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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DJB204, Jun 14, 2016.

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    GEO THUNDER Here To Help

    Well, I think that's the whole thread summed up. Welcome the forums.
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  2. Some doors, boxes and suitcases are locked, you can find keys, passwords or use hairpins, unlockers, or to hack into the computer to unlock

    Add puzzle elements

    Some boxes can be broken and can get some items

    You around the items and the environment is a weapon, you can resist with the zombies or enemies, like cash registers, brooms, glass items, gas barrel, stapler, sharp objects, meat grinder, sawmill, electric box, etc.

    Highly infected areas may be labs, sewers or abandoned bases, and so on

    Each area has unique zombies

    Can deal with neutral transactions and alliances

    In addition to use guns shot oil drums explode to kill zombies or enemies, you can also let the oil out to use matches, guns, Molotov, etc. fire

    Can open natural gas, and then use matches, guns, Molotov, etc. fire

    Try to search for public trash cans, mailboxes or some inconspicuous places, etc., there will be some items or parts
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  3. Dunadain

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    Something to keep in mind, anything new or big would likely be in a DLC at this point. They were originally planning for a release sometime in the next few weeks, so they are in the repair/polish phase, not 'add new content' phase.
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  4. QMJS

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    I really think that the suggestions that amount to "some other game does it so this one should" need to go. Just because something can be done doesn't mean it needs to be in every game, particularly when it doesn't fit the style.
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  5. Erudain

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    I want to kill zeds shooting teddy bears from a junkjet.....add please :p

    GEO THUNDER Here To Help

    Depends on what the suggestion is. If it is something like "i want combo weapons like from dead rising" then no, that idea doesn't fit the style of SoD and will make the game stupid. However, if the idea fits with the theme of SoD, like hunting animals or expanded base building, then it might be feasible.
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  7. QMJS

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    Yeah, there are a lot of good ideas here, but also many that that simply wouldn't fit.
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  8. MrStrange

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    Dear Watchtower,
    Please stop shooting the armored zeds in-effectively in the head. While demonstrating your accuracy, it doesn't do much beyond make me wish you'd shoot for squishier targets. Maybe go for the gaps in the armor.
    Forever Strange

    GEO THUNDER Here To Help

    I wouldn't mind if SoD 2 didn't really focus on the story as much as it did in the first game. However, I would love to see more narrative with enclaves and other AI settlements in the world. Students, along with their coaches and teachers, have barricaded their high school; soldiers seeking refuge after their military base was overrun; shoppers and employees holed up in a large Costco-esque store. Just little things like that would make the game feel more immersive.
  10. MrStrange

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    The Wilkersons, The Courthouse, The Warehouse area (Quentin and Becca), the Carnival.

    They were all like that and still in the story.
    I get what you're saying I think. I'd love expanded Enclave stuff too. I was always disappointed not seeing for sure what happened with Becca and Quentin, and the Wilkersons just felt abrupt in its ending.

    Maybe we'll see in SoD, hmm? One of the maps, hmm? Make all that CANON.
    Yeah...or something.

    Anyway, uh, does it make sense in SoD that finding food and medicine, that despite descriptions, they all offer the same amount? Not really a wish, just kind of an observation. Hmm. I'll think of something later. :-/

    GEO THUNDER Here To Help

    I got disappointed when the Sheriff and the Judge both died. It seemed like the Judge was going to try and annex other enclaves, including our own, with force. It's a shame that it ended so abruptly. However, I theorize that maybe Ray Santos was behind their deaths. He was hinted at being a shady character in the game. I think he tries to bribe others with cars and supplies so that they will think he has good intentions and take his side.
    But hey, that’s just a theory. A Game Theory.
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  12. Dbomb 12

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    I really wished there was more with the courthouse story. Maybe a full collapse or a few swat teams interacting with other enclaves.
  13. I agree that Ray Santos was an interesting character. I didn't get "evil" vibes from him, but certainly an amoral "King Rat". It's asking a lot for a game developer to have nuanced storylines, but it's nice when they do.
  14. Awesomer5000

