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Discussion in 'For PC Players Only' started by DeeJay, Oct 9, 2013.

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  1. 3500 visitors in 2 days !!! AWESOME ! Thank you all !
  2. smashly

    smashly Starting Off

    +1 agree
    If possible the mod site should have a link back to the thread the mod was taken from.

    1) Having a link back to the original thread the mod came from may help the person who wrote the mod.
    In the sense that someone downloads and tries a mod notices a bug and would like to report it.
    They can report it in the original thread.

    2) Having a link back to the original thread the mod came from may help the person who's downloading the mod.
    In the sense they can check out the original thread and see what others have said to get some idea if the mod is usable for them.

    I'm aware that you can comment a mod on the mods site.
    But most your traffic will be hit and run, hence people not leaving any form of feedback.
    Since I didn't release a mod on the mod site personally, it means I wouldn't be checking the mod site for responses to improve the mod.

    That aside, Thank You for your mod site DocteurOod, good job :)
  3. Ok I understand ^^. For now, a link with the source, it's ok ? :)
  4. 1800 visitors today ! It's really awesome ! Thank you all ! more than 5,000 visits in three days !
  5. And by the time you end up doing this mod sites like this and forums will already be established and this forum you're holding out on will be of little interest.
  6. Well... it doesn't matter it's just a fansite ^^. Why are you so rude ? lol
  7. Phacops

    Phacops Here To Help

    I personally would much rather have my stuff be on something related to UL, they've far outdone any game company I've ever encountered and keeping stuff here means traffic directly to them rather than a fansite.

    I was posting in a steam forum instead so that we didn't flood the feedback forum but that happened anyway, haha.
  8. Wait, is that a mouse and keyboard mod? tumblr_l5rjmortAK1qcped9o1_500.jpg
  9. Only keyboard ^^
  10. DeaconX

    DeaconX Starting Off

    The future is looking great for SoD on PC :D

    I've clocked over 60 hours in the game and finally decided to 'finish' it, so I'm taking a break from it. Next play through, I'll hopefully enhance the experience with some sweet mod :)
  11. Zombie_Barricade

    Zombie_Barricade Starting Off

    If possible when the game releases, more home base mod would be awesome.
  12. Zombie_Barricade

    Zombie_Barricade Starting Off

  13. bullshit!

    Fazem 3 dias que estou enviando mensagens na página do face e nenhum administrador responde! Dê que adianta fazer um site, cheio de grandes espectativas se na realidade não serve pra nada?

    Uma grande quantidade de visitantes no começo pode ter ajudado, mas para manter estes visitantes, é preciso suporte. Quem se sente abandonado nunca mais retorna!
  14. smashly

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    So what's the problem?
  15. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    Hi there. As none of our mods (me) or Admins (Sanya) speak languages other than English (at least I think this is the case..) it is appreciated that you post in English only here on the forums.

  16. cara vc entra num site onde todo mundo fala inglês , escreve em portugues e acha q vai ser atendido ? tb sou brasileiro mas eu tenho o respeito suficiente em escrever na lingua deles ! e seja qual for o seu problema achar q exigir dessa forma vc vai ser atendido ? é por causa de pessoas como vc q os brasileiros são maus vistos na internet !

    sorry to everyone that don't speak brazilian Portuguese but this guy need to know that he can't come to a forum that the main language is english , write in another language demand things and be answered . and yes i am brazilian !
    Last edited: Oct 14, 2013
  17. CaptainAssassin

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    Page face? Or face page? Facebook??? Oh, well if that's the case, no wonder you're pissed off.
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