State of Decay soundtrack released!

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Jeff, Jun 5, 2013.

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  1. Thorsfew

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    Couldn't put it any better myself.
  2. I read somewhere about the State of Decay OST (I think it was OXMUK) and decided to look into it. Sadly, the news had a link to iTunes. The good news is that today I decided to look for it on Deezer and guess what? The soundtrack by Jesper Kyd is available right there! You can grab it if you use Deezer:

    I've always loved Kyd's music, since playing Hitman 2. But I'll be damned - here we've got an awesome soundtrack which gives the feeling of the world ending, that there is no hope. All the sounds are tuned in one to make us feel scared and hopeless. I like this.
  3. fray

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    I'll be getting this for sure. Also, I'd love it if that cover could be made into stickers and/or bumber stickers. It's a great logo! Who designed it?
  4. I've been playing SoD so much that whenever I go outside I'm wary of zombies, i'm literally scanning my entire surroundings. This soundtrack is so damn good and intense that if I were to be listening to it while outside I'd probably start hitting people.
  5. doom pookie

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    Nice, thanks for posting this!
  6. Has anyone mentioned the soundtrack sounds similar to the original Halloween's score? The more atmospheric creepy stuff. Loves it.
  7. Hardfighter7

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    i freAKIN' love the piano to the "Civilization Falls" track sounds so hopeless and beautiful (not the apocalypse mind you just the part lol)
  8. Could you please release on Bandcamp aswell? I don't like itunes. (Besides itunes features only 128kb low quality mp3's) :)
  9. Buy it and its cools :D
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