State Of Decay 2 Wishlist

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DJB204, Jun 14, 2016.

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  1. Mike.

    Mike. Starting Off

    I personally would like to see some kind of hierarchy system added. Where you can pick a group leader and co-leader and assign roles to people like scavengers or guards
  2. zechs

    zechs Here To Help

    To make another wish, I'd like to see a musket or a boomstick in-game. Could you imagine shooting and reloading a musket, or using it as melee inbetween uses (musket trades between gun and melee equip), or a boomstick (like a shotgun shell on the end of a stick that bursts upon direct contact) a one time load weapon meant to deal heavy damage closer ranged than what a rifle could effectively be used in.
  3. Doomen Gloom

    Doomen Gloom Famous

    I would like a lake, add swimming or have a speed boat.
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  4. xGbHx

    xGbHx Here To Help

    In the FAQ it says you can elevate survivors in your group to leadership roles.
  5. xGbHx

    xGbHx Here To Help

    The main things I want in SOD2 are

    1. Relationships between survivors in your group (see my post on pg. 25 for more info.

    2. Being able to have more than 1 follower at a time. It doesn't really feel like a scavenging run to me unless there's like 3-7 people.

    3. Survivors who you make follow you don't randomly leave after a while. You wouldn't just stop in the middle of sex, so why stop and go home when you have people depending on you for food, medicine, and everything else.

    4. Bigger populations for everything. It doesn't feel like a community to me if it gets insanely hard to manage and maintain past 20 people. I don't know how or if they even could make bigger populations work for your survivors, but I would appreciate it. Enclaves need more than like 3 people. All I see on this forum about enclaves is how they need to grow, scavenge, fight alongside or against you, or dissolve into mini groups everywhere and die slowly 1 by 1. Do some hunger games type stuff. Also, I would like to see enclaves be enemies with each other and depending on which one you side with, if you side with any, the other will be mad. More zombies too.

    5. Each survivor has their own influence. I don't feel like someone who just arrived has impressed a lot of people around here. Make each survivor earn it.

    6. Graveyards for your dead survivor's.

    7. More death animations. I'm tired of seeing my people get ripped it half by like 4 zeds. The Juggernaut I can understand, dudes massive, more realistic ones too.

    8. Survivors at your outpost. I feel that this can only happen if your able to manage bigger population's.

    9. Stop asking me to do everything. If I don't want to help my neighbors fight off their 5th Seige in 2 days, but I still want them around, let me send a couple of my survivors to make sure that they live.

    10. It shouldn't take a quarter of my stamina to run across the street.

    11. Summaries about what's going on in the map. Let's say the zombies have infested an entire little town in the map. Give me a notification in the journal that this area is a dead zone. If 2 enclaves are fighting or go into war I would like a summary on who died or not, I bet it would be a great read.

    12. Hunting. It would add more realism to the fact that the world is ending/over, you see those cute little bunnies, now your chasing them for your own survival.

    13. Don't send my people out unless I tell you to. This one drives me insane! I don't want my main scavengers to be asking about a freaking feral on the other side of Marshall, like why are you even over there, this side has barely been touched.

    14. Horde mode with friends. Self explanatory.

    15. Zombies don't respawn. I feel that this should be an option. Of course you would already have to have a crapton of them spawned for this to be fun, but I feel I would enjoy it.

    16. Less running zombies. My preference. I know there is still going to be the same amount, but these things are annoying.

    If I think of more I'll add them. ;)

    GEO THUNDER Here To Help

    Probably said this before but adding dogs and horses to the game would be great. Different breeds of dogs could have different stats. A dog with a high attack stat could kill zombies for you or grab them so you can hit them. Hunting dogs with good noses can find animal tracks while you are hunting and can find missing survivors. Service dogs can raise morale in your base by alot and can help injured/angry/depressed/panicking survivors.
    For horses I was thinking of a Red Dead Redemption type thing where different breeds can run faster or carry a heavier load. You would need a barn or stable facility to house the horses.
    Also I think a blacksmith facility would be awesome. Making swords and customizing weapons would be great.
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  7. Gmutant

    Gmutant Here To Help

    Something that I just thought of today...

