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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DJB204, Jun 14, 2016.

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    Just occured to me: MORE COLOR!

    I was looking at some of the original concept art vs YOSE, and just rewatched a bit of the trailer for 2. Yes, there is color, but it is all muted, or washed out slightly, etc. Can we get a couple more points of color saturation for this one? Not Nintendo-saturation, but enough that red, green, blue, etc. don't look like One's red, green, blue with a 2-year layer of dust because that's the last time it rained.

    Can we get just a LITTLE more visual appeal in this game? THANKS!
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    Third and final wish, I would it to be possible to interact with npc friends backpacks. Say you are scavenging a house. Lots of stuff, more than you can carry. And you had a buddy lend a hand. With a perfectly good backpack. What about placing items in or taking items out? Or at least a feature to have then pickup what items you have discovered (items, not material, since we got that already).

    Just a thought.
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  3. idk if they announced any of this information but I think they should definitely have human groups of enemies in this too, like in the show walking dead there could be one single human enemy or there could be multiple groups of enumerated that can attack you and raid your camp at any time or if you find there camp you can raid them and eliminate them and they can also build on their camps to make theirs stronger or for example like if you try to recruit another member, they can try to turn on your group and set your group up for their group to come and raid it, and can have one of your other members can tell you they are suspicious so you can decide if you should keep them, kill them or kick them out or simply act like you trust them and then follow them when they leave the camp to see where they go and see if they go to another camp, that's my first idea and I went into detail lol but the second idea I have is that it would be sweet if they had a first person option as well like GTA IV because that's just make the game Moreintense and make the gamer feel like it's really them fighting for their life, idk just some ideas I think They should use for sure
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    @Tino - Welcome to the Forums:)

    There have been many posts on having more 'Hostile' Humans in the game. Personally I fear such a thing would just make the Zombies insignificant in the game. We would be spending more time worrying about the Humans.
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    Fix spawns.
    Sorry, dunno how to just put vid up. :40 if impatient. Had this happen a handful of times, usually a bloater or screamer, and twice a feral. Out of sight AND beyond radar range at the bare minimum.

    Also, more booby traps. For base perimeter and fieldwork. Like walking up to door with trap equipped, and when door/window is highlighted, there you go. Trade off would be one (or more) dead blocking windows, and may have varying degrees of sound involved.
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  6. Yeah I understand but like that is what you have to worry about like zombies should out number the humans by a ton but realistically there would be groups that would also try to attack you and with them saying the map is going to be big I think that's a good idea like there would only be a few groups and stuff but the AI doesn't know where you are until they actually find you which gives you the chance to quick kill them so they can report your base back to their group
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  7. I would love there to be a character creator or at least the ability to rename characters as I feel it would help to make you feel more attached to them and make there loss a bit harder
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    After finally giving my addiction to The Division the boot. I've started to play Fallout 4 quite a bit in the past two weeks. The game is pretty fun and all, but I find that from around lvl 18-27 now, I've mostly been just upgrading the settlements. I do hope that UL takes a peek at that mode of that game and see if they can/should implement some of the base building mini game from FO4 to SOD2.

    It doesn't have to be an instantaneous build up like in FO4, but using the same style, and once you've settled on what you want, you can queue the build order. And it'll take a few in game days for the walls and whatever to come up. The settlements that I've built up aren't as elaborate as what you'll see in YouTube, but I was able to come up with "man this might work in my post apocalyptic fantasy".
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    Something I bumped into on a 2012 Class 3 post: Zeds have dev skins.

    I think this would be both cool and creepy! You could walk around hunting for Foge, or there could be a horde of Brants pulling at your car.

    Alternately, SOD1 had the UL office in downtown Marshall, perhaps a staffer or two escaped out into the SoD2 countryside and is a Hero.
  10. Better combat, less repetitive melee combat. Think Shadows of mordor.

    Better stealth, think "dishonored" or "deus ex" (at least when it comes to detection and sneaking up behind foes for takedowns).

    Better gun play in line with fps games.

    The ability to permanently settle an area and have interesting challenges come up like massive hordes that are an actual problem/issue not easily fixed with bombs as in state of decay 1. Human ai enemies that are super dangerous, etc.

    A game mode where respawning zombies is either extremely slow, non existent, or able to be controlled by clearing areas that then stay clear for extended periods of time.
    A game mode thats the opposite where zombies respawn frequently but so does loot so you can comb back over and re-loot areas after a time.

    Weapon crafting.

    Armor crafting.

    Vehicle crafting.

    More in depth base building that can take vastly longer timeframes to "complete" the base (or perhaps the ability to choose how long it takes when setting up the game).
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    Eh, I lied about my last wish being the last one... Doing another round in Breakdown and scavenging, made me really want to build an orchard. With someone who isn't scared of bees maintaining the upkeep.
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    I want new freak zombies. Preferably one like a charger,one that spits acid,one that is like a witch and a glider one that uses overgrown flesh to hang glide from one side of a building to another.A jokey kind would be cool

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