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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Han Solo Do1o, May 4, 2015.

  1. Han Solo Do1o

    Han Solo Do1o Here To Help

    Just wanted to get on here and express my love for this game. Played the hell out of the Xbox 360 version and looks like I'll be doing the same for the One.

    I look forward to interacting with my fellow zombie enthusiasts but wanted to take a second to show my new youtube series, chronicling my adventures throughout Trumbull County.

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  2. Join Dextor on as he documents his induction to "State of Decay - Year One".

    During this series I will avoid researching or using a Wiki in place of viewer feedback and guidance. Come help and provide us your insights or just watch as I wonder into trouble.

    Leave comments or Subscribe.

    (Special thanks to Undead Labs for permission to record this series)
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  3. Han Solo Do1o

    Han Solo Do1o Here To Help

    Episode 3 is now up.

    Omar Ruiz clears infestations and saves heroes.

    Love this game.
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  4. GoldenLight

    GoldenLight Here To Help

    ┬┐And the third chapter?... ...
  5. Already up on my site:

    Still a bit of a noob, so be kind :)

    Also on the copyright. With the permissions from undead labs, the copyright claim was released. My first time with that providing me with a bit of learning.
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  6. Episode #4 is available :)

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  7. GoldenLight

    GoldenLight Here To Help

    No need to apologize I'm a noobie too and you're getting better and better every time.
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  8. Han Solo Do1o

    Han Solo Do1o Here To Help

    Episode 5, finding the RV and heading to level 3. Thanks for the retweet on Twitter Undeadlabs.

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  9. So during my mission to the Vet Clinic, Alan at one points splits off. I found him on the way back to the church being mauled by a horde. We rescue him from the horde that would have surely ate him and he had nothing to say. Not a thank you, nothing... he really is a prick. Well at least he is still pulling his weight.

  10. Off to rescue Lilly's brother.

  11. Han Solo Do1o

    Han Solo Do1o Here To Help

    Episode 6, Rescue Sam Hoffman and celebrate team work.

  12. Han Solo Do1o

    Han Solo Do1o Here To Help

    Episode 7 - Police Brutality 2

  13. Han Solo Do1o

    Han Solo Do1o Here To Help

    Episode 8 - Hunter Gatherer

  14. Looking for doc and end up saving Eli... I'll take it
  15. State of Decay Episode 8 We take angry Maya out to help ease her on a leading the way mission. Maya was not impressed.

  16. Han Solo Do1o

    Han Solo Do1o Here To Help

    Episode 9 - Judge, Jury, Executioner

    Worth a look for the intro alone. Undeadlabs shows me love on Twitter, not sure why my fellow zombie slayers won't show the same, your loss :)

  17. PhDPeddler

    PhDPeddler Here To Help

    Just now watching Ep 9 and the intro was sooo good.
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  18. Han Solo Do1o

    Han Solo Do1o Here To Help

    Thanks man. I was proud of that one
  19. PhDPeddler

    PhDPeddler Here To Help

    There was this one song when i first found out about "shark hoodie guy", a lady was singing, ( oh you a nasty girl, nasty girl- 1982- 3 girl group-Prince-kidding) light guitar "when everything turns to black, you dont know where to go", anyway it was the first time i had seen Shark and the music just worked well with the vid. It reminded me when i seen yours.

    Black - Kari Kemmel (spelling)
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  20. State of Decay: Episode 9 "Fear Itself" (Gameplay / Playthrough / 1080p60 )
    In this Episode we help Caleb deal with the fear of living during the Zombie Apocalypse.


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