    Every now and then, Lily will pipe up about keeping an eye peeled for infestations. So, if you know that there's an infestation Lily, why the hell don't you tell me where it's at? Otherwise, STFU.
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  8. Shrapnel

    Shrapnel Got Your Back

    Speaking of Lily, maybe the next radio operator should have some people skills, then she can chat it up with the depressed and psychotics within the base?
    The lupus thing was a good crutch to keep her at the radio, maybe we can give her a bit more utility this time.
    Also, maybe we can have more control over who comes and goes within the base? I dont need my main medical person or tools expert galavanting across the map, I need them safe and sound .
    Can we put a curfew or maybe barb wire the front entrance...not sure if you can tell but I have a thing with people skipping to their loo while flesh eating undead skulk about
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  9. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Yeah, I think that's a bit too crass.
  10. Felio

    Felio Here To Help

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  11. Kiya12352

    Kiya12352 Got Your Back

    having a "lone wolf" mode as like a future free update or it can be some kinda DLC. Because state of decay has really good mechanics for a lone wolf type mode if preferred by the player.
  12. MrStrange

    MrStrange Got Your Back

    Survivors with a particular skill, Handy wirh Tools, Can Cook, etc can be teachable. They could just take a while, and upgrade in tiers. Also, only one apprentice per teacher.

    Also, yeah, having guards WHERE THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE would be great, Specialists don't just run off, unless you're controlling them. Skilled survivors (built up by playing them) should not suck, they should have the same strengths like when you are playing them.

    I know some, if not all, of these have been touched on. Just consider it enthusiastic agreement. :D
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  13. 1. what about more base building and defense stuff.(may be of fallout 4 style with purpose or mixture of fallout 4 blocks and damage system from 7 days to die or just place prefabs like watch towers etc). i love games with base building mechanics.
    2. car modifications.(we re-enforce the armor of cars, may be put spikes one the front to do more ram damage etc and what could be better than attaching a LMG to the car {more like halo warthog style.... like where our partner/npc shoots, we drive}..... its coop fun :D )

    i really want to know about base building mechanics of SOD2 ... any idea anybody ???

    sorry for my English btw ....
  14. Dunadain

    Dunadain Famous

    Just one? Pretty please???

  15. Honestly not expecting or hoping for an awful lot, just really stable and smooth multiplayer integration. Always said that State of Decay with friends would be pretty much perfect.
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  16. My wish

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  17. The best is a State of decay 2 similair of fallout 4 for building base in coop (but that your friend can go far from you ..not like Conan exile that he must stay near you) and that even if the owner of coop server in not their your friend could enter (impossible i think)....i am waiting so much this game ....please make it very long ....or better a never end !! the nicer thing would be that insted of enemie spam like stupid in the same place, would be that they come from some point of the map to re invade the map.
  18. Pipe Bomber

    Pipe Bomber Here To Help

    Here we go then..bit late but never mind. I should have posted this 2 years ago.. but what the hell.

    Here are my wishes for SoD2. Most of these have probably been covered over the years, but there it is.

    As this is a AAA game, I'm not going to bother including tech wishes like draw distances//frame rates or anything else I don't really understand.. I'll just assume UL know what they're doing and have it sufficiently covered to satisfy their own professional and artistic judgement, which seems pretty good, to be fair…

    I've arranged my wishes thematically to ease perusal, but there are some cross-over issues. And I've probably been a bit wordy.. so apologies in advance. I do tend to waffle.

    ..Also most of these wishes are probably unworkable or just plain bad, so don't bite me.. just stuff I've thought about while playing SoD over the years.

