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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DJB204, Jun 14, 2016.

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  1. Kjolly99

    Kjolly99 Here To Help

    I'd like to see some actual politics between Survivor Groups, Enclaves having themes and motives in the same vein as something like the nemesis system in Shadow of War.
    In Breakdown it was kind of strange being this large survivor group who was basically assimilated other groups and enclaves overtime without having that much connection or conversation between the groups outside of random missions.
  2. Shrapnel

    Shrapnel Got Your Back

    How about if you can queue up twinkies before a battle? So just say you're about to enter a horde fight or another extended fight, you could pop three snacks that would slowly release one after the other.
    The hotkey for them works but sometimes in the heat of battle you dont notice you need an energy boost until you need to run away and realize you cant! With the snacks queued you can see the timer count down and how many more snacks you have to go during combat without actually having to divert attention from combat and back to your inventory.

    Also, one cool thing about the difference between SoD and Lifeline: Is SoD I relied on stealth, rarely used guns kept things nice and quiet, but in Lifeline I went full auto. Something about having that military backup gave you an empowered sense whereas SoD had me feeling like every resource was precious and needed to be used wisely. I hope the sequel can keep that feeling of fear, tension and survival of that Romero-esque horde slowly coming to overwhelm you
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  3. Artificial_Soul

    Artificial_Soul Starting Off

    Well uh, can we get some barbed-wire wrapped baseball bats in SoD2? That would be amazing, thanks.
  4. Biker Steve

    Biker Steve Got Your Back

    I'd actually like to queue up actions in the base.

    Kitchen - Make snacks three times.
    Medical Lab - Make potent stims 5 times.
    Machine Shop - Make suppressors 10 times.
    Munitions Shop - Make .40 ammo 15 times.
  5. Kiya12352

    Kiya12352 Got Your Back

    Not a comment on what you said just like you're username lol :)
  6. Kiya12352

    Kiya12352 Got Your Back

    IM NOW AWARE OF THE IMPROPER USE OF YOU'RE IN THE LAST POST. But the lack of news is killing me and I'm sure it is killing the other fans as well I don't think I'll make it much longer without any new news, you could literally release a 30-second video talking about the bathroom facility and I would watch it 25 times.

    GEO THUNDER Here To Help

    Speaking of @Biker Steve, I really, really hope there is a biker steve playable character in SoD 2. He could either be an easter egg or a hero you unlock by killing X amount of zombies with no weapons. Of course, he would be OP so it would be hard to get him.
  8. ali jones

    ali jones Starting Off

    helicopters could work, but with limited fuel, helicopter's could run out off fuel, have a fuel meter on vehicles, have to make bio fuel to use, or find surplus supplys of fuel in tankers under the ground.

    power to buildings could come from dams or wind farms that need repairing, maintaining and defend. some buildings could have their own generators like hospitals that you can use your bio fuel in them, just a thought
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  9. Vahx

    Vahx Starting Off

    The ability to destroy items without having to take them out of the locker (x_X) please
  10. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    @Vahx - Welcome to the Forums:) I know this might sound sad, but I enjoy having to keep track of what is in my locker:)
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  11. Vahx

    Vahx Starting Off

    @Bob Crees I dont mind having to keep track of things, its just a pain to go out and collect influence just to be able to clear out unwanted 2x4's and other unwanted melee weapons that cost 90 influence.
  12. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    Yes I know that can be a pain. I always keep a couple of spare vehicles where I dump unwanted stuff directly into them from any scavenging trip. Then when I am ready I do several runs to Enclaves and unload, which includes anything I don't want in my locker.
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  13. MrStrange

    MrStrange Got Your Back

    Two things. The ability to go to the Leadership or Radio Operator (or to the Radio Operator as Leadership) and set up a trade. Select a type of resource, or weapon type, and then select what you were willing to trade for it , which would be a similar selection. Possibly get even more resources or some other resources or a favor or something.
    Depending on enclave familiarity, traded things would be worth so many points, as would what you were trying to buy.
    Also, Favors could be unlocked by helping enclaves, such as Mickeys sniper backup, or the swat backup, or some equivalent.

    Increased effect(s) to hitting a juggernaut with a vehicle ( at least with a larger vehicle, such as a truck or SUV). This could be anything from slowing them down further (broken knee), disabling some attacks (the charge; might yell more if they can't reach you as quickly as before and you are out of range), or even the opposite of what you want.
    Ex, Such as having the whole vehicle lifted and slammed/flipped/yanked through window/windshield ( maybe only in a smaller vehicle, such as that little pizza ride in the first game ), or just a hulk smash on the hood of the car , which would damage the engine and not let you drive away from a very angry juggernaut (and whatever else was attracted by all the noise).

    Okay, that was three. The favors idea popped up in my head as I was typing it.
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  14. ali jones

    ali jones Starting Off

    I'm not keen/sold on the three maps, I was thinking first day buy, but might have to think about watching some reviews first. hopefully undead will show another gameplay trailer
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  15. Rooney

    Rooney Got Your Back

    UDL will most likely release more maps in the future. The game is built so they have that option.
  16. ali jones

    ali jones Starting Off

    for me its the having to move maps if I don't want to, because I might like a certain map so much and the next map might be rubbish too me. also building a super base I love and having to move and make another base on a different map with half or less the resources. I would rather have a map the same size or atleast half the size of gta 5, if they make more maps in the future you'll have to pay for them. unless they did three new maps for £10-20 with lots of new things to do. I don't want each map to have just one weather pattern on them, (rain map, snow map, hot weather map)
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  17. Kiya12352

    Kiya12352 Got Your Back

    This is a very little detail but it can be an eyesore when noticed. In the trailer near the end when the man's gun jams and the juggernaut is running at him, you notice that his hand isn't actually touching the gun. Yes very small and obviously that wasn't the finished game but it would be nice if that was fixed in the final version. When I'm playing as a woman in the original game it is very noticeable that when they're holding shotguns or rifles that they're hands aren't actually touching the weapon. Just a little detail but it would be nice to see that it's been fixed.
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  18. Dbomb 12

    Dbomb 12 Here To Help

    That annoyed the crap out of me.
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  19. Vahx

    Vahx Starting Off

    I do the same thing to manage my influence, dump snacks and Molotov the trunk of a car. But the fact that this is a widely used techniques proves that the influence system is broken for Breakdown. It worked good in the base game, and they removed influence cost in Lifeline. Not sure of that was because of the management problem or if they wanted to take away some focus from influence management and resource management for that section.
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  20. LiNanMian1984

    LiNanMian1984 Here To Help

    For shits and giggles.
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