    Awesomer5000 Starting Off

    Maybe this has been said, or will be implemented already. It would just be cool to have UL staff and community members as characters in the game. To watch your character or a staff member battle along side you or.... I'm sure you already know, would be a cool experience. Folks like this community and to have the people you message to or read from, to me would make a great experience.
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  15. Kiya12352

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    Weather effects would be cool to see in this game, it could affect certain elements of how the player interacts with the world, like when it's storming outside it would be harder for the zombies to hear the player breaking down open a door, but with pluses like the player being harder to hear there are also downsides like zombies moving around a lot more due to all the noise in general, more active zombies would be harder to sneak up on one when trying to be stealthy. plus with weather effects, it would definitely help with pesky repetition in the environment, which many open world games have a hard time with keeping things interesting at times, yes there are 3 maps but eventually, those will get boring as well. Snow would be pretty cool though if anyone here has played the last of us there's a part where you play as Ellie in the winter portion of the game and it is beautiful with the snow everywhere, I personally love snow in video games cause I grew up in snow and now living in Florida that's not really something you see much. yea probably not something that would not be in the game, but it would definitely feel more like a real living breathing world with weather effects.
  16. I hope to have such a stimulating music and this scene, the situation happened

    add stimulating combat musics
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  17. Furie

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    I think part of that is simply limited/ease of communication. You could spend a buttload (metric) of time explaining an idea, or simply point to a big name game that already does it so people know what you mean and can easily look it up. The problem there is that they tend not to explain how it would change to fit the style of this game, or how they see it in their heads, which leaves the idea coming across as "This game does this so why can't we?"

    If you actually see inside the heads of a lot of people saying that, they've got quite refined systems in mind that "obviously" change this for that and that for the other. Sadly, quite a lot of the "MAYK IT BETTAZ!!!1!" lot are included there, thinking that saying that quantifies exactly how they want it made better because "it's obvious."
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  18. QMJS

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    There are some things that can be added that make sense. But, a whole lot of the ideas posted are directly from other games, with no mention at all of adaptation, and make no sense at all in the State of Decay world.

    A few such suggestions include needing to find passwords or hacking computers (without a working power grid, how do you even turn it on?), hairpins to pick locks, random stuff in ridiculous locations (matches and guns inside natural gas containers... and how do you 'open' that anyway?), searching trash cans and mailboxes to find useful stuff, special zombies at night, automated defense turrets that can be hacked, making camouflage out of dead zombies (in a game with illness you are going to smear diseased meat and bodily fluids all over you, and even if so, how would that change sight or sound, as there isn't any indication that they find you by smell? Hopefully you are also in pristine condition, and won't just end up introducing pathogens directly into your wounds)... and searching zombies. (Turing it into a hunting game, not survival... and vastly increasing the available resources.)

    Some others include flamethrowers, aircraft (including attack helicopters, fighters, and bombers?), boats, missile launchers and other overpowered stuff. If you can support even one of these... your resources are way past 'survival'.

    Those are the types of suggestions I am referring to. Fallout, Dying Light, Dead Island, and all those other games... we don't need to stuff everything from all of those into State of Decay.

    Some of the others that would be workable but still destroy the basic premise of the game include assigning specific people to specific facilities, giving them missions and so on... making it more like Fallout than a member of the community. More accurately, it should be the player being assigned tasks, and not as 'optional' missions they can ignore.

    Direct trading with other characters... who is going to actually give you their good gun and take something you obviously don't want? Who is going to give you their snacks and medicine leaving them without, or who is going to agree to be the over encumbered pack mule who can't run away? Direct command of NPCs... again, this is a community. You may be a more experienced survivor, but you aren't the leader. And if you do happen to be playing a less experienced character, why aren't the NPCs giving you the commands? Automated scavenging and NPCs that supply the base without player interaction... turning it into a straight 'kill zombie' game, as you no longer need to actually worry about supplies.

    Additionally, you have to consider the difference between complex and complicated, particularly in relation to game performance and development cycles. Does a suggestion add something is going to take longer to code and test than the amount of time actually used by players?