    Combat Wishes
    • Obligatory wish for more weapon types/variety. including melee and projectile weapon fabrication of some kind. including:
    • Staffs, maces, flails, spears, shields (riot, museum pieces, bin lids etc). Crossbows, Bows, catapults, trebuchet! So we can go all medieval!
    • Heavy Machine Guns - mounted or in SF role, 7.62 and of course .50 cal. Maybe even 20-30mm cannon (on Bradley or such MICV) - So we can go all D-Day.
    • Flamethrowers (proper ones which chuck a flaming squirt of fuel 30-40 yards, which burns for some while after - not glorified blow torches.) Gotta wish big!
    • Recoilless launchers of some type - RPG, 66, LAW, etc. - even as an extended machine shop fabrication tree - with Panzerfaust/Pipe Bomb launcher type things, made from scaffolding tubes… ahh the wonder of that!
    • Mortars - Base option. Works like artillery marker in SoD, but limited range.
    • Wearable armour of some kind - Body armour, Old museum pieces (plate, chain mail) - improvised/fabricated armour (car tyres, leather, Ice hockey/Football pads and Helmets! etc ) - For Stamina/weight penalty. Would be great to get 4 badass survivors to 'Gear up' and go on an infestation or Freak take down.
    • Melee response with firearms - Butting, pistol whip, bayonet etc.
    • Command detonated explosives. The ability to link multiple charges together in an array, and then trigger them on command, with a limit of 6-8 or something - Making it possible to create my own ambushes, with secondaries like propane tanks - and trigger it simultaneously from the safety of a high window or roof top. The bangs and flashes in SoD were great fun but were just not accurate or reliable enough for anything other than reactive gameplay. Luring a horde into a carefully placed arc of exploding death with an alarm clock or talking teddy, would be rather fun iMO - even better if it was a Juggy.
    • Traps. This is a biggie for me - Using bullets and sharp metal things to destroy infected, highly contagious Undead is just a bit daft really (from the standpoint of realism, i mean). I understand that in game there is A LOT of fun to be had from this, and that with the best will in the world, you could never truly avoid Mano et Mano shenanigans with the Z - especially when scavenging. And this game is all about whacking Z so I'm not advocating reducing fighting! But long term - or for purposes of efficiency and safety, surely any successful survivors would seek to build a whole plethora of automatic Z killers? So for the purposes of emersion and 'believability' I would love to see an expanded trap system in SoD2, which went way beyond SoD's fuel traps. Allowing players to build all manner of environmental traps - cable whips, dead falls, spiked pits, tilting plates, etc. - stuff which doesn't require fuel or ammo - just works through kinetics. Think "Shipping crates or skips dropped from cranes, as counter weights - to pull metal cables tight across the street, cutting the legs off 50 Z".. sorta thing. ( I think it would be hilarious to have traps going off in the background - potentially throwing Z's through the air or splatting them with a wrecking ball - while you listened to a survivor telling you their emotional back story.)
    • Make some infestations highly contagious - multiple massive bloaters for instance - Which can only be sterilised by fire. Requiring wearable respirators/breathing apparatus. .

    Vehicle Wishes - It may be that this game is set sometime after the 'event' so it could mean that vehicles have to be scavenged and repaired - we'll have to see, but that could render a lot of this irrelevant… well, even more irrelevant, that is.
    • Obligatory request for wider vehicle variety (Including boats), with attendant pros and cons. Perhaps allowing certain vehicles to confer a base bonus/ability at the cost of leaving it parked up. (ambulance, catering truck, fridge truck, fire engine, generator truck, crane, excavator, bull-dozer etc)
    • Allow Fire truck ladder or Truck with cherry picker to access elevated spots.
    • Vehicle reinforcement/customisation - as a workshop/machine-shop option requiring construction mats, a skilled survivor and possible fetch quests. Nothing daft or MadMaxish - but stuff which motivated, skilled survivors could jury rig quite easily: mesh over the windows, steel bull bars, snow plow, mounted weapons etc. Could be balanced with increased fuel use (if a thing) or increased mats cost for repair, also by decreasing cargo/passenger space and reducing speed/acceleration/handling.
    • More loot in vehicles. ..and Z.
    • Vehicle fuel requirement - even if just a menu option.
    • Driving as a character skill progression.
    • Greatly reduced off road capability for regular cars - with the possibility of getting stuck. Make 4x4 vehicles mean something.
    • I won't mention physics.
    Base/Character/General wishes
    • Obligatory request for more base locations.. including;
    • A bridge base location or two..
    • Enough woodland to build an Ewok or Robin Hood style tree house village. (fuckin' Yesss)
    • Ability to create or access or over-rule the survivor/team rota (depending on leadership level or Influence), and create fire-teams/units/groups which can be assigned to a given task - Guard duty, scavenging, re-supply, manning safe houses, destroying infestations etc - with the possibility to spawn rescue/reinforcement missions. Don't know if this would entirely knacker the way the system works.. I'm clueless with such things. But organising my troops into groups depending on traits and skills and then being able to manage their timetable and duty rotation would add a fun level to the game for me - adding extra strategic pressure. Maybe I'm wishing for too much, this isn't Z Total War after all.
    • It could be linked to trust/friendship between different survivors - keeping friends together and survivors who didn't get on apart, improving morale - or indeed it could work the other way round so as to force awkward characters to work together, improving morale that way… I dunno, this is a wish list - not a well formed idea list, what I'm essentially wishing for is a beefed up, more detailed survivor micro-management system.. but not the simZ..
    • Cross referenced map and database of surveyed areas/buildings - showing location of all discovered loot. Allowing discovered loot to be searched with key terms, or selected from a list - and highlighted on the map. Making it much easier to find that thing you need, that you know you found when being a goddamn Ninja badass, clearing a whole compound - but that you couldn't carry, and now you just cant remember where the heck it was? Could also allow a group or survivor to be given specific fetch criteria - go here collect gun a,b, c, and supply crate x,y or z for example - for enough leadership, influence.
    • Cartography as part of the game. The original had a lovely 'tourist' map, which really added to the feel of the game. I can't abide games with poor maps (especially seeing as how a game is essentially just a map anyway..). I would love a system where the player map was blank to start with, and we had to fill it in as we go by collecting trail maps, road maps, and A-Z maps of the area - they could overlay each other building a tapestry to cover all areas. - "Hidden Bunker" or "Survivalist cache" sketch maps would fit with this beautifully IMHO.
    • Not sure if doable - Allow 'mining' of certain types of structure (metal sheds, warehouses, barns etc) for construction materials.
    • Significantly improved base defence options. (see traps) Like; Multiple watch towers, hard weapon points, double gated entrances, different fence/wall/ditch options, deployable barbed wire, mine fields, crane parked in bay with a wrecking ball etc etc. - and of course a raised Z threat to make it necessary.
    • Party Nights! Like the "Feast" kitchen option. Improves morale. Requires construction of "sound proof room" and a survivor with "Entertainer' or "Raconteur" trait - survivors gather round and get drunk, tell jokes and stories, play instruments etc. As each survivor gains trust/friendship, they will open up a bit more. The player can sit and watch all the turns as they wish - or carry on playing. Could make for some great moments of pathos, if the writing and voice acting were good. There could be an achievement for getting a particularly curmudgeonly old fart to do a rendition.
    • Ability to swim.
    • Variation in ambient temperature - Ideally with dynamic weather to go with it, but even if it was just a lighting and HUD thermometer thing, it could really help the survival simulation aspect - maybe a menu/survival mode option?
    • Apparel changes for characters depending on temp.
    • Re-jigged inventory system - with expanded rucksack design (at least 3 different sizes - day sack/Bergen/handbag etc) - where the player can equip additional gear to carry items independently of rucksack, e.g:
    • Bandolier (ammo only, can carry 2) = +180 ammo,
    • Holster (pistol only) = pistol, +10 ammo.
    • Webbing = +4 slots + bladed weapon.
    • Assault vest = +90 ammo +2 slots, + Holster.
    • Police belt = +2 slots + holster
    • Construction belt = +2 slots +melee weapon.
    • You get the idea.
    • Items carried "equipped' in this way (not as cargo in rucksack) would still add to overall weight, but would have a much reduced encumbrance - any military bods reading this will know all too well the value of well packed gear.
    Right that'll do.. I could go on all day.

    If you got this far, thanks for wading through all that - unless you skipped to the end, in which case you're not allowed to read the next bit.

    Overall my biggest wish for SoD2 is more of the same, plus a whole big dollop of UL creative passion and atmospherics - and all sorts of content that will take me by surprise! SoD was soo damn good, that with a bigger team, more cash, a big shiny engine... I feel like a kid at Christmas.
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  19. Felio

    Felio Here To Help

    If there is a Breakdown-like mode included, don't make any story characters playable unless they have complete voice sets. The substitute voice sets are not "better than nothing," they are nails-on-a-chalkboard wrong.

    I realize you probably didn't know the DLC would be happening when you recorded lines, but now you have no excuse. ;)
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  20. idk if they announced any of this information but I think they should definitely have human groups of enemies in this too, like in the show walking dead there could be one single human enemy or there could be multiple groups of enumerated that can attack you and raid your camp at any time or if you find there camp you can raid them and eliminate them and they can also build on their camps to make theirs stronger or for example like if you try to recruit another member, they can try to turn on your group and set your group up for their group to come and raid it, and can have one of your other members can tell you they are suspicious so you can decide if you should keep them, kill them or kick them out or simply act like you trust them and then follow them when they leave the camp to see where they go and see if they go to another camp, that's my first idea and I went into detail lol but the second idea I have is that it would be sweet if they had a first person option as well like GTA IV because that's just make the game Moreintense and make the gamer feel like it's really them fighting for their life, idk just some ideas I think They should use for sure
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