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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by DJB204, Jun 14, 2016.

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  1. Kiya12352

    Kiya12352 Got Your Back

    Since the hardware and systems used to make state of decay 2 are much better and more advanced than the original game I'm hoping that the game can handle having 40 survivors in a community. given there seems to be over 100 different survivors in the game, it would be nice to be able to maintain a community of such high numbers without having performance issues. Though the performance issues are highly understood. I once had around 42 survivors in a community and it was too much for the game to process so it just wouldn't load into the game and I had to restart my save. That also brings us how there should be multiple save slots for each game mode (assuming break down will be making a return) it sucks being a console player and not having the ability to have multiple save games like PC players can.
  2. ali jones

    ali jones Starting Off

    Aircraft carrier floating around the sea, with zombies on it and being able to clear and make a base on it. helicopters and military boats could be used.
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  3. I just wanted to state really quick that I'd really, really like an option for a permanent multiplayer map. As is you get together with your friends and you start a game together on the same map. To start this should just be co-op. They can do almost everything you can, but only the creator will have the authority to move the base or whatever other powers you think only one person should have. As the game is polished and fixed, this could lead into counter-op multiplayer where players start on the same map, but settle their own bases. They could then either work together or against each other.

    Main thing: I just want to play on the same map as my friends, build the same base with them, survive alongside them.
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  4. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

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  5. Deep Blue

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    The thing is, wouldn't multiple save slots nullify the the game's signature feature, i.e., Permadeath?
  6. Mercenaryman

    Mercenaryman Got Your Back

    I believe Kiya meant the addition of save slots where you have can have multiple games going, with ironman still being enabled on each. Whenever I have a long running save sometimes I want a fresh start, but maybe wanna go back to my mega save later. :p
  7. Deep Blue

    Deep Blue Got Your Back

    Oh, okay. So the idea is that you can get multiple game save slots (say 10), but it's ONE save slot per each individual game?
  8. Mercenaryman

    Mercenaryman Got Your Back

    Right. Or, at least, that's how I read it :)
  9. Kiya12352

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    Yes if you've ever seen the pc version of state of decay the player is given 4 game slots. Meaning that you can have 4 different communities, in their own save games, so you're not forced to just have one.
  10. Deep Blue

    Deep Blue Got Your Back

    My exposure to SoD -- or any game, for that matter -- on PC has been minimal. I've watched a few You Tube videos showing off PC SoD "mods," but none of them struck me as particularly dramatic . . . just SLIGHTLY modified, cheat-code-like variations (i.e., infinite ammo; infinite stamina and health) of the same base game that I've played, on and off, for the past four years. I recall clicking on a few vids that proclaimed to feature "The Walking Dead" mods, including playable avatars of Rick Grimes (cum Colt Revolver) and Daryl Dixon (cum Crossbow), but, while watching them, I saw no such avatars -- or their respective weapons. Click bait, I guess.

    I DID have a programmer friend/roommate who tinkered around with the code of his X-Box One copy of "SoD YOSE" (via his custom-built 5K gaming PC) and managed to bring the zombie movement to a shambling crawl. Once in a while, multiple huge hordes of zombies might flicker a bit, but overall the Old School, Romeroesque, slow-moving zombie effect was cool as hell. And quite eerie. (So much so, I had always thought it a pity that UL never included an official 'Slow Zombie' mode.)

    Anyway, maybe UL will grant you your extra save slots this time around, Kiya.
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  11. Kiya12352

    Kiya12352 Got Your Back

    For people who haven't seen the post on the state of decay 2 facebook page, they are going to be releasing more information in January. The post said "The countdown to the new year has begun which means we are getting one step closer to the release of State of Decay 2. Come January be prepared to start seeing some new information, and visuals regarding State Of Decay 2. Let the 2018 Hype begin!"
  12. Dunadain

    Dunadain Famous

    Every 500-ish person we run into is Lucy Cormeron. All the male voices in the game know her, we should get to meet her.

    We also need to find out about Biker Steve.
  13. Applesintime

    Applesintime Famous

    Lucy and Biker Steve should be heroes in Breakdown 2.

    GEO THUNDER Here To Help

    Should be? They NEED to be in. If not, we will boycott the game immediately!
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  15. Kiya12352

    Kiya12352 Got Your Back

    Yes, Lucy needs to be in the game or I'm revolting. Taking over UL. Taking over Microsoft.
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  16. Dunadain

    Dunadain Famous

    Um, yeah. Good luck with that...
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  17. matt19818

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    I would like a car radio that you can turn on and maybe some survivors might have an mp3 player so we can listen to some beats while killing zombies and scavenging.
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  18. Dunadain

    Dunadain Famous

    (Realism, sadness)
    I wish for a game that is completely finished, even if that means another delay...

    I know I'll like a finished product regardless of when it comes out.
  19. Rooney

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    The ability to assign suvivors to facilities such as the watchtower and workshop.
  20. Let’s brainstorm in what we want to see in the next installment of Stat of Decay. I will break it down into three areas:
    • What we want to see fixed/improved in the next game:
    o Invisible structures and enemies.
    o Offline play and the loss of characters
    o Storage space and carrying options
    • What we want to see added in State of Decay 2:
    o A more intuitive mouse & keyboard system
    o Better DLC (Horde mode, Survival with sandbox base building)
    o More base building options and places
    • What we see the future of the game:
    o Open world factions
    o Storyline progression and alternate endings
    o Map creation and/or custom game
    o Be the Zed

    These were discussion points I had earlier in the year. I am looking forward to all that Undead Labs can provide for us.
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