    EDIT: There is one suggestion I have seen that also would be workable, but would just make things more annoying. Lock picking (and hotwiring cars). Although not realistic that every door is unlocked and every car is just sitting around unlocked with the keys in the ignition, limiting the ability to get into buildings or use cars to some other skill would simply restrict the number of 'good' characters available, because you would need to have that particular skill to effectively search the locations you find, or to use cars to escape or load up supplies. So, I assume that the wits/survival skills cover this. Perhaps making some tasks take longer with lower wits would work, but as a new skill (and new inventory items to carry around) it would add frustration, not enjoyment in most cases, or at least require record-keeping... I need to go back to locations A,B, and C because this guy can't get in, once I find a survivor who can pick locks, and train him up enough to survive getting there. Also, assuming the 'take some but not everyone' nature of moving maps, that is another essential skill to consider when choosing who to take.
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  19. |will be edited later| State of Decay 2 aka State of Decay 2.0 Ver 1.01 by ChrnoPL [Steam ID - ChrnoPL]
    Ideas/Suggestions/Concepts - Spent like 100h in State of Decay YOSE not playing anymore maybe in December cuz game to Addicting for me 1session 8h straight playing with syndrome just 1 more scavenging run xD oh P.S fan of The Walking Dead Series Watching on TV AMC :)

    1. Add Low Spec Mode [Laptops: Shadows OFF LOW FOV LOW Models Etc]
    2. Add more RPG progressions for END GAMERS so you can be more powerfull but in slower rate so the weterans will not be OP (Ballance) Something like paragons in other games.
    3. Add Cars Workshops custom parts to add to cars/vans like spikes metal tires etc idk maybe some miniguns on 4x4cars :p
    4. Add End Game Areas like Military Bases/Police Stations/Medical Stations/Material Stations only for players maxed characters only finishable in 4players coop with maxed loots item stats and hardcore to finish cooperation required.
    5. Add ingame voice system to not use outside programs like discord etc
    6. Add Weapons/Guns customisations like adding some elemental goodies like in Dying Light game ;P
    7. Add Zombie Infestations System Proggresion so lets call that a community didn't destroy some infestations near home base like let's see we give like 7days in game time (14h IRL time) to finish destroying infestations players failed to do so system going to 2 phase at the most far away spots spawn strongers zombies (Tanks/Ferals etc) the most near spawn more zombies but the normal type biters. Its only an idea you can modify its my conception for some dynamic events in game world 3phase is lets see END PHASE the stronger zombies and biters start rushing on the home base very little chance for community to survive.
    8. Add some ballance and new moves for mele non weapon combats/better to fight special zombies with no gear but not with the strongest like Ferals/Tanks or add some new skills for characters with perks/traits that can kill special zombies solo with no gear.
    9. Add New Talnts Perks and some Unique Talents/Skills/Perks that very little characters have so you have to idk go to some very dangerous area and save some new characters if you get it done it will benefit whole community like EX-Military Marine with Unique Legendary skill/trait/perk like some special fighting skill or shooting skill but when this character dies there will be no similar character in game/ Ex-member of a ninja clan with legendary Skill/Perk/Talent for faster and silent killeng or looting its just a basic concept.
    10. Add Gear/Loot/Items System 2.0 basic survival items very easy to gather on the start like in SoD1 Mid game items need min 16members of community High game min 24/32members more time to spend for looting. End Game min 32members MAXED skills etc very hard to get best gear only for min 2-4coop players to finish Ajust numers if you like.
    11. Bows/Crossbows system Newplayers Bows, Mid gamers Crossbows, End gamers selfcrafting arrows/bolts

    More to come later Enjoy. Sorry for my english dont wanna check for errors xD

    by ChrnoPL [SoD YOSE] fan and IMO BEST ZOMBIES GAME keep the good work guys see you in game in spring 2018 :)
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  20. Vladtheimpalerr

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    I just hope that there is no time limit. Like you have to move your base when it tells you to. Or do the story line when it tells you. I like Breakdown, because I've beat it before but it doesn't make you do anything, it just tells you to fix the rv. You fix it when you want. I haven't fixed the rv the second time and I've been at the same place for a year. I just like my base and like seeing how long I can maintain a community. I just hope when we go through the 3 maps that we wont beat the game, that we just move somewhere on one of the other maps and start again. I'd rather see how long I can survive after I beat the game the first time. A time limit would be the only thing that ruins this game.
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