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Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Feb 11, 2014.

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  1. I am glad for a new map! Thank you! I was getting tired of Trumbull Valley. You might consider adding Tokarev TT-33 to the upcoming DLCs and games. It probably never was a standard issue weapon for any organization with ties to US federal government or local governments but private civilians have a lot of them due to 7.62 x 25 mm ammunition being relatively cheap (seems like it could be a good weapon against armored zombies while 9 mm and 45 ACP Hollow Points would be better against regular enemies). You could find them from houses that were private homes before zombie apocalypse but not from police stations or military bases.

    Workshops should also be added with the ability to modify firearms to use different caliber round (consequences should usually be like this: more powerful round means more stopping power but also more recoil and less magazine capacity and vice versa).

    When SOD 2 comes out, I hope it will be a continuation of where SOD 1 left...with ability to transfer your group and all its individuals plus all the possessions of those individuals and the gear of the base too.
  2. Axios

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    SoD 2 will be an MMO.... I doubt that we can trasfer anything from SoD 1. However never say never....
  3. You said WHAAAAT?????? Oh much for a nice sequel! :(
  4. IllBlazer

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    I my friends sincerely, hope...that the new SOD whether it be called SoD2 or what have you...I hope the worlds have more detail more textures and all that the world looks more realistic basically. Same mechanics wise basically with some tweaking around. But I want a true to earth looking d#%% good zombie survivalist apocalyptic game balls out. Lol.

    Undeaf Labs don't let me down pleasee! Love ya guys!
  5. MatchesMalone

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    Lifeline is not a new game, it is DLC for the original game.
  6. CaptainAssassin

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    The devs have already stated no new calibers will be added to the current game, DLC included. Certainly not an additional 7.62 caliber, that would likely confuse many many players. I've also personally received a solid 'NO' on the TT-33 from Brant.
    IMO the only 'conversion' caliber that comes close to 7.62x25 (in game) would be .357 —but it doesn't penetrate body armor. So it's kind of a lost cause.
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  7. sajuuknights

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    Will I haven't been here for some time. Good to hear they are making a new map. But I'm more interested in the new features. I hope there will be real crafting, such gathering the right things in order to craft something. Dynamic placement of camps to give you more sense of control. It goes without saying we all want this feature in place to make each gameplay unique. after 30 hours of gameplay I can tell you, it gets very boring and un-fulfilling. Its only after you played it a few time you start to see what the game is lacking. There are a few things I do hope they introduce in terms of features that can be used in both maps. such as craft which I have already brought up and adding a swarm feature which would mean zombies would gather and make a B line to your base. lets face it building small bases / fort homes are way to easy to do and are not manned / Alter to make them look any different then other homes. ability to assign people to watch towers, and yes I would like to build the towers anywhere within the influence of my home bases and most be manned.

    One thing I would love to see more would be the introduction of other settlement that are hostile or friendly depending on your playing style. Do you kill other people you saved in order to take there goods ? Do you save them and send them back home with supplies. I think such add on would be far more beneficial for the life of the game. Just making the enemy AI harder or easier to kill you is by far not that challenge factor for me. I want to be able to create barb wire and place it dynamically in order to funnel my enemies wither they are man or the undead. I know am asking for allot but I strongly seen games use similar features before and have been very successful as will.
  8. Kid Kayole

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    Well I respectfully disagree - I've got literally hundreds of hours of gameplay in, and I'm not bored yet!
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  9. GTigers55

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    Seconded. It only gets boring if you do the same old strategy each time. Try playing without outposts or suppressors. Make personal challenges for yourself.
  10. MatchesMalone

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    The game is feature complete. The DLC is only adding new story/modes. As for features as you've describe them, it is too late to include them in the game. But future games might include them, though I am doubtful as that is a big overhaul.
  11. CaptainAssassin

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    30 hours from a $20 arcade game. That certainly trumps many $60 triple-A titles out there.
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  12. sajuuknights

    sajuuknights Starting Off

    which is way I have a few so called triple A games. this days i look more into indie games for my gaming. 30 hours is not much when you compare it with my skyrim with over 1k hours. 100 hours where without mods.
  13. sajuuknights

    sajuuknights Starting Off

    I'm happy for you and like the fact you enjoyed yourself with it. I also enjoy it as will. I have also given my self goals to achieve as will the game feel OK and not bad at all for a 20 dollar game. the formula reminds me of old MMO's to some degree. aside from this i pointed out what I feel would make future title form Undead labs more playable. To me it feels unfinished. After all they are using this game as a TEST so to speak for future titles as it was stated back when I join the forums.
  14. CaptainAssassin

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    30hrs for a $20 game, or 100hrs for a $60+ game... that ratio is actually very close to identical.
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  15. Bob Crees

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    In the UK we work on a game being played at £1.00 per hour as good value - so a £20 game is playable for 20 hours. Damn I am on 400 plus Hours now with SoD and BD - talk about good value for money - keep it up UDLs
  16. IllBlazer

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    No. I know that!...
    I was only quoting Alfamemnon, in his last paragraph up there. As I think he said hopefully you could be able to swap things between this game SoD..and the next game they come out with.

    I'm slightly offended cause I'm a hardcore sod nerd, with l33t knowledge. Lol
  17. fray

    fray Starting Off

    Just saw the PAX gameplay for this. AMAZING! I'm so glad you guys are taking it in a different direction this time. Can't wait to play it!
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  18. IllBlazer

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    I definitely agree with fray. It looks promising. And the interstate is wicked.
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  19. kassle

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    I have logged in to play this game every day since purchase. No way I'm getting bored anytime soon. I have to keep my favorite Survivors alive!
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  20. Bob Crees

    Bob Crees Banned

    I agree, did someone say this game was addictive?
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