State of Decay: One Year

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Sanya, Jun 5, 2014.

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  1. Stealth Moose

    Stealth Moose Famous

    Thank you for sharing this experience with us. This was a truly enjoyable read.

    Also, FF Tactics is win. Mod that crap, have Marquis Elmdore's assassins one-shotting everyone. ??? Profit.
  2. I been addicted to this game myself would love to be able to create your own chacter to feel even more in the game. like have to keep yourself alive as well as the others but even still this game is awesome
  3. Hexatron

    Hexatron Starting Off

    I was just reading through this linked "first review" posting. Funny enough, in there is talk about a planned "multiplayer mode". Too bad that one never made it ;). Also that the plans for the class4 thing is a MMO type of game? Hopefully without PvP then... as this would be something that would keep me and most of my friends from getting it. We are more a "coop" bunch of players. Or if it has PvP, that it has the option of creating private servers were just we can be on then. If there is PvP with "strangers", you can be sure that sooner or later someone shows up who just has fun ruining your game, or destroying what you created or built. So thats nothing for us at all. Even though i cannot really imagine how a big zombie MMO could work without PvP, raiding the bases of other survivors for supplies. What may be quite common in such a scenario in real - but would spoil the gaming fun for those who spent a lot of time getting their base set up and working.
  4. State of Decay is a awesome game and ive logged more than 300 hours on it.
    i especially like the breakdown DLC but after awhile it can get boring but now that the lifeline DLC is out i got an idea. why not make the lifeline map available for breakdown. i would love to see if that could be possible and also all the guns you can get in lifeline will only be available in the danforth area. and to make it challenging i would leave in the zombie attacks at night and the danger zones. so you would start out in trumbull and then work your way up fix the van etc and then you have to move. and when you do there might be a 50% chance of going to trumbull again or going to danforth. if the soldiers in danforth could be recruit able that would be cool but i would much rather focus on the map. i think that if this could be done it would make State of Deacay have a bit more fun in it. needless to say this is my favorite game.
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  5. Happy birthday, State of Decay MMO anybody? :)
  6. you mean dayz ? no thank you ^^
    state of decay is a unique game because it is a single player game when all other companies make zombies mmo games (so with a lot of problem in term of immersion, cheater, no storyline ect...).
    But coop could be a very good feature.
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  7. It would be unique because currently there are no Zombie survival MMO' s on Xbox and whenever they do get some I believe State of Decay would Dominate them.
  8. SomeRandomGuy

    SomeRandomGuy Famous

    You know, I never really got into the whole Zombie Apocalypse thing because the games were either corny/short/easy, were just tiny add-on parts of other games, or were just mods for other games. But SoD was different and brought the whole genre to life for me because it felt real (or at least as real as a video game can feel), and I don't mind saying I've been hooked ever since I randomly ran across a "let's play" video of it.

    If you all can make year 2 as good as year 1 you'll be well on the way to record breaking fun.
  9. I have to agree. I don't want State Of Decay to become an MMO. Maybe optional limited 2 player co op, but no full MMO. It would ruin the charm of State Of Decay 2 (Class4) and it would simply never live up to the original.
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  10. A little late but… Happy Birthday! Keep up the good work.
  11. RedDeadZed

    RedDeadZed Got Your Back

    Long live SOD!!!
  12. Thank you guys so much for creating the best zombie game out there now. I have to be honest I downloaded SOD off of pirate bay to check it out. I was seriously impressed. Since then I have bought the game and both expansions. I'm really looking forward to seeing where you take SOD in the future. Thanks again, everyone on your staff rocks nuts! Cheers!
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  13. Thank you and the whole crew at UL for all you do, and have done for us. The game and the franchise is a brilliant one and it is the realization of all I have wanted in a zombie game for more years than I care to count... or share.
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  14. After rereading that article, I think it's safe to say there will be another game in the SoD universe.

    You guys aren't just a company.
    You are a group of people who understand and listen to their fans, and because of that you're going places.
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  15. Stealth Moose

    Stealth Moose Famous

    Loyalty is a precious thing to earn. Stronger than hype, stronger than friend recommendations, it builds the foundations of a lasting community and legacy.
  16. hey guys loving your work. only found S.O.D by pure accident and i've loved it ever since. keep up the good work guys,
    imagine what you could do if you try REAL hard :)
  17. Thank you for a truly immersive game , that even after been released over a year ago still has me hooked. Looking forward to seeing a new state of decay on Xbox One
  18. firefighter1137

    firefighter1137 Starting Off

    I cant wait for the class 4 MMO. Iv had my xbox one since release but i kept my 360 cuz world of tanks and SOD. Finally in 2015 i can say bye bye to the 360, however SOD is awesome, you got alot of competition heading at you. Dead island, dead light, the division(not zombies,but looks good) However they are making a new Walking Dead... sounds similar to SOD. Dont worry to much, im buying SOD. Make it multiplayer and ill buy 2 copies for my household!! my son can play on his console too!!
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  19. Hardfighter7

    Hardfighter7 Here To Help

    ugh i sooooooooo can't wait ahhhhhhhhh!!!!! the excitement is killing me!!!!!!!
  20. DarkKat48

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    I'm hoping they go huge with the map on the same scale as GTA V or Watch Dogs. Especially with a sandbox co-op mode where you can either combine forces or work separate enclaves and trade.
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