State of Decay: Year One Survival Edition Improvements

Discussion in 'State of Decay News' started by Undead Nicole, Jul 6, 2015.

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  1. Yellow

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  2. maltriagon

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    I swear I read a post that the upcoming patch was released for xbox one! I gotta go double check that haha.
    Wow jumping the gun here. Sorry guys that post was from june. It was at the top of my feed so I thought it was recent.
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    MAJOR WARPATH Starting Off

    That's probably the time the update will be released. Merry Christmas everyone! ;)
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  4. I do not need to spend a lot of time on here. I got state of decay year one just to see for my self and to be honest I was right they hardly did much to the game. If you want to debate about it we can my point is still valid they did nothing to really fix all the bugs and glitches that was in the original state of decay and as far as building wise yes still nothing new. What is new is more weapons and depending on the challenges you do sure you can be able to get extra stuff mostly weapons they have one dlc if you was able to get the day one edition which is the pepper pack. There is even new and improved cars in the game and only one new character in the entire game. Yet no one ever thought of making any new zed or at the very least if you want to be lazy about it new skins to give more of a variety with some boots states. It still feel like the original state of decay just with more dlc too it until they take the time to expend the game and the building and enemies and fix some of the most easiest things such as dialogue and voice it well forever be the same. At least to me I am sure to others as well.
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  5. sigh.... from the last update from devs they were testing the update, How bad is the engine that it takes more than half a year to fix issues ? if it takes this long Yose shouldve never been released. i really hope on their next game they take their time and not release it with the same failures of Yose, i would rather wait for a well produced game.
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  6. YOSE we are miss the halloween patch.... :S or something for the game....
    or just a simple free4all gameplay
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  7. jpsled

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    So what is the lastest on any improvements to yose. Is there any new info regarding framerate issue fix near the burning house, etc.
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  8. Maynard_G_Krebs

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    I'm new to State of Decay. I haven't had a current gen console since PS2, and finally decided to jump on board specifically because of this game. In theory, it's essentially the dream zombie game that I have always wanted. I've read a bunch about the bugs of the State of Decay, that still exist in SOD YOSE, and read more on this forum about the developers' attempts to iron out said bugs with an upcoming patch. Please, Jeebus, fix the bugs. Nothing would make me happier then receiving my Xbox One with a new SOD YOSE copy than having a patch drop near the time I first dive into this game.

    Pretty please?
  9. EreWeGo

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    So.......any news on the patch front........anything at all?
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  10. Wolfwood824

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  11. Undead Nicole

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  12. Mr XBob

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    Any word on the Xbox update?
  13. maltriagon

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    Omg its coming. *excited giggles* its nice to have a timeline for this. I know nothing guaranteed. Who knows how long it will take for the green light but it could possibly be in the next week to three weeks. Something to look forward too.
  14. Undead Nicole

    Undead Nicole Community Manager Staff Member

    We'll do our best to release the patch on both platforms in the same time frame.
  15. Maynard_G_Krebs

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    My State of Decay YOSE Xbox One physical disc just arrived in the mail. My fingers are crossed for a pre-Thanksgiving release of the latest patch.
  16. DJB204

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    Question: What will Breakdown level 99 be like after the patch?

    Since the difficulty will continue to increase all the way to level 99, instead of currently capping at level 10. I'm picturing level 99 flooded with Ferals.
  17. Wayne

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    I will let you know as soon as it is released because I am already at level 99 and I also have two other current games in the high 70's. I will save one of them for after the patch. My other ongoing series is used for my live streams on Wednesday & Friday and I may or may not reach level 99 before the patch hits depending on how far out it is.
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  18. Wayne

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    On another note I doubt many people play Breakdown currently as it is now at level 99 because triple feral spawns and quad Juggernaut spawns are pretty common. The most Juggernauts I have see at one time is 6 while doing a level 99 CLEO mission and that was an intense mission. At least now I have another reason to do it again post patch.
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  20. Undead Brant

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    enjoy the patch, new BD difficulties and ability to repair your vehicle on demand at a parking slot. Easter Eggs!
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