choices? I'd like to see other groups have meter of some sort which determines their behaviour.
    It could work the same way the trust meter works in the current State Of Decay. It will fluctuate depending on how we interact with these other groups. Helping them when they are under siege for example, and the trust goes up (towards friends). Not helping them and the trust meter moves a little towards enemy. This would add another element to the game's focus on choices and how they affect the world. The level of each group we encounter could be random the first time we meet them. Some could be enemies right off the bat, while others could be friendly.
  14. Erudain

    Erudain Here To Help

    Or have groups that are rivals between them (like the Wilkersons or Hilltop in TWD) and helping one group makes you enemy with the other...
  15. DJB204

    DJB204 Famous

    YES. Great idea. Another way choices would affect the world.

    LAN party Support PLEASE
    LAN party Support PLEASE
    LAN party Support PLEASE
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  16. Tylden

    Tylden Starting Off

    Multiple save slots for each game mode. That way I could have a single player save if I want to go it alone, and another for coop play.
  17. In Dying Light when it became night time new types of zombies became very aggressive and scared the shit out of me.

    I would like to see that in SOD2.
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  18. Furie

    Furie Here To Help

    Already got a couple of threads up about features I'd like to see. Rather than pasting them in entirety here, I'll just link them with a slight description.

    1. This one is about a minor overhaul to Outposts and how we can bring more choices to building our community beyond the base walls.
    2. And this one is about vehicles, and how they're repaired when damaged. It again adds more choice to your playstyle, and will let your vehicles be a bit more unique.
    3. I'd also like to see a lone wolf mode where you are alone without a community and just have to survive for as long as you can. While pain and tiredness are dealt with using painkillers and snacks, without the different community places and only the storage you have on your back and in your car, you'd have to adapt different methods to deal with depleted max stamina or health. Wounds would have to be dealt with by finding medical supplies and expending them in entirety, or by visiting a medical place of some type and performing an action (what would be a radio action in the main game). Stamina would be regained by rest, except the player would have to find a bed in a house and secure it by boarding the windows up. When the last on is boarded and no zombies are around, they'd be able to click on the bed to sleep and regain max stamina.
    4. In game UI elements built into the bases. When you build something you can visit it with a survivor to activate its menu, rather than from the map screen. This will allow you to put a character in the hospital straight away or send someone to the bunkhouse for some much needed rest. Want to build something? Head to where it's built. Want to cook a meal? Get thee to a kitchen. Skilled characters (Mechanics, etc) would have more options in their places of work (workshops, etc) than other characters, through both the map and the in game UI.
    5. Hiding places beyond the bushes on the side of the road. Sometimes it would be good to climb in a dumpster and wait out the horde. Other times, large barrels would be nice to click and hide inside.
    6. New sides to missions. Called in to cause a distraction again? Perhaps this time we need to move zombies to a certain location, so we need to activate an alarm in a building there. Or perhaps we need to Pied Piper a few hordes through the streets with a car to get them away from the mission area. Or perhaps you're running a relay with other characters and have to cause a distraction noise at a certain place when the others have had their turn. Need a distraction yourself? Call for it on the radio and hold out as long as you can until you hear the car horns honking in the distance.
    7. New mission types. Your friend is nervous on watch tonight and asks that you join them. You climb up and shoot zombies together, with the game keeping score of your kills against your friend's kills. They open up about their past, revealing a trait, as you share a beer and the camera pans out to the rising sun.
    8. Locked cars. Not all cars will be open, and you'll have to loudly break the window to enter and then spend longer hotwiring the car (skills for both might make these quieter and faster). But those locked cars will have keys. Some of them will be in the houses they're parked in front of. Others in the places of work they correspond to (police cars in the police station, for example). Others still might be on a specific zombie that is spawned near that car. And some really will just be locked. This sort of addition adds to both immersion, character differentiation (build the perfect car thief at the cost of possible combat skills), and how tense taking a car can be.
    9. Randomised events to find. Crashed RV where bodies are being fed on by zombies. Crashed RV where a couple of new survivors are fighting off zombies. Dead survivor with suicide note and a ruck of supplies. Damaged cars that weren't there before. Two sets of survivors facing off against each other over supplies and no way to figure out who's in the right before the shooting starts. Basically things that can appear in quite a few places in the world and are randomly placed occasionally, in order to make the world feel more alive beyond the simulation that's ongoing. Drop a good hundred or so places like this in the game and have a decent list of possible events (with multiple versions of them) and it'll feel a treat when you come across one.
    10. Hunting. Prey animals that you can kill for meat. Fish that you can catch. All while watching your back and praying that the hunter does not become the hunted.
  19. Vers

    Vers Here To Help

    Definitely want missions I dread going on, rooms I must clear that I know are risky. Ones where I think, "man, I wish **** was here right now to have my back."
  20. DJB204

    DJB204 Famous

    Maybe the Ferals could come out at night. That way I could get around on foot during the day without worrying too much lol

    I'd also like to be able to trade some resources of MY choosing when/if i exceeded my maximum stockpile